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29 months since i returned to ali

Posted by chiappelli at 2020-03-07

One can be austere if he has no selfish desires

It has been 29 months since I returned to Ali, and I have served for the company for nearly 10 years, including the previous seven years in Ali. These ten years, together with the two years from 2012 to 2014 when I participated in the venture of safety treasure, have constituted my career so far. All the things I have experienced in these years, all the hardships I have suffered, all the ups and downs, have carved my life like a knife. The past 2016 has been a very unforgettable and important year for me.

Ten years ago, I watched the growth of idols in my heart. Now, I have become the back of some people's hearts. Some people envy that I get a lot at a young age, but I don't think I'm different from before. I don't like to be the back of others' hearts, because this era is so terrible that people will take screenshots of the clockwork circle of friends to make headlines, which makes me more lonely than ever. People always like to evaluate others at will, even if they don't know people and things, a little bit of hearsay can make a long speech. But living in this Internet age, maybe we can't avoid being evaluated. We should have more discussion and less evaluation, especially irresponsible evaluation. This is also one of the reasons why I write less and less articles. Whether it is written out to be evaluated or asked me to comment on current events, it is something I don't want to see. I don't see any benefits in judging others, but the useful discussions are often drowned in the noise.

So in the past two years, I seldom read reviews. It's a lot of media and big V's writing is either limited level or nonsense, because they either lack the opportunity to understand in depth, or lack the ability to understand in depth, or both, so it's either a waste of time, or it's harmful. I pay more attention to the original facts themselves, or direct interviews with some parties. Although a public interview sometimes can't tell the truth, it will help to restore the actual situation at least, which is better than the second-hand data. It's good to have what you get.

These years of experience make me more and more aware of the impetuosity of this society, and also see some impetuous places in my past. Nowadays people are doing things with speculative psychology, which has become a social problem. Most people expect to get more rewards with less effort, find shortcuts, or find opportunities that others don't find to succeed. A typical phenomenon is to constantly change jobs to seek better positions and higher salaries, or to hope to change their own destiny through entrepreneurship.

People always confuse desire with ideal.

My experience is that there is no shortcut in the world, and entrepreneurship is not the best way to succeed. Four years ago, I left Ali with the feeling of "daze and help the world" and joined in the venture of safebao. I hope my experience in the field of security can help more enterprises. But in two years, it was hard to create a business. At last, the security treasure was sold to Baidu and Ali respectively. Ma Jie, the founder, took most people to Baidu, and I took a small number of people back to Ali. Looking back at me four years ago, it's more of a paper talk. In recent years, I have stepped on the pit and suffered a lot, which has made me scarred, but has made me who I am today. The world is relatively fair. What you get must be as much as what you pay. Only people often see what you get, and only you can see what you pay.

In the eyes of many outsiders, it's enough to be acquired by a giant at a good price after starting a business, but in my opinion, a start-up company has not completed its mission and original intention at the beginning of its establishment, and it's far from successful if it gives up halfway. Therefore, we are still walking on this road. Majie is in Baidu, and I am in alicloud. We are sticking to what we wanted to do at the beginning, which is the same as before. We are still on the road of completing our original intention, just changing a form.

So what is entrepreneurship? It's not that there's a company to start a business. Now the cost of registering a company is very low, but it won't bring any essential change. I understand that entrepreneurship is something you don't have. When you do it, it's entrepreneurship.

Four years ago, I would have been arrogant to claim to subvert the world. Now it seems that the world does not need to be subverted at all, and it is difficult to subvert an industry or a market in a short time. The world needs to be better, which is what startups should pursue.

In an internal report submitted to the company last year, I once wrote the following sentence:

"I believe that in the future, we will live in an era when data is constantly monitored, monitored by enterprises for commercial purposes and hackers for profit. It's like we all walk naked in broad daylight. It's uncomfortable to think about it. If there is no reasonable law and effective technology protection means, this will be the worst era.

But this era will come, no matter whether we like it or not, we can only be ready to meet it, and the fittest will be eliminated. What we can do is to try our best to make the coming era more beautiful according to our ideas. "

Why is the world better? Because the future of the world is what we define. What if you see the future wrong? The safest way is to do it by yourself, so that there will be no mistakes. The only difference between an entrepreneur and a science fiction novelist is that the entrepreneur does it. That's what entrepreneurship means.

But never underestimate the difficulties in the process. Entrepreneurs have to face 10000 difficulties. After solving these 10000 difficulties, there are still 10000 new difficulties waiting for them. It is impossible to go on without a firm belief in success. Many people give up when they reach the tenth difficulty, and then put the reason of giving up on the eleventh difficulty.

In the same way, if you try something a little, it's often done for nothing. If you only do one thing for two or three years, you may come to take a ride, enjoy the achievements created by others, gild your resume, and become a ladder of your own rise. If you don't persist in doing something for eight or ten years, it may be difficult to really do something. It seems to me that it's a waste of time if a person always changes things for two or three years. Even if the salary will continue to rise, the title will continue to rise, but in the end, nothing will be achieved, because all the accumulation, are halfway.

Depth determines success or failure

If you really want to do a good job, the starting point should be very pure, so that you can do it in depth, and only by doing it in depth can you really make a difference. Many review articles will mention a point of view, which is called "the details of products determine the success or failure of products". Many people do not make products by themselves, which seems reasonable to them. They spread this point everywhere. I think that's typical bullshit. The details will not determine the success or failure of the product, even many successful products in the early product experience and various details are a mess. To be precise, depth determines the success or failure of the product. Including the depth of technology, the depth of industry understanding of customers and so on. In the end, a small part of these things may be reflected in some product details, but the details are always superficial. What really matters is the understanding behind the details. This is also the harm of following others' example.

The development of our "game shield" product fully illustrates this point. The predecessor of "game shield" product was born at the beginning of 2015. At that time, we found that a live broadcast customer created a solution to mitigate DDoS attacks through "fast switching". At the same time, we also observed that a customer in the game industry adopted a similar idea and completed an implementation with the VPN architecture. This is a defense method different from hoarding bandwidth. Theoretically, it can defend against unlimited DDoS attacks with only a small bandwidth. We believe that this innovative solution has great potential, but there are some defects in the solutions realized by customers themselves. The cloud platform has inherent advantages and can achieve the best efficiency. So we invite our customers to the company for communication, and invite them to participate in the design and development process of our products.

In the first half of 2015, I developed project 1, the internal code "cloud", to complete this concept. By the second half of 2015, the product development was initially completed. I named it "elastic security network" and officially released it to the public. But after a period of operation, we found it difficult for customers to understand its role and concept. At the same time, in the real scene, there are various defects, leading to the failure to solve the customer's problems. The most fatal thing is that I find it has major defects in the design of business model, and we will go bankrupt if we continue to operate. So three months after the launch of the product, at the end of 2015, I officially stopped the project. The product went offline, and R & D resources were released again and put into other products. The first attempt ended in failure.

But it's not over. After I stopped the project and released the R & D resources, two or three students in the project team were unwilling to give up. Without any support, they continued to carry out the cloud R & D work in their spare time, and went to find Angel customers and real customer scenarios.

The turnaround came in April 2016, when a company called Xianlai entertainment, which plays chess and card games, became the first angel customers in the cloud. After the establishment of the company, its business developed rapidly, so it was targeted by the black industry and launched a crazy attack. Many start-ups often fall into this kind of unfair industry competition and have no chance to grow up. In this case, our technicians and leilai decided to try the cloud together. At first, the cloud really played an immediate role, but with the escalation of the confrontation, hackers also gradually touched our laws, and the attack began to change. During that time, we had to respond quickly every day. The students of R & D often had to get up in the middle of the night to update the program. The battle was very hard.

But all efforts have not been in vain, through several major versions of the upgrade, the system gradually improved. The real confrontation has effectively tempered the products, realized many problems that had not been thought of before, and leilai's technical team has also accumulated rich experience in this process, and formed a set of effective defense solutions suitable for their own activities according to the solutions provided by the cloud. In November, the company, which had only been established for eight months, was acquired by Kunlun world wide with a price of 2 billion, creating a myth. Our cloud is also officially renamed "game shield", which has opened up a situation in the game industry.

Up to now, our "game shield" product is still not officially released and is still in the stage of invite internal test, but we are full of confidence in its future, and we fully realize its potential not only to solve the problems of the game industry, but also to help us really build the next generation of security network and return to the real "elastic security network". Without the trust of leisure entertainment, we will not temper the depth of our "game shield" products. Without such a depth, leisure entertainment is likely to fall in June, without the dawn of November. We grow with our customers.

And in the whole process, what moved me most was the two or three students of the project team. After I stopped the project, I still kept an optimistic attitude, rallied and finally achieved success. They are not far away from my seat. I can hear their loud voice when discussing problems every day. I have never heard a trace of their complaints. What I see is always their rush to solve customer problems. This kind of optimistic attitude, this kind of spirit that doesn't care about honor and disgrace, is the real entrepreneur spirit.

The insistence on the original intention of entrepreneurship is the insistence on the mission. The mission must be to solve other people's problems, not their own. The essence of business is not exchange, but altruism. It must be on the basis of altruism to generate the demand for exchange. That's why most successful companies emphasize altruism in their corporate culture. There needs to be a corresponding corporate culture to give birth to the corresponding organizational mechanism, so as to achieve the corresponding business objectives, which is a one-to-one link. Many managers learn from the book, but do not understand the deep connection. If we understand that the fundamental of an enterprise is customer value, and the essence of customer value is altruism, so as to encourage all employees to become altruistic people, then the enterprise culture will not become mere formality and slogan, and will truly become the cornerstone of the foundation industry.

Responsibility to society

If we do more altruistic things, we will solve the problems of most people and then a social problem. Therefore, after the development of commercial companies, they will start to talk about social responsibility.

At present, more than 37% of China's websites are deployed on Alibaba cloud, and the security that my team is responsible for is to protect so many businesses and data. I felt the responsibility on my shoulders immediately.

In the past two years, Alibaba cloud shield has almost become a synonym for cloud security. A friend told me that when customers talk about cloud security, they basically talk about yundun, because there are almost no other cloud security solutions. I think this is the biggest affirmation of my product after I give up writing the official account. Looking back at the first commercial product launched in January 2015, few people had heard of yundun. In that year, I shared in the company, and I am confident to tell you that in a few years, they will be very familiar with yundun's name.

In these 29 months, I completed the commercialization of yundun in Alibaba cloud. In the past 2016, we have completed 2015's annual revenue in only three months, with an increase of more than 400%. In 2017, we will continue to maintain this growth rate. At the same speed as a rocket. It took us two years to walk through the largest listed company in China's security industry, and it took us ten years to walk through it, and our number is less than one tenth of them.

In the past 29 months, we have successfully defended the largest DDoS attack in the history of the Internet at that time, reaching 453.8gbps in instantaneous attack; at present, we will defend more than half of the large traffic DDoS attacks in China every day; we have successfully completed the security work of the G20 summit, and the websites of Zhejiang government at all levels have built up their confidence in cloud computing; we have also won two consecutive years Security cloud of the year award from security media freebuf.

In these 29 months, we have led the whole direction of cloud security. There is no one in front of us. We are pioneers. In the domestic cloud computing market, we have successfully reshaped the industry standard of the cloud computing market -- cloud computing must have security solutions. Yundun's products become the standard configuration of cloud computing, which are imitated by friends and even copied directly. In the international aspect, AWS, the leader of cloud computing, has successively launched the inspector, WAF and DDoS shield in the aspect of cloud security, all of which are one-to-one product lines of Qi yundun.

In December 2015, a game customer on Alibaba cloud suffered a huge traffic attack, which was particularly bad. We have made an in-depth analysis of the attacks, and found that it is the world's largest DDoS attack criminal gang. The gang is notorious, like a dark cloud over the Internet. The client decided to take a judicial approach. From February to August 2016, the Ministry of public security spent half a year arresting dozens of people nationwide and overseas, severely damaging the gang and effectively deterring the black industry.

According to our observation, in September 2016, before and after the attack by the Ministry of public security, the total number of DDoS attacks across the country decreased by 20%; according to the observation of a large foreign infrastructure provider, the global pseudo random machine sub domain DDoS attack (one of the most commonly used attacks by the group) dropped to 0 in May August, which is completely consistent with the special attack time of the Ministry of public security; according to Akamai 2016 According to the report of Q3 Internet security status, the proportion of DDoS attack traffic from China in the world has decreased by 56%, which has a significant impact on the total number of DDoS attacks in the world, resulting in a decrease of 8% in the total global attacks in this quarter.

In my opinion, Alibaba's contribution to the society in the future is no less than that of Taobao, tmall's retail business and ant's financial business. Because this is the need of the times. With the Internet becoming the infrastructure, the security problem of data online becomes more and more prominent. Xi dada also pointed out: "without network security, there will be no national security.". " The more dependent a country is on the Internet, the more important security is.

Confidence in the team

Behind this, we need a team that can fight. I always firmly believe that my team is the best one in Ali. My criteria for judging whether a team is excellent is not the same as that of other people. It's not about how many high-level people, how many people with bright resumes, and how many people with rich experience. It's about how strongly everyone adheres to their mission. In the face of adversity, setbacks, grievances, unfair treatment, whether we can still adhere to the original intention. Such a team will be very resilient to fight against the wind. Because entrepreneurship can't always be smooth, headwinds are the norm, and those who come for bright positions and promotion opportunities are often the first to abandon the team in headwinds. A resilient team should have the determination to do the right thing with 3.25 performance (3.25 is failed in Ali's performance appraisal). This has nothing to do with performance appraisal, only with our inner persistence, only with our contribution to the society.

The environment we have to face is often very bad, lacking everything. But what is lacking is entrepreneurship. If nothing is lacking, it is enjoyment. So when we recruit people, if they don't like this or that, if they want resources or money, they can't do things. It's hard for them to become entrepreneurs. If the recruits see nothing, are not depressed but excited, and see opportunities from difficulties, rather than difficulties from opportunities, then such people are the ones we need.

In talent selection, I have two basic requirements: be diligent in thinking, speak and practice. After thinking for a long time, I realized that these two points are the basic requirements for all posts. It is a very high requirement to say and practice, because it means that any accident should not be the reason for failure, so if you want to get the result, you must be thoughtful and have the corresponding executive power. From some daily trivial things, we can observe the seriousness of a person's commitment. For example, a person who can't keep time will not be a person who has a heavy commitment. If a good thing can't always be done, then this kind of person is mostly a pit boss, not available. A person who doesn't pay attention to commitment, even if he has talent, is also boasting and even harmful, because the rest of the team will feel unfair.

In a team, there should be not only people with strong executive power, but also smart people. But cleverness is not well described, it is too subjective. So I think what we really need is people who are diligent in thinking. For us, time is more expensive than money. Only when we are willing to spend time on one thing, can we really value it and be serious. I think the most time-consuming thing is thinking. Thinking is definitely not a little smart, not thinking about how to be lazy or muddle through, but thinking about how to achieve the goal correctly and efficiently. Most of the time, the work is not well done, not not not in place, but in place thinking. We have a lot to think about, thinking about things, thinking about people, thinking about the future, thinking about risks, thinking about opportunities, thinking about who are partners, who are potential enemies. The depth of thinking determines the outcome. I like Lei Jun's saying: "don't use tactical diligence to cover up strategic laziness. With a little modification, I will be more appropriate: "don't cover up the laziness of thinking with the diligence of implementation.". "

We are always moving forward in making mistakes. Without mistakes, there will be no progress. But mistakes will certainly bring harm, or hurt people, or hurt business, but as long as they are not dead, they can always regenerate. Whether we succeed or not, we only talk about life and death.

In this process, not everyone can hold on to the end. In the middle of the process, some people can't stand it and quit, because it's really hard. What happened to our highly successful WAF product (WAF is the abbreviation of web application firewall) in 2016 can fully reflect many problems. In the same internal report I submitted to the company, I recorded the repetition of this product experience:

"Many innovative businesses were so embarrassed at the very beginning. They had no resources, borrowed them, and could be opened in a simple way. As long as the customer value is obvious, it can survive.

But there are also customers whose value is not obvious and has experienced repeated. For example, in 2012, when I left the company, I set up a project to make this product. After I left, I replaced a colleague to take over. When I returned to the company in 2014, the product was half dead, with three or four versions, different architectures, problems with stability and scalability. After using our product, the CDN team also had failures, which caused a lot of pressure. After I came back, I quickly cut off several versions, and then reconstructed the main version to solve the problem of stability. The entire R & D team must fight a turnaround. After more than half a year's efforts, the whole software version finally becomes stable, which has the opportunity to re commercialize in April 2016. Looking back, four years have passed before and after, and the product form has changed three or four times, from online to offline, to reconfiguration, to online again, which is equivalent to Phoenix Nirvana once. In this year, WAF products are our top-notch products, with a growth rate higher than that of DDoS advanced anti DDoS products in the same period last year, and are the next star products.

But different from the story in the book, the R & D team who was holding that tone to fight a turnaround and wash away the shame in those years left the company one after another after the reconstruction, and failed to hold on to the day when WAF won the success of commercialization. Maybe this is the real world. "

Now the research and development team of WAF is still that team, but people are almost all new faces. When the army is disabled, as long as the serial number is still there and the inheritance is still there, it can be rebuilt, the remnant can be cleaned up and the war can be fought again from the beginning.

But I still want to thank all the people who left the team, whether you leave, happy or depressed, if you have not paid, you will not achieve today's yundun. Also want to thank all the people who still do not leave at present, because without your efforts today, will not achieve the future of yundun. Everyone has seen the success of WAF today, but let's not forget those people and things in the past, because this is our most precious wealth.

Respect for customers

In these 29 months, I have also experienced two times of 3.25 (failure in performance appraisal), both of which are due to failure. With the rapid growth of our business, we have paid a lot of tuition fees. The fault (our internal code is 901) occurred on September 1, 2015 is the largest fault in Alibaba cloud's history. The trouble happened after the lunch break. The sudden snow like alarm made us confused and a large number of customers' business was interrupted.

A customer who made an application system for the school contacted me, and the failure directly caused the interruption of their business, because it was just the beginning of the school that day, many students were unable to report. At that time, I was working with the team on a project of fault recovery. All levels of national regulatory authorities have sent letters to inquire about the cause of the failure and asked us to submit a failure report. In the early morning of the next day after the failure, almost all of the group's top-level technical experts related to infrastructure and cloud computing were present, cramming the whole room, and everyone faced. The meeting lasted two hours and the atmosphere was depressing. A week later, I went to the company's president's monthly meeting to report the whole failure process to the Group CEO xiaoyaozi and the presidents of various business groups. This is my first time to attend the group's president's meeting, but it's a pity to talk about something so frustrating.

After the failure, I felt deeply guilty, so I decided to give all customers affected by the failure a separate yundun product compensation beyond the compensation scope of Alibaba cloud standard. After troubleshooting, I also mobilized all colleagues of yundun team to write an apology letter for the customer together with me. Unfortunately, due to the limited manpower, only some customers can receive our letters. But the customers who received the letters gave us some positive feedback, and some of them also posted the photos of the letters in their circle of friends.

Afterwards, aunt 13 of the Organization Development Department asked me if I was under a lot of pressure at that time. I thought about it and replied that the idea at that time was that no one was more suitable to deal with this matter than me, so I had to go up and not back down. As for what happened after that, I didn't think so much.

After this failure, the whole Alibaba cloud has made a great reflection from top to bottom, and let us deeply understand that cloud computing as an infrastructure means life and death to customers, which is very different from Alibaba's previous business. We need to be in awe all the time. We regard stability construction as the permanent strategic goal of the R & D team. I also set September 1 as yundun day every year. I hope the team can reflect on all the setbacks in history. I also hope to be able to give thanks and feedback to those customers who are still inseparable from us in times of crisis. Without these customers to grow together with us, we can not go on and go far.

Data is the future

In these 29 months, I also learned the importance of data. Ali is an AI driven data company. We think the most important asset of Internet companies is data. All future product improvements should be driven by data rather than function. If the competitiveness of a company still stays in the function of hardware and software, then this is a company of the last era, with no future. With the current development level of computer coding, as long as you can think of it, there is no function that can't be written out. What is missing is only time and investment. The company facing the future must be data-driven. Only data-driven can thicken the competitiveness like snowball, complete the efficient scale in the shortest time, and establish a higher threshold and barrier. Taobao's search and product recommendation have achieved great success in business, which relies on the calculation of massive data every day. Around 2013, the number of servers used by Taobao for background data calculation increased by more than the number of servers used by the foreground for transaction processing. This is a milestone, marking that Alibaba has officially become a data company.

So let's see if a company is a data company. There is a simple criterion to determine how many servers it has used for data calculation. Some traditional hardware companies, and some companies selling localized software, have almost no need of data analysis, and naturally they are not data companies. There are also some companies that have a lot of data, but do not have the ability to calculate. They can only store it in storage, and the number of servers used for calculation is very small. This is not a data company either.

In yundun's situation awareness products, Alibaba cloud's computing cluster will call more than hundreds of thousands of cores per day (the MacBook Air CPU I used to write this article has two cores) for massive data computing to analyze the security problems encountered by each customer. These data come from the authorization of yundun to calculate for security purpose when the customer opens situation awareness. In such a large amount of calculation, many questions are unanswered, and we need to touch the stone to cross the river. Alibaba cloud's challenge in security situation awareness is to explore the boundaries and bottlenecks of big data for the entire security industry.

The origin of situation awareness is also interesting. The concept first appeared in the military field, but there is almost no such concept in the security industry in Europe and the United States, but it has become very popular in China in the last year.

In April 2015, spring blossomed. In a teahouse in Xixi wetland, Alibaba cloud security's core management team held a two-day strategic meeting to discuss future plans. At that time, Xiao Li, Yun Shu, Lao Nie, Fang Xing, Wang Wei and others attended the conference. At that time, we felt that the whole security industry had a relatively big problem. Almost no manufacturer was responsible for the safety of customers, and most of the security products still could not solve the security problem after they were used. We pondered at the meeting, what is the missing link? The last four words are "situational awareness".

We believe that only by using big data to solve the problem first and look at the comprehensiveness of the problem can we really solve the security problem. The failure of many security solutions is not because the protection is not good, but because we don't see the enemy at all, so the protection is impossible. Because of the lack of computing power of original data in the past, it is almost impossible for a single machine to analyze the threat by looking at the data of all latitudes comprehensively. At that time, we considered whether to use "threat perception" to express our ideas. Finally, Fang Xing put forward suggestions that threat perception is still not comprehensive, and "posture" would be more appropriate. Finally, I got a task to do the four words "situation awareness" on the paper. At that time, no one in the security industry mentioned the concept of "situational awareness".

In July 2015, at the Alibaba security summit held in Beijing, I officially made a product release with the title of "the future of security is situational awareness" and elaborated our concept. After that, domestic security companies suddenly began to do situation awareness. Until April 19, 2016, at the Symposium on network security and information technology, Xi dada proposed that "we should establish a correct view of network security, accelerate the construction of the security guarantee system of key information infrastructure, perceive the situation of network security in all directions, and enhance the capability of network security defense and deterrence.". " So, after the speech on April 19, a variety of situation awareness systems mushroomed. Many manufacturers directly changed the names of old products such as Siem and SOC to situation awareness and sold them.

On December 27, 2016, this statement was directly written in the 13th five year plan for national informatization published by the State Council, and the Ministry of public security also wrote situation awareness in the next generation of level protection standards in the plan. Situational awareness is about to become a compliance requirement.

In fact, up to now, I don't know how the wings of butterflies are fanned. As the first person to practice situational awareness, I am still exploring what kind of system, what kind of ability can be called situational awareness, and what kind of customers need situational awareness. But all of a sudden, there are many more situation awareness experts in the industry, which makes me confused.

Situation awareness will carry the mission of big data landing in the security industry, but it is not only situation awareness that needs data. In 2017, yundun's products will embrace data, which is the biggest difference between our solutions and those of other manufacturers. For example, yundun's WAF will no longer be a software or hardware, nor a cluster based on forwarding or traffic filtering, but a WAF with big data computing cluster next to it. We will take Alibaba cloud's big data computing cluster with hundreds of thousands of cores to compete with other manufacturers' stand-alone devices, which is the competition of two times. I also look forward to the day when yundun's number of servers for background computing exceeds that for foreground transaction processing.

Every day of these 29 months, for me, has been very fulfilling. My character has become sharper than ever, just like my net name "thorn", I am more thorny than ever, and I will hurt many people naturally. It is never my priority to offend people, because there is no time to consider whether others are happy or not. Time is pressing, but there are many and difficult things to do. I often laugh at myself as a tyrant within the team, so I need to thank all my colleagues who can stand my temper. Starting a business is not a success. Starting a business is a team's success. I am very happy that I am in a trustworthy team, working together.

Finally, thank you for the insistence on the past two months. It is your almost paranoid request that I summarize my work for more than two years, or I will not write again the official account.

Build a safer Internet.