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linux emergency response (2): capture short connection

Posted by forbes at 2020-03-06

Short connection is a concept relative to long connection. It refers to that in the process of data transmission, a connection is established only when data needs to be sent. After data transmission, the connection is disconnected, that is, each connection only completes the transmission of one service. In the system maintenance, it is usually difficult to detect, which can only be found with the help of network security equipment or packet capturing analysis.

One day, the network administrator at the export WAF detected that a certain server was constantly requesting from Hong Kong I, and felt very strange. He logged in to the server to check, and wanted to find the process of initiating the short connection.

Log in to the server to view the port and process, and no server exception is found. However, when the port connection is refreshed multiple times, you can view the connection. Sometimes the command will only appear after it has been swiped for more than ten times. It is very difficult for such a short connection to capture the corresponding process and source file.

It's hard to track because it's impossible to manually capture and estimate, so I wrote a small script to capture the PID and source files corresponding to the short connection.

The script file is as follows:

while :
   tmp=`netstat -anplt|grep $ip|awk -F '[/]' '{print $1}'|awk '{print $7}'`
   if test -z "$tmp"
       for pid in $tmpdo
           echo "PID: "${pid}
          result=`ls -lh /proc/$pid|grep exe`
          echo "Process: "${result}
          kill -9 $pid
echo "Total number of times: "${i}

The operation results are as follows:

After running the script three times, it can be found that the process PID initiated by the short connection is always changing, but it has been caught that the source file of the process initiating the abnormal connection is / usr / lib / nfsiod

This paper briefly introduces the skills of short connection and capturing the source files of short connection. From the perspective of security administrator, we should strengthen the management of network security devices, and find more security threats that are difficult to detect in the system layer at the network layer.

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