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finecms enterprise website construction source code public version

Posted by chiappelli at 2020-03-02

With the Internet becoming more and more an integral part of people's life and work, there are more and more open-source website production sources on the network. Today, the source code of the enterprise website construction named finecms that I compiled and shared with you is an excellent open-source project. This source code program can be said to integrate all the functions commonly used in our daily website construction, including: Chapter management, picture management, product management, download, recruitment, video and so on, can fully meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and personal production sites.

However, like all open source projects, the official set of templates is relatively simple, and the art industry is not very good, so you need to develop again if you want to use this source code to make a beautiful website.

This enterprise website construction source code is also the HTML template used. Developers can make a very beautiful enterprise website as long as they understand the HTML code and are familiar with CSS. After downloading the source code, there is a simple secondary development tutorial in the source code. You can learn this secondary development tutorial by certification. Through this tutorial, you can learn about each finecms In this way, we can separate from the complex programming tools and programming functions, but directly use the integrated tag language and tag functions in the source code to achieve various functions in the daily processing of the website.

Next, let's take a look at the foreground rendering of the official template of finecms:

Source code can be downloaded directly by clicking the download link at the bottom of the article for free. We do not provide any technical support for free source code, so please handle the problem by yourself. If there is any problem, you can directly leave a message at the bottom of the article for help, and enthusiastic netizens will help you solve it after seeing it.

Below is an introduction to this procedure on the official website:

Finecms V2 (referred to as "V2 dolphin CMS") is an open-source cross platform website content management system, which takes "practical + easy to use" as the basic product concept and provides an integrated website solution from content publishing, organization, dissemination, interaction and data mining. Based on CodeIgniter framework, the system has good scalability and management, which can help you build various website models in various operating systems and operating environments without complicated programming languages With too much professional knowledge, the system adopts UTF-8 coding, adopts the technical mode of (language code program) separation, comprehensively uses the template package and language package structure, provides convenience for users' modification, and every corner of the website content can be managed in the background, which is a set of program core suitable for system construction or secondary development, with flexibility in history The strongest CMS system.

Running environment

1. PHP version: php5.2.6 ~ php5.52, server environment: nginx, Apache, etc. 3, database software: mysql5.x4, system framework program: CodeIgniter 3.0

Suitable for Industry

1. CMS content management system 2, B2C online store system 3, B2B e-commerce website 4, classified information website 6, novel, magazine website 7, video broadcast, on demand system 8, tourism and other vertical websites 9, local portal system

Any website based on finecms system supports the functions of regional sub station and industry sub station

Multi site internationalization

Each site is an independent system. Templates and languages are independent, permissions are independent, and operations are not affected each other. Sharing member center, single point synchronous login and registration, etc. combined with site language pack, multi language versions of the site can be created, independent database storage of the site is supported, and static pages of the site can be synchronized to the designated server, which can easily achieve strong load balancing.

Custom modules, models, forms

Each module is independent of each other, supports domain name binding, supports permission division by column, unlimited table storage makes the module's load capacity higher, super user-defined module and field function give full play to the system flexibility, can realize various information release and retrieval without programming, the system has built-in content modules such as article, group diagram, download, etc.

Custom URL rules, automatic pseudo static generation

Custom URL has always been a highlight of finecms system. It can DIY URLs of various formats, and support functions and customization to be applied to tags, which enhances the flexibility of custom URL. In V2, it supports automatic generation of pseudo-static rules. Without the need for users to write rules, the system can automatically help you write the rules. The real fool operation, one click rule generation, and perfect support for mainstream web servers. OAuth、Ucenter

It has built-in OAuth one button login functions such as Tencent QQ, Sina Weibo, Baidu, Netease, Google, Sohu, etc., which can automatically send articles and comments to Weibo for sharing. It also integrates SMS interface API to make SMS authentication more secure. At the same time, members support perfect integration with UCenter, and member space supports domain name binding, which can be used to create standard personal or enterprise websites.

Upgrade the CI framework to the latest version of the official release, add the module, whether to select the option of column first, repair the failure to view the member information when publishing the article, repair the false static failure of the member space, repair the data to be reviewed, not included in the generated static state, repair the ckplayer's failure to resolve the error of Youku video, repair the failure to modify the column when reviewing the article, repair the bug whose operation log cannot be saved No other operation is allowed for the members who have not reviewed the improved display mode of Baidu map

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