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some thoughts on blockchain world and security after 2020

Posted by bassolino at 2020-02-27

As an insider in the blockchain world, I have some thoughts to write and talk with my followers.

First, in the past two years, I have done some main parts about the security of block chain (15 articles), and interested in "lazy people thinking about" the bottom menu of official account, and look at "black skills" - > "encrypted currency". If we had the tacit understanding of the past two years, the thinking of this article should be more resonant^_^

BTW: I haven't posted on Zhihu for a long time.

Three magic boxes

In the development history of blockchain, I think there are three magic box like milestones. Since it is magic box, it must bring enough influence, although not enough landing.

The first one is bitcoin, a world shared by Nakamoto. Needless to say, bitcoin / Nakamoto has become the highest faith in the world.

It's interesting to say that in Wikipedia's "password punk" character list, one is Nakamoto and the other is Assange. Assange is the founder of WikiLeaks, 2006 WikiLeaks began to operate at the end of the year. WikiLeaks is an Internet media that helps insiders to let organizations, enterprises and governments operate in the sun, without borders and not for profit. It has been controversial because of the release of a large number of confidential documents. Anyway, many powerful countries don't like them, and finally these countries can't bear it. In 2019, Assange was officially arrested

Back in 2010, Assange saw the development of bitcoin and announced that WikiLeaks would accept bitcoin sponsorship, which is a very talented idea. In addition to bitcoin, the channels of WikiLeaks' legal currency sponsorship are tightly blocked by the supervision of various countries, and bitcoin is difficult to be blocked. At that time, Nakamoto was very worried. He thought that Assange's high-profile announcement was not a good thing for bitcoin, which has only developed for two years. After all, what is the situation of WikiLeaks? Nakamoto is not a fool. If a bitcoin that has only been two years old is killed by super power, what should I do. At that time, Nakamoto left a message:

from: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2216.msg29280#msg29280

In 2011, Nakamoto disappeared... We can't speculate why he disappeared, but it's true that bitcoin has started to grow out of control. Looking back, bitcoin's past history has made bitcoin today. Bitcoin has opened the first magic box of cryptocurrency world.

The second magic box is opened by Ethereum. Turing's complete smart contract is introduced to let the blockchain not only run cryptocurrency, but also run custom computing. Although this kind of computing is not the kind of "intelligence" imagined, although the opening of this magic box brings a lot of chaos, we now know: "oh, blockchain can do such a thing."

The third magic box is opened by Libra. The opening of this magic box makes people in the non cryptocurrency world pay attention to: "Wow, the original blockchain can be played in this way..." Libra, a package of global stable currencies, is dominated by Facebook. The whole official website is full of the feeling of digital currency revolution, and its vision is extremely overbearing:

After Libra, you soon saw our country's attitude towards blockchain: "blockchain must do it!" "Cryptocurrency is not good. We should strictly supervise it!" Anyway, blockchain is really popular in China

A division

After opening the three magic boxes, the world has a clear split: the public chain and the alliance chain.

Although the cryptocurrency on the public chain has been recognized to some extent in some developed countries and the third world countries, for example, it is recognized as "personal property", and even can be used as legal payment currency in a small range, but these are carried out under strict regulatory laws, especially with special emphasis on anti money laundering. But cryptocurrency is still a new thing to be treated with great vigilance for the existing world order.

But the alliance chain is different. The alliance chain is the form that the existing world order likes, because it can be autonomous and controllable. Looking at the existing alliance chain scenarios, we can find a common feature "licensing mode". Only the licensed units can participate in the alliance chain and become a key node of the alliance chain. There must be some form of "super supervisor" in the scenario corresponding to the alliance chain. This "super supervisor" is responsible for monitoring and managing the activity game of all parties under this scenario. Of course, this "super supervisor" may also be divided into "super supervisor" and "super manager". You see, the alliance chain is such a good thing. Of course, there are many mixed situations in the alliance chain, which will not be discussed.

Public chain ecology

Especially the public chain ecology, the alliance chain ecology has nothing to mention, let the bullets fly more will say: -)

Since it's a public chain, it's a public blockchain all over the world. Barbaric development is its biggest gene. How to effectively supervise it is a big story, not to mention here. Here is a brief list of what I think is interesting in the public chain world. At present, it is a small range of just needs.

About these seven points, maybe some of them, first of all. The integration and evolution of these requirements make me look forward to the blockchain world after 2020. The evolution of the public chain will give birth to real groups of privacy, freedom and security; the evolution of the public chain will solve some trust boundaries among countries, races and groups. Well, it's a little big, but it will be.

Speaking of safety

Security in the public chain world is a strong and rigid need, which can be considered as a new direction of financial security. All the new orders are "crossing the river by feeling the stones". For security, there is no clear guidance except following the "crossing the river by feeling the stones" together. But I think it's interesting. It's new enough. It's big enough. It's going to open up new territory with the security team.

Security is attached to the ecology. Every point of the public chain ecology mentioned above has an absolute security demand. In addition to the traditional network security attack and defense, more security attack and defense of the public chain itself. We call these two parts "off chain security and on chain security". For the importance of security in the blockchain world, see my previous article, which will not be explained too much here.

Security is one of the infrastructures in the blockchain ecosystem, whether public or alliance. However, from the perspective of rigid demand business, security is a strong rigid demand in the public chain world, which can create a blockchain security company strong enough; security is a "pseudo demand" in the alliance chain world, where security companies have the same sense of existence as in the existing world order, there will be, not without market, but seriously lack of imagination. Add another point about the security of the alliance chain: there are too many scenarios of the alliance chain, and the security is very lagging behind, which has not experienced enough security confrontation tests as many scenarios of the public chain. One of the most terrible security entrances is the "super regulator", which can directly determine the life and death of an alliance chain.

It has to be said that the security derivatives built on the security infrastructure are the real big market. The world needs a secure payment scenario, a secure financial scenario, a secure entertainment scenario, a secure privacy scenario, a secure speculation scenario, a secure storage scenario, a secure computing scenario and so on. The scenario is no longer a pure security attack and defense demand, but a derivative demand based on security.

Here, we have divided security into two parts: security products and security derivatives.

There is a lot of creation space for safety products themselves. Some unique creation of on chain safety and off chain safety:

As for security derivatives, the demand is mentioned above, so we will not talk about it here: -)

How to secure the blockchain world is discussed. Can the application of blockchain technology solve some security problems in the existing world?

Of course, blockchain has a very core ability to solve the problem of trust, as mentioned earlier Web3.0, "the people are the masters", the people master the private key, that is, they have their own assets and privacy. If the application is good, it can solve the pain point of the current Internet privacy explosion (Disclosure). The reason why these privacy explosion is because the existing privacy security model is relatively fragile under the current Internet. So can it be solved perfectly? I don't think so: -)

Private key is a magic thing and a reflection of the brilliance of cryptography. There are many interesting creations based on private key. Private key can be used not only by individuals, but also by many parties. For example, the use of secure multi-party computing can solve the security problem that multi-party roles need to authorize the use of assets or privacy. Although these processes don't need blockchain, the combination of blockchain is also equivalent to the combination of a certain trust model. Blockchain makes the brilliant application of cryptography take a big step forward. Our creative focus must be on these trusted links.

Blockchain is not a panacea or silver bullet, but a magic potion. In the scenario of multi-party game, it can reduce trust cost and audit cost. Is it necessary to use blockchain technology? This is not true. Is that all the public chains have value? Certainly not. See things as they are, and do things as they are. Fear power, but stay away from those who are not black or white.


Finally, I would like to say: the virtual world in the future is an absolute independent intelligent body (silicon-based life), the encrypted world is an absolute trend, and the encrypted currency is an absolute just need to exist. Although there are many distances in the future, the future is a beacon.

Blockchain security also follows this lighthouse, creating unlimited space and market space.

In Blockchain We Trust;-)

Thank you to my followers and supporters. Thank you to my blockchain security team. One of them is slow fog, the other is slow fog? In 2020, slowly, you will know.

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