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ppt collection of beijing zhiyuan conference

Posted by agaran at 2020-02-27

October 31, morning | banquet hall C

Zhou Bowen / Vice President of Jingdong group and President of artificial intelligence business department, director of Zhiyuan Jingdong Joint Laboratory

October 31, afternoon | banquet hall C

Christopher Manning / head of Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL)

Li Ming / professor and chief scientist of bioinformatics, University of Waterloo, Canada

October 31, afternoon | Banquet Hall B

Wu Xindong / national "thousand talents plan" special expert, Changjiang Scholar, IEEE fellow

David Carmel / Chief application scientist, Amazon Research

Su Keyi / senior researcher of Taiwan Academia Sinica

October 31, p.m. | 301A & B

David Kanter / Co-Chair of the MLPerf Inference Working Group

October 31, 302a & B

Donald B. Rubin / Professor, Qiu Chengtong Mathematical Science Center, Tsinghua University, academician of the American Academy of Sciences

Wang Han / associate researcher of Beijing Institute of Applied Physics and computational mathematics, Zhiyuan young scientist

Li qianxiao / Assistant Professor, Department of mathematics, National University of Singapore, researcher, Singapore Institute of high performance computing

October 31, p.m. | 303a & B

Jeroen van den Hoven / Professor, European Commission of ethics, Delft University of technology, Netherlands

Danit Gal / researcher, future intelligence research center, Cambridge University

Yolanda lannquist / research director of the future society

Arise EMA / Assistant Professor, Tokyo University, member of the ethics committee of the Japanese Artificial Intelligence Society

Zeng Yi / researcher, Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, director, Center for artificial intelligence ethics and safety, Zhiyuan Research Institute

Liu zhe / deputy director of Philosophy Department of Peking University, CO director of boguirui Research Center

On the morning of November 1, banquet hall B

Yang Qiang / Professor, Hong Kong University of science and technology, IEEE fellow

Wang Liwei / Professor, Zhiyuan researcher, School of information science and technology, Peking University

November 1, morning | 301A & B

Zhai Chengxiang / Professor, Department of computer science, UIUC

302a & B on the morning of November 1

November 1, morning | 303a & B

November 1, afternoon | banquet hall C

Michael I. Jordan / Professor, University of California, Berkeley, member of Academic Committee, Zhiyuan Research Institute

Thorsten joachims / Professor, Cornell University, author of SVM light and SVM rank