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legitimate business syndicate: def con ctf 2015 qualifiers are complete

Posted by chiappelli at 2020-03-01

Hello, Thanks for being a part of our biggest DEF CON CTF qualifiers yet. We're still very excited at how well the 4407 players, 1472 teams, and over 4000 unique IP addresses performed in our game, and have some preliminary results and other information to share with you. These are the top 25 teams from the qualifiers. For a more complete and machine-readable list, please see https://legitbs.net/2015/quals_scoreboard.json. A more substantial data dump similar to the Quals 2014 Data Dump is forthcoming. Over the coming weeks, we'll be contacting qualifying teams about their appearance at DEF CON 23 in Las Vegas. If you have write-ups to share, please post or link them at the CTF write-ups github. If you want to find more CTF games to play, check out CTF Time. Thanks again, and we hope to see you in Vegas!