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secwiki weekly (no.192)

Posted by truschel at 2020-03-01

Safety technology

[paper] 2017 IEEE cybersecurity development (employment paper of secdev Conference) http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/mostrecentissue.jsp? Punumber = 8071083

[programming technology] nmask'tool framework open source description https://thief.one/2017/11/02/1/

[data mining] LSTM human activity recognition: human activity recognition based on LSTM https://github.com/guillaume-chevalier/lstm-human-activity-recognition

[conference] ACM CCS 2017 conference set https://dl.acm.org/city.cfm? Id = 3133956

[web security] reCAPTCHA: the burp plug-in that automatically identifies the graphic verification code https://github.com/bit4woo/recaptcha

[meeting] daily report of ACM CCS 2017 meeting: day 1https://xuanlan.zhihu.com/p/30617226? Group id = 909044111547256832

[web security] talk about CMS identification (with gadgets) http://www.lsablog.com/network_security / penetration / talk about CMS identification/

[tool] currently available burp Suite Pro version http://www.secer.com.cn/article/190

[web security] webug range 3.0 penetration tutorial (all 16 levels) http://www.freebuf.com/articles/web/151617.html

[meeting] daily report of ACM CCS 2017 meeting: day 0https://xuanlan.zhihu.com/p/30592885? Group ﹐ id = 908604867867512832

[web security] some knowledge about agents http://foreversong.cn/archives/774

[web security] detailed explanation of PHP file including principle (read file source, picture horse, various protocols, remote getshell, etc.) https://bbs.ichunqiu.com/thread-28688-1-1.html? From = sec

[malicious analysis] decrypt PHP's Eval based encryption with debuggerhttps://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/ztpvhtqnm4 krjehavdjpg

[O & M security] DDoS attack mode summary https://www.secpulse.com/archives/64088.html

[tool] gocrack: a visual interface of managed password cracking tool hashcat https://www.fireeye.com/blog/thread-research/2017/10/gocrack-managed-password-cracking-tool.html

[programming technology] a basic windows DKOM rootkit Pt 1https://www.landhb.me/posts/v9era/a-basic-windows-dkom-rootkit-pt-1/

[programming technology] tscancode: a static code scanning solution for C + + / C ා / Lua code https://github.com/tencent/tscancode

[forensic analysis] security analysis of telegraph security analysis report https://courses.csail.mit.edu/6.857/2017/project/19.pdf

[data mining] on Artificial Intelligence: current situation, task, architecture and unification https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/ - wsylu-xvorsst8_keua-q

[web security] seccubus - vulnerability scanning and tracking platform https://www.seccubus.com/

[vulnerability analysis] reverse practice: batch verify the existence of wechat http://www.freebuf.com/articles/terminal/151937.html

[document] daily report of ACM CCS 2017 conference: day 2http://xuanlan.zhihu.com/p/30658875

[web security] a domain name collection and enumeration tool https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/caktgwle-wqk10qgbg7e6q

[mobile security] Android Bluetooth remote command execution vulnerability exploitation practice: from POC to exploithttp://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/5qp-o3u3bul4kyge3a0yrw

[web security] 8 major front-end security issues (I) http://insights.thoughtworks.cn/eight-security-problems-in-front-end/? F = TT & hmsr = toutiao.io & utm_medium = toutiao.io & utm_source = toutiao.io

[mobile security] Research Report on the utilization of virtual app technology in black production http://www.freebuf.com/articles/paper/152091.html

[forensic analysis] CTF memory forensic entry guide http://www.freebuf.com/column/152545.html

[web security] CSRF skills in major SRCs https://bbs.ichunqiu.com/thread-28448-1-1.html? From = sec

[other] vulndocker: vulnerability shooting range platform https://github.com/leveryd/vulndocker

[web security] simple getshell and authorization https://xianzhi.aliyun.com/forum/read/2295.html

[web security] imxss open source release with design document https://xianzhi.aliyun.com/forum/topic/457/

[programming technology] PowerShell download file technology research http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/lv0bz6enjdtoj3yjqxrjna

[device security] Alibaba shares the practice of biometric technology on the mobile end http://www.freebuf.com/articles/terminal/151619.html

[vulnerability analysis] TP-LINK Remote Code Execution Vulnerability cve-2017-13772 interesting https://paper.seebug.org/434/

[malicious analysis] debfuscating phpjiami http://www.kahusecurity.com/2017/debfuscating-phpjiami/

[operation and maintenance security] TCP session hijacking principle and test http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/jel3fsi4w1vsq1aivta0vg

[programming technology] using go to develop active host sniffer https://github.com/timest/goscan/issues/1

[operation and maintenance security] cldap reflection amplification attack has become the third largest reflection DDoS attack over SSDP and chargen http://blog.netlab.360.com/cldap-is-now-the-3rd-reflection-amplified-ddos-attack-vector-surmounting-ssdp-and-chargen/

[operation and maintenance security] how to use the self-made network monitor of raspberry pie http://www.freebuf.com/geek/152403.html

[web security] webeye: identify web server type, CMS type, WAF type, whois information https://github.com/zerokeeper/webeye

[operation and maintenance security] elasticsearch security reinforcement 101 https://www.elastic.co/cn/blog/resource-the-security-of-elasticsearch-101

[web security] wereport: penetration report automatic generation platform https://github.com/bugsafe/wereport

[other] use mimikatz and powersplait to extract the certificate prohibited by windows and avoid the protection software http://www.4hou.com/system/8276.html

[malicious analysis] Kaspersky Lab's investigation report on the actions of Gaza cybergang gang in 2017 https://securelist.com/gaza-cybergang-updated-2017-activity/82765/

[data mining] application and analysis of machine learning in security attack and defense scenarios http://www.freebuf.com/articles/neopoints/152457.html

[malicious analysis] some holes in PDF file analysis and PDF generation analysis http://bobao.360.cn/learning/detail/4627.html

[vulnerability analysis] Apache James server deserialization vulnerability (cve-2017-12628) analysis and utilization http://www.4hou.com/technology/8298.html

[device security] IOT device communication security discussion https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/8qyv7e7466uzkmvit4921w

[web security] vulnerability analysis of Typecho: http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/c9ojgt4tyzkx30lhtot3vq

[equipment safety] industrial control safety semi monthly report (2017-10) http://icsmaster.com/news/monthly_report_.html

[malicious analysis] comparing eternalpetya and badrabbit https://bartblaze.blogspot.jp/2017/10/comparing-eternalpetya-and-badrabbit.html

[magazine] sec wiki weekly (issue 191) https://www.sec-wiki.com/weekly/191

[malicious analysis] Airmaster: use of expired domain names in red blue confrontation https://github.com/t94j0/airmaster

[O & M security] vulnerability box description of different vulnerability types and repair suggestions https://book.nmask.cn/

[malicious analysis] use DNS domain name association reputation system to destroy a malicious software Gang disguised as flash updates in batches https://www.nominum.com/tech-blog/continuous-thread-malware-hiding-make-adobe-flash-updates/

[malicious analysis] hunting and analyzing phishing kits at scale https://duo.com/blog/phish-in-a-barrel-hunting-and-analyzing-phishing-kits-at-scale

[malicious analysis] automatic static detection of malicious JavaScript https://researchcenter.paloltonetworks.com/2017/10/engineers-work-automatic-static-detection-malicious-javascript/

[malicious analysis] the many security uses of anomaly detection DNS anomaly detection https://www.nominum.com/tech-blog/many-security-uses-anomaly-detection/

[malicious analysis] unknown extortion software detection based on abnormal behavior https://paper.seebug.org/431/

[malicious analysis] ransomdetection: behavior based ransomware detection prototype https://github.com/mogongtech/ransomdetection