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windows reverse engineer

Posted by truschel at 2020-02-27

Familiar with the basic concepts and principles of vulnerability related concepts (binary vulnerability basic principles, vulnerability types, vulnerability utilization methods, common vulnerability mining, shellcode writing).

Familiar with related tools and platforms, familiar with IDA, WinDbg, OllyDbg, immune debugger, bindiff, Metasploit and other common vulnerability analysis debugging and integration platform use;

After mastering the basic vulnerability principles and utilization ideas, vulnerability sample analysis starts to analyze various types of vulnerabilities and write analysis reports.

The use of vulnerability mining platform master the mainstream vulnerability mining methods fuzzy testing and the use of various fuzzy testing platforms.

Step programming and symbol execution framework learning choose one of the step languages python, Perl and JavaScript to be familiar with the syntax, learn the common libraries, recommend learning python, python library is relatively perfect, which can greatly improve the work efficiency.

With the development of artificial intelligence, the research of security field will also develop to replace human with machine. In this year's CGC challenge, its theme is "the world's first all-machine hacking "Journey" embodies the idea that the machine will replace the human to carry out network attack and defense confrontation, and the development of automatic tools will be the next direction of further development.