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swimming pool maintenance: from a to zblog real estate sales

Posted by patinella at 2020-02-28

Suggestions on the maintenance of swimming pool

Whether you go into the pool by yourself or you turn to the pool maintenance service, keeping your pool clean will not only extend your happy time in the sun, but also extend the life of your pool. Here are some suggestions for the maintenance of your swimming pool.

Clear the wreckage

It takes only a minute or two to remove floating debris from the water and the sailor's basket. Remove the waste from the water so that they cannot return. Copy this website code to your website to set up a ballot box on your website.

Broom cleaner

You must complete this step every week in order to maintain your pool well, which will help you to remove the hard to reach debris. At the same time, you don't need to add many chemicals. This means that you can not only get a cleaner swimming pool, but also save money. If you don't have time to go through the manual vacuum cleaner, you can let the automatic vacuum cleaner work.

Check filter for dirt

Make sure the filter is clean Cleanup depends on the type of filter you are using. For filter media filters ("sand", "zeolite", "broken glass"), start the back washing. For a filter cartridge, remove from the spray cartridge and clean. Cleaning must be carried out regularly, otherwise the filter will not be able to stop all debris, not to mention the pressure of water will change.

Analytical water

PH and disinfectant levels are readily known through a simple and reliable system. The swimming pool must have clear, balanced, disinfected and disinfected water. The pH value is usually between 7.2 and 7.8. If its level is not on this line, you must correct it by adding the right chemicals.

Monitoring total water level

The water level of the water level should not be too low, i.e. lower than the level of 1 × 3. Otherwise, the pump may be damaged or air may be drawn in. The horizontal surface shall not exceed 1 × 3 of the water surface; otherwise, the water edge on the surface will not be degreased.

Check for leaks

Finally, you have to make sure that your pool doesn't leak. You usually need to do this before summer starts. If you find a leak, you need a professional

Important equipment for swimming pool operation

The good operation of the swimming pool is guaranteed by a group of swimming pool equipment and supporting pipes. Therefore, for a sustainable swimming pool, it is best to carry out maintenance.

Maintenance of swimming pool through water treatment system

The maintenance of your swimming pool through the water treatment system is carried out at two levels. Chemical treatment of water is the first step in eliminating all bacteria and viruses to ensure the health of the pool. For chemical treatment of water, electrolyzer or chlorinator, injection chlorine or active oxygen can be used. The second level is to maintain water balance, because water is a substance that needs to be monitored regularly. Maintaining water balance can avoid corrosion, cutting, green water and biofilm formation. With pool equipment such as pH regulators, your pool's pH will be kept at the optimal level.

Clean your swimming pool with a robot

Different types of robots make it easy to clean up the pool. In fact, it's sometimes very difficult to clean the pool mop by hand. At present, robots on the market have inhalation or pressure in addition to electric robots. Therefore, choosing your pool cleaning equipment will be based on your pool and its coating, size and shape, as well as your budget.

Cover your swimming pool with a swimming pool

Swimming pool covers are used to protect the filtration system and water from impurities, insects, dust, leaves and other debris. It is also used to keep water warm, especially at night. It is also a way to reduce water evaporation and a safety accessory. This is a useful swimming pool device because it avoids elements that could damage the pool. Therefore, you can provide swimming pool windows with field winding or integrated electric rolling elements. In addition, you can also buy a striped cloth. You can also buy a detachable pool floor or other types of pool covers. There are many in the market, and their choice depends on your budget.

Your pool's list of well functioning equipment is not exhaustive. On the other hand, in order for your swimming pool to operate effectively, you must be accustomed to regular maintenance of the swimming pool and ensure its maintenance, even the annual maintenance service of the swimming pool.