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building a world-class network security high-end industry cluster center: introduction to the general idea of national network security industry park construction

Posted by forbes at 2020-02-27







At the first China cybersecurity Industry Summit held on December 12, 2017, Zhang Boxu, Secretary of the Party group and director of Beijing Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, introduced the overall idea of the construction of the National Cybersecurity Industrial Park. The editor took you to see the overall idea, overall goal, key work, safeguard measures and other core contents of the construction of the industrial park.

In order to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, adhere to the overall national security concept and build a strong network power, we can't do without the strong support of the network security industry. Comprehensively accelerating the integration of network security resources and industrial innovation and development in China has been highly valued by the state and increasingly become a common understanding of all parties.

Beijing has always attached great importance to the development of network security industry, and has formed six gathering areas for network security enterprises. Half of the major domestic network security enterprises are registered in Beijing, of which six have a revenue scale of more than 1 billion. At the same time, with the acceleration of the pace of building a national science and technology innovation center, the high-end innovation elements of Beijing are gathering rapidly, the entrepreneurial atmosphere is stronger, and the advantages of developing the network security industry are more prominent. In this context, the Ministry of industry and information technology and Beijing Municipality decided to jointly build a national network security industrial park, and formally signed a cooperation agreement between the Ministry and the municipality, which comprehensively opened the prelude to the innovation and development of the network security industry.

General assumption

The overall plan for the construction of the park is to take the nineteen spirit of the party as the guideline and fully implement Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with China's characteristics in the new era. In line with the overall layout of the "five in one" and the "four overall" strategic layout, we must adhere to the overall national security concept, take the development of the network security industry as the core, take the national network security industrial park as the carrier, and take the leading enterprises in the industry as the carrier. Scientific research institutions, colleges and universities are the main driving forces. With the goal of building five bases and the guarantee of five measures, we will comprehensively promote six key tasks and achieve six major functions.

Overall objective

The overall goal of building a national network security industrial park is to build Beijing into a leading domestic and world-class network security high-end, high-tech and high-value industrial cluster center. And the goal of "two steps" is tentatively conceived.

By 2020, relying on industrial parks to promote GDP growth of more than 330 billion yuan, Beijing's network security industry will strive to reach a scale of 100 billion yuan, and create no less than three backbone enterprises with annual income of more than 10 billion yuan.

By 2035, relying on the industrial park, the "five bases" of China's network security industry will be built: national security strategy support base, international leading network security research and development base, network security high-end industry cluster demonstration base, network security leading talent cultivation base and network security industry system innovation base.

Considering the common characteristics of the global network security industry development and the short board of China's development, combined with the specific situation of Beijing, the national network security industrial park construction focuses on the following work:


Promote the development of network security industry cluster

Promote the breakthrough of the core industry of network security, introduce resources such as key enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities, etc., and build an ecosystem of network security industry for government, industry, University, research and application. We will guide leading enterprises to build a platform for "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" in the network security industry, and incubate core technology and advanced technology enterprises in network security.


Promote the core technology breakthrough of network security

We will promote the joint construction of national and ministerial and provincial laboratories, jointly set up projects and apply for major national projects, carry out technical research on the network security protection system, and strengthen technological breakthroughs in network security protection, situation awareness, monitoring and early warning, and emergency response.


Promote the innovation and application of network security products and services

Support and guide enterprises and institutions in the park to provide network security products and services for key information infrastructure, key network security projects, military civilian integration and other fields, and promote the application of network security products and services.


Implementation of network security talent introduction plan

Support the innovation of network security personnel training mode in the park, attract high-end network security personnel at home and abroad, support the construction of network security training base, and provide talent support for the development of the park.


Promote international exchange and cooperation in cybersecurity

We will build an international cooperation and exchange platform for the network security industry, and guide enterprises and institutions to strengthen international cooperation in research and development of network security technology.


Promote the formulation of network security industry policies

We will promote the formulation of policies for the network security industry, establish a multi-party linkage and collaborative governance mechanism for governments, industry organizations, and enterprises, and improve the management capacity of the network security industry.

To implement the strategic positioning of the capital city, according to the Beijing urban master plan, the national network security industrial park will rely on the six major network security industry clusters in Beijing, focusing on the realization of six major functions.


Innovation leading

We will focus on the distribution of national scientific research institutions, major laboratories and achievement transformation platforms for the network security industry, and focus on building functional areas that lead national technological innovation with independent core technology breakthroughs in network security.


Civil military integration

Focusing on the innovation and development needs of military and local network security, we will lay out major projects and major projects of military civilian integration network security, build platforms for demonstration and docking of military civilian integration projects, and promote the collaborative sharing of military civilian resources.


Emergency support

Introduce relevant national institutions of network security and emergency teams of relevant enterprises, focus on the layout of major network security emergency services such as attack interception, attack and defense drill, active emergency response, vulnerability mining, solutions, key information infrastructure protection, and effectively enhance the capacity of network security emergency response.


Application demonstration

Explore the application innovation and development of network security products, models, services, etc., form an application demonstration industry cluster coordinated with the cross fields of finance, logistics, e-commerce, big data, etc., and create a new industrial driving force.


international exchange

With the main task of building an international cooperation and exchange platform, it undertakes the functions of academic exchange, technical discussion, talent exchange, standard research and development, project cooperation, capital docking and so on in high-end countries of network security, so as to enhance the international influence of the national network security industrial park.


Talent cultivation

Build a network security talent introduction and cultivation mechanism that closely cooperates with and cooperates with universities, enterprises and institutions, and promote the cultivation of network security talents by holding talent skills competition, network security exhibition center and science popularization base.

In addition, the Ministry of industry and information technology and Beijing Municipality will jointly launch five key safeguard measures to protect the construction of the national network security industrial park from the aspects of organization and leadership, park construction, finance and taxation, talent support, development environment, etc.


In terms of organizational leadership

The Ministry and Municipality have set up a joint working group to coordinate and promote all work. Establish high-level communication mechanism and regular meeting system, establish industrial alliance and technical alliance, establish expert advisory committee of Beijing Network Security Industrial Park, play the role of high-end professional think tank, and provide support for the healthy development of the park.


In terms of park construction

Beijing gives priority to the construction of the national network security industrial park, which is included in the fast green channel, and gives priority to the construction of the park in terms of the site selection, land planning and land supply plan of the park, so as to provide high-quality network environment for the settled enterprises.


In finance, taxation and Finance

We will set up a special fund for network security industrial park. We will improve the financing system and encourage banks to provide various forms of credit support to network security enterprises. We should strengthen fiscal and tax support and implement preferential tax policies for hi-tech enterprises and advanced technology service enterprises. We will step up government procurement and pilot the first major technical equipment insurance compensation mechanism.


In terms of talent support

We will strengthen the introduction and follow-up of high-end leading talents, and jointly establish a platform for talent training and development. We will strengthen supporting support, increase support for public rental housing, low-cost housing and self occupied commercial housing for employees of enterprises and institutions in the park, give preference to settlement indicators for outstanding talents of enterprises and institutions in the park, and arrange their children to enroll nearby according to policies.


In terms of development environment

We will improve policies and regulations, optimize the market environment that encourages innovation and protects innovation, establish legal means to protect network security intellectual property rights, strengthen the discovery and support of national strategic and cutting-edge security technology enterprises, and encourage large and medium-sized enterprises to develop harmoniously. Carry out various forms of publicity and experience, and expand the leading effect of demonstration. Promote mutual recognition of safety certification and safety test results, and increase the application and promotion of new technologies and products in the park in the fields of telecommunications, Internet, industrial control system and industrial Internet.