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Posted by patinella at 2020-02-28

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Mississippi Valley State University: Android Application Development

Welcome to learn after translation

[course introduction]

This course will introduce the application development based on the Android platform, which is divided into six modules, including the overview of the Android platform and its basic components, the initial preparation of Android applications, basic elements of the Android user interface, receiving and displaying network data, and further topic discussion. Through this course, you will have a good understanding of the Android platform, how to use the Android platform, and further study the learning direction of the platform.

Course list

[Episode 1] introduction and translation of Android Application Development

[Episode 2] translation of Hello World

Basic translation of user interface

[Episode 5] Lecture 5 user interface improvement translation

[Episode 6] Lecture 6 advanced theme translation

About Instructor

Name: Jonathan engelsma, Hans dulimarta

Occupation: null

Degree: null


College introduction

Mississippi Valley State University is a comprehensive state university offering bachelor's and master's degrees.

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