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lease risk insurance file

Posted by bassolino at 2020-02-27



Student housing: how to guarantee it?

You finally found a rental house! Room, studio or apartment When you hand over the key, you have to promise. Is this mandatory? What risks? How to guarantee roommates? Follow the guide

When you put your feet in your new house, you are responsible for the damage you may cause, which is in the whole leasing process. In other words, you have to fix it All the damage you caused So you just need to make sure you're safe

Leasehold insurance obligation

If you rent a flat without furniture, minimum rental risk insurance is mandatory. There is no need to levy taxes on house leasing, furniture leasing or seasonal leasing. But be careful, you are responsible for the damage you may cause So I strongly recommend that you guarantee In addition, you will almost receive an insurance certificate when you submit your key.

What risks do you want to identify?

It depends on your needs, the value of your personal property (furniture, items, equipment, clothing...) and the type of home.

Make sure your roommate.

At least one roommate needs to check the rent risk. "Prudence Pendant" because in the event of a disaster, everyone has to pay damages in proportion to their share of the rent. Conclusion: all roommates have the right to claim compensation.

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Pre order checkpoint

The landlord can ask for risk insurance. Therefore, it is necessary to systematically check whether this obligation is included in the lease agreement.

In addition, read the contract carefully, especially:

The Insurer requires certain security measures (such as locks) to obtain compensation. Examine the general terms of the contract carefully

What if I'm not sure?

The landlord can buy your own insurance and transfer its annual payment to your monthly rent - an additional 10% premium if possible.

Housing situation during study abroad

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