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crack down on large child pornography websites by tracking bitcoin transactions

Posted by bassolino at 2020-02-28

U.S. Department of justice Wednesday


Welcome to video, a large-scale dark network child pornography website, has worked with law enforcement agencies around the world to arrest 337 users of welcome to video and save at least 23 children. Welcome to video is hosted by Jong woo son, a 23-year-old Korean, whose website went live in June 2015 until it was closed in March 2018. He himself was arrested and convicted in South Korea and is serving his sentence. Welcome to video uses the tor hidden service to hide the server IP address, but son and others make mistakes to make it easy for law enforcement agencies to find the server address of the website. According to the indictment, the investigation found that two South Korean ISPs' hidden IP addresses were assigned to an account that was associated with son's home address. Law enforcement officials searched son's home and found the server for the site. The blockchain used by bitcoin records all transactions. According to the transaction records, investigators identify hundreds of welcome to video users who share and disseminate child pornography. The main method is to identify the exchanges used by these users according to their wallets. According to the needs of the US legal exchange, investigators can ask the exchange to provide information.

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