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china drawing by perspective

Posted by forbes at 2020-02-27

Just a year ago, I introduced the works of Peter Chan. It was because I watched the program which appeared in the television of sandy rum, a singer from Hong Kong yesterday. Sandy is a very influential female singer who started listening to Chinese music.

From here, I introduce the part of the movie "only you / Kaneda gyokuyo".

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He's a woman who is a man

It is the movie which I like best of Kung Fu. He was co authored by Yuan Yong (Yang Yun) and Liu jirei (Karina RAU). Please refer to the site above. The scene where Leslie begins to love Anita in the drama is unusually interesting. Anita is a woman, but he is dressed up in the play, Leslie said, "are you gay?" I worry seriously. Karina also appears in Leslie's lover role, but this strange triangle will not be appreciated without laughter and tears.


Leslie plays a role as a popular singer and producer in the play. Anita longs for Karina and Leslie, and goes to the man costume, and applies for the audition of the man only recruitment. Of course you know Leslie come there. She won't pass. And a friend, Koharu (Chen KOH) who secretly brings the desire to Anita secretly carries out the method of the man clothes and the guidance of the gesture. The love pattern of four people including him is wonderful.

Leslie is 46 years old, and his life is going to be six years later. We can meet you in the movies at any time.

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Lin Wanren

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