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community blog by spudmastaflash // igneous pre

Posted by bassolino at 2020-02-29
COMMUNITY LONG BLOG Here's a video of the current state of Igneous, a DigiPen Junior level game headed for IGF in November. Download available soon. And thanks a lot to Anthony Burch for the Indie Nation article on the game. Login to vote this up! About spudmastaflashone of us since 12:03 AM on 03.17.2008 My name is Will, currently a senior at DigiPen Institute of Technology. I made this blog to basically show the projects I'm working on, and give myself something I can look back on later and see the changes made throughout the development cycle. I started playing video games when I got an NES for Christmas, much like many people here, and has stuck with me ever since. In high school I didn't know what I wanted to do once I graduated, so I decided to take an introductory programming course taught by a great math teacher. That class opened my eyes to the joys of programming and the satisfaction of simple and hard problem solving. Somewhere through the semester while spending many many hours on trivial programming assignments (for fun! not because it was hard!), things like making a ridiculous animated intro (all hard-coded!) for a simple coin flipping game in BASIC, or trying to recreate Pac-man (also hard-coded, but I had movement and collision!), I decided to merge my love of video games and my love of programming, and start making games. I found out about a school called DigiPen, which was only 40 minutes away from my home town, and decided that that was where I wanted to go. I enrolled, started taking classes, and never doubted my decision. Now I'm almost finished with my degree, have been working on a game for over a year and still enjoy immensely, and am looking forward to a bright future in video game development.