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control the display of sharepoint list to improve its design

Posted by harmelink at 2020-03-01

A customized and controlled design is always for the brand image of an enterprise, as well as for users. For users, information access will be simplified and user experience will be improved. Here we will talk about the SharePoint list in particular.

Show SharePoint list: Usage

The purpose is to provide users with a simplified view, so that users can easily access the details of a project. In addition to enabling users to find the information they need in a clear and concise way, they must also provide users with a pleasant user experience.

Technical solution to control the display of SharePoint list

The basic idea of this solution is to master HTML element display code to create a design similar to traditional website design. We choose to build this database on the basis of webpart "content query".

3. Implementation of solutions:

Open the relevant website in SharePoint designer, and then enter all files / style library / XSL style sheet.

The XSL stylesheet folder contains templates ("content queries") for displaying SharePoint list data returned by webpart.

In this folder, we will pay attention to the following two files:

An example of a new project schedule:

Template d'item ("XSL + HTML beacon setting")

2 \ \ 124; visit the SharePoint page, where the edited list data must be uploaded.

On the page in edit mode, select Add webpart component, then select content query component in the list, and click Add.

Select webpart and click... Modify webpart component to access the properties in the sidebar.

When selecting a template, notice that the next section (fields to display) is updated: the fields to query will correspond to previously defined parameters. Now all you need to do is provide the names of the columns in the corresponding list and the information to use for each parameter.

Second, just add some CSS styles to improve the format (by replacing CSS you can define the settings of the website home page).


The elements in this shared list are no longer just displayed as rows of tables, but are based on a smoother design, close to network code and corporate image. This significantly improves information access and user experience.

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Limitations and / or limitations of this solution

If you want to query the important SharePoint data list, you should consider using webpart content search, which is a very powerful tool for SharePoint. Or use framework spfx to develop your own webpart

SharePoint is a powerful tool, but it can bounce back first because the user experience doesn't fit its function. Although the "modern experience" pages often correct this problem, they haven't been fully developed and can't be fully used in the production environment. In order to provide the best experience for your users, the best solution is to design and customize SharePoint.

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