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double reversal of the bull combination

Posted by agaran at 2020-02-27

A double reverse Bull Stock combination

In the field of technology, the daily trading of the stock market is a living textbook, a textbook. These are all the things that are not in the books at present. They are classic cases that can only be found by the practical school. From the technical point of view, our definition period of wu2198 is: Island reversal + breakthrough long-term box technology combination. Once this technology combination appears less, it will double, and more, it will increase by four or five times (or even ten times if the market cooperates).

For example: the following island like inversion + breakthrough long-term box technology combination, the key points are:

1. After the stock price fell sharply in a row, the volume (daily turnover over 10%) rebounded suddenly, and the Japanese line technology portfolio appeared island like reversal.

2. After the stock price breaks away from the original decline channel, the trading volume shows continuous and moderate amplification, forming a long-term shock box.

3. When breaking through the long-term shock box, the transaction will be enlarged again (10% larger than the previous daily turnover) and continuously enlarged to form a new rising channel.

4. With the release of good news in the industry and the release of the performance of listed companies, the share price keeps rising until it doubles or even several times.

The case I mentioned belongs to the one that has come out. I participated in it at the beginning, but it's a pity that I didn't get off the bus firmly. Therefore, I am here to remind you that we should be good at finding and brave in persistence to get the maximum benefit. For example, the etc sector, semiconductor, chip, integrated circuit, chemical pharmaceutical sector and the wireless headset, smart speaker and tire pressure monitoring sector in recent two months of comparative bull this year are policy driven + industry driven + capital driven sectors. There are also similar technology combinations, some of which have doubled and some have multiplied.

Technical drawings have come out. They are meaningless and have no operational significance. In future transactions, you need to choose similar ones. Only those that are starting or are planning to break through will have the chance to make a lot of money.

The living textbook of learning: Figure