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Posted by harmelink at 2020-03-01

Since the State Council revoked the authorization order for the ownership of works, the State Administration of cultural relics has been soliciting opinions from all walks of life in order to put forward opinions to the work administration and persuade it to first base on the content. The six-month training course originally planned should be described in a broad sense in any case. This is related to Bernard fijil, chairman of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

According to the NOC, the HMO's comments must be determined around the content, application, duration and Qualification Committee. "Bernard fergier rejects dogma about length of time" At least 18 or 24 months, he said, but it's not a matter of duration and content. He also supports a flexible flight log ("list of work to be done and expertise to be obtained"), which can be completed at different speeds depending on each individual's motivation, talent or constraints. He also expressed support for "the diversity of reception areas and the ` choice of routes', which means that the time spent with an architect working alone in a small agency in Lozier will be equal to that spent in a large agency in Paris or Lyon." As long as the work is done, l'impression (l'impression) conforms to the specific content.

In fact, the president of the school has decided that it's not their job to be in charge of HMOs. After graduation, the holder of a diploma in the construction industry has the responsibility to set up his own career so as to obtain HMOs, but only if he has a job contract, "Bernard Figiel said. If we think of a system similar to VAE ("recognition of professional achievements, which also has its advantages"), it seems to be a way to think.

Of course, many minds have changed - especially in the French Department of peace and security, the French Department of peace and security, the Regional Council of Orleans, France - and these discussions seem to be more friendly than those in the reform process. Jean Gautier, President of the French university for peace and Bernard figuer agreed to hurry up - it's more difficult than it seems to be before returning to the cabbage for discussion. For example, students need to participate more. In any case, however, if the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) makes a recommendation, it is the responsibility of the NOAA (NOAA). If a new arrest warrant is not issued in June next year, some students will want to eat mice before the lean cows.

Christopher leley