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data fraud technical card: how to give wechat official account, micro-blog v, live broadcast network brush volume

Posted by graebner at 2020-03-04

If you only look at the official account of WeChat, micro-blog V and the live red man, you can only see simple operations, such as the official account number, the brush number, the live broadcast, the fake audience produced by the machine or the Navy. At a deeper level, we need to start from the technical core of the data fraud black industry and go back to each link of the industrial chain to see how much impact and destructive power data fraud brings to the Internet industry through the surface.

Data fraud not only occurs in the Internet red economy, but also in the fields of games, e-commerce, Internet finance, etc. the means of fraud in each field is slightly different, but the foundation is the same.

Most of the data counterfeiting companies are simply to read and praise the official account. Their system can imitate all kinds of operations manually, such as landing registration and various games.

Company a is a typical data fraud company, and their technology is one of the strongest on the market.

Its workflow includes technical system, core resources and business system. Among them, the business system is to meet the business needs of customers.

The core capability of the technology system is to simulate thousands of real looking mobile phones through one mobile phone, and then operate these simulated mobile phones to perform various tasks of single brush volume.

When you use an Android phone, click the app in the phone, the app reads the underlying data of the Android operating system, sends the mobile phone identification data, including IMEI number, brand, Wi Fi and so on, back to the app's server, informing that a mobile phone is activating and using the app, and the server responds and returns the application data.

The way of this fake technology system is to transform the Android operating system, cut off the data interface of Android operating system, and connect the data interface generated by itself into the system, so that IMEI number, SIM card number and telephone number are combined.

These data parameters include IMEI, ISI, MAC address, regional latitude and longitude coordinates, mobile phone serial number, Android ID number, mobile phone number, brand, signal, SSID, route, Wi Fi, IP. The fake technology system can freely control the unique identification of the mobile phone, so that every operation accessing the app looks like it comes from a real mobile phone.

Based on the successful transformation of Android underlying system, the technical system is divided into execution unit, database module, application module and scheduling module.

Executive unit: simulate hundreds of thousands to millions of mobile phones with one mobile phone. According to company a, they can simulate 500000 mobile phones that look like real people using Huawei's glorious mobile phone. They put hundreds of mobile phones and 100 trillion optical fiber in the office, which can simulate a large number of mobile phones to work together.

Database module: obtain the cell phone parameters to be simulated through machine generation or resources, including IMEI number, Wi Fi, IP and cell phone number.

Application module: Operation script, command millions of simulated mobile phones to operate different behaviors on the target application, including landing, likes, reading and rewards.

Scheduling module: in order to counter the anti fraud system of large platform, the operation of simulated mobile phone must look close to the real user's use behavior. So at the time of operation - when millions of mobile phones start up, when they log in, and what applications they switch to - it needs to be performed by the scheduling module. The programmer only needs to simulate the real person to draw the time curve, and the scheduling module can execute automatically.

Through such a system, a large number of micro signals can be generated. It is easy to operate the micro signals to brush the reading volume.

Some time ago, Tencent took out a simple way to wipe out the amount of brush. Tencent and the three major operators have formed a data docking, we can see whether the mobile phone number is used by real users. By screening the false mobile phone number, we can quickly print down the number of reading.

But the crackdown has spurred the growth of a black business in mobile phone markets such as Huaqiangbei, which uses Trojans to get the real phone numbers of low-cost old people's computers. Therefore, this involves an important part of the data fraud company we mentioned earlier, namely core resources. In this scenario, the core resource is the real cell phone number.

The whole mobile Internet industry grows with CP business. In the circle of black production, CP means to secretly deduct (through Trojan horse to deduct traffic and fees) and other profiteering practices. But CP business has been severely hit and has been stopped a lot.

With the rise of new mobile platforms such as wechat, the Trojan technology accumulated by CP has a new place.

The owners of Huaqiangbei installed the Trojan horse in the bottom of the system of the old man machine with a price of one or two hundred yuan, and the users could not see it. After the mobile phone is sold, the mobile phone number can be collected by using the Trojan to send SMS to the mobile phone. Apply for wechat through a real mobile phone number. A wechat can sell more than 100 pieces. Such mobile phone shipments in Huaqiangbei are up to 100 million.

According to a Huaqiangbei boss, one month's shipment volume is 2 million units, accounting for 1 / 3 of the total. Other businesses are abroad, such as India and Southeast Asia, that is, the brush volume business is also turning abroad. It is because the micro signal applied for by the real mobile phone is so valuable that the mobile phone can be sold so cheaply.

There is no way for Tencent to intercept the amount of micro signals. Therefore, it is foreseeable that the official account will soon be on fire again soon.

In addition to the brush amount, this part of micro signal can also do all the things that real people do. Some companies collect these wechat messages, add a large number of model girls as friends, and then copy the content of these girls' accounts to create a large number of fake model girls wechat messages, and then continue to add strangers to collect red envelopes.

The forgery we see in the Internet red economy is just the tip of the iceberg in many forgery industries.

Data forgery involves many chains. The whole forgery industry has been highly industrialized and the division of labor is fine and clear. Moreover, the head of the chain leads to the listed companies on the water and various tycoons in the Internet circle.

We think that players only have a few brush measurement companies or Huaqiangbei bosses, which is only a superficial illusion. The above-mentioned Huaqiangbei boss, only from the production of fake wechat, can achieve an annual income of up to 100 million.

Behind the income and profit of counterfeiting industry are all kinds of big players in the whole Chinese economy.

Take e-commerce and financial fraud for example.

In data fraud, fraud related to payment is particularly difficult. Through fake accounts, similar to beauty accounts and pornographic videos, users will eventually be led to pay. If users are cheated after paying, they will have a lot of complaints to the platform and payment companies.

In the black production circle, the "anti complaint" ability of payment interface is a core ability. But the general player is unable to have this kind of ability, behind needs the big player to support.

In e-commerce, one way is to brush the bill through TV boxes and home routers. When they install boxes and routers, they install Trojans to obtain various e-commerce accounts of users, and then operate these e-commerce accounts to help various e-commerce companies swipe bills. And to operate these actions, is not the general brush single company can do.

Therefore, the data of WeChat official account shrinks, which has little impact on the net red economy and counterfeiting industry. Data counterfeiting industry is the shadow of China's Internet economy, reflecting the desire of various players underwater.

In the primary market, VC invests in Internet companies and enters the game of drum beating and flower passing. VC "encourages" data fraud, so that the company can get the next round of money faster and transmit it to the market in one round.

In the secondary market, a large number of traditional companies are transforming and carrying out Internet + transformation. But how difficult is the transformation? How many Internet companies are going bankrupt, and how many traditional listed companies? Therefore, listed companies participate in data fraud, incorporate the income generated by fraud into the company's income as "Internet +", and promote the share price.

These are the real drivers of data fraud. Similarly, these forces and desires are also the real pushing hands of the net red economy. The so-called net red economic bubble burst is superficial understanding.

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