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summary of safety academic circle in 2018

Posted by bassolino at 2020-02-27

Near the new year's day in 2019, the official account of the safety academic circle just launched for a year. In this year, more than 20 security conference abstracts, nearly 10 open topics, nearly 20 papers, 10 enrollment information, and 2000 fans have been noticed. I hope more safety researchers will participate in the construction of academic circles in 2019.

1. Review of the paper

The employment list of some conference papers released in 2018 is as follows:

S & P 2018 paper list

CCS 2018 thesis employment list

USENIX security 2018 paper employment list

NDSS 2018 paper employment list

Acsac 2018 paper recruitment list

Raid 2018 thesis employment list

Asiacacs 2018 paper recruitment list

ICICS 2018 paper recruitment list

Websci 2018 thesis employment list

Securecomm 2018 thesis employment list

2. Paper notes

Some of the paper notes released by members in 2018 are as follows:

User Behavior Risk Prediction

Using SVM for Text Classification Analyse

Towards Automated Detection of Shadowed Domains

Fraud Detection in Return-Freight Insurance Claims

Dictionary Extraction and DGA Domain Names in Passive DNS Traffic

Tripwire: Inferring Internet Site Compromise

Causality Inference Model For Logs

Encrypted Network Traffic Analyse

Identifying People by Metadata

Analysis and Detection of Spying Browser Extensions

3. Open topics

Some open topics released in 2018 are as follows:

The 20th batch of isn open funds

2018 ant financial safety special research fund

Open project of National Key Laboratory of software architecture in 2018

Open project of Key Laboratory of network assessment technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2018

2018 CCF Green Alliance Technology Kunpeng fund application

2018 CCF Tencent rhinoceros fund declaration

Application guide for open fund of Guangdong Key Laboratory of information security technology, Sun Yat sen University

4. Enrollment information

In 2018, various doctoral and faculty recruitment information was released as follows:

Postdoctoral / talent introduction information, Institute of network science and cyberspace, Tsinghua University

Special associate researcher, Cyberspace Security College, Sichuan University

Beijing Jiaotong University recruits postdoctoral teachers (safety)

2018 PhD enrollment information in the field of safety issue 4

2018 PhD enrollment information in the field of safety issue 3

Phase 2 of PhD enrollment information in the field of safety in 2018

Phase 1 of PhD enrollment information in the field of safety in 2018

5. Journal / conference paper invitation

The invitation information of 2018 journal or conference papers is as follows:

Journal of information security: network security measurement and evaluation / Internet of things security

CCNIS 2018 conference draft: computer network and information security

Ndcc2018 conference draft: Cyberspace Security direction

Ctcis 2018 conference draft: trusted computing and information security

6. Other information

Other academic information was released in 2018:

Google academic indicators 2018 (computer security and encryption)

Modern scientific research weapon spectrum

Writing skills of letter of contribution for academic papers

How hard is it to send a ccf-c paper?

Of course, there are new articles in the security academic circle, and team-mates in the security academic circle. At the same time, I would like to thank whiterabbitc, carrier, LXL, balsam pear, Anxin, octopus and other relevant small partners who silently serve the security academic circle in 2018.

Finally, I wish you all a happy New Year's day. In 2019, you will get a lot of papers and soft funds!

Security academic circle recruits team-ing. If you are interested in joining the academic circle, please contact secdr.qq.com