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shikoku content picture festa

Posted by herskovits at 2020-03-06

"Shikoku content picture Festival 2019" will be held at the screening committee.

Among the 80 works submitted to "Shikoku content picture festa 2019", 18 pieces were nominated for the final examination. At the screening committee, the award will be given to the awards, awards and awards.

In addition, prior to the screening screening meeting, the satellite office of "Tokyo film company" was established in Yasuda Town, Kochi Prefecture, and the production of the company cm using the scenery of the eastern part of Kochi Prefecture and the production of the picture of "from the forest railroad to the Yuzu road in Japan" were approved to the Japanese heritage, and the activation of the region was done We will meet with Mr. Tatsuo momoo, President of Tokyo film company, a leading company in Kochi Prefecture.

If you would like to participate, please apply this form.