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black production white paper ddos chapter: all kinds of industries under the cloud

Posted by agaran at 2020-02-28

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Know one's own and know the other's, a hundred battles are invincible

-- Chapter of plotting to attack

Plotting to attack is the third chapter of Sun Tzu's art of war. It mainly talks about attacking the city with wisdom and reveals the law of "knowing oneself and knowing the enemy, and never losing a hundred battles". When you face DDoS, fully understanding the attacker is also the key to win.

Use data to uncover the truth of attacks, and use the annual timeline to reveal the law of attackers. The attacker's scale, organizational structure, weapon bank, gathering place, motivation, cost, etc., as well as the big attack events, as well as the current situation of e-commerce, game, live broadcast business shrouded in the dark cloud of black production, are all well known.

Opening chapter

Hacker · portrait

Business under the cloud of black production

Attack · big event

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