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diy usb killer jerrygamblin.com

Posted by harmelink at 2020-03-08

29/12/20161574 Views In November I saw this youtube video on turning a USB Air Purifier into  a  $75 USB Killer: My soldering skills are basically nonexistent so while I had some time off around the holidays I decided this would be a decent project to help improve them. So in early December I ordered 3 of these from Amazon:USB ionic Oxygen Bar Freshener Air Purifier ionizer For Laptop Black+White These from GearBest would also work:Rotating USB Style Air Cleaner – WHITE AND BLACK A week or two after I ordered them this ChinaPost envelope showed up in my mailbox:   I got my soldering station set up and was ready to go to work:After snapping off the case the first thing your have to do is desolder the pigtail: The next step is to solder a wire  to the resistor towards the bottom of the board: You then solder the other end of wire to the data lead on the USB connector: (Tip: You should probably use more than 24 awg wire.) You now have a USB Killer to *not do* evil things with: Disclaimer:  Dont be a JERK. This will fry motherboards.  Dont plug it into anything you are not ready to replace.