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network security market research company released top 500 cyberspace security enterprises

Posted by graebner at 2020-02-27

Network security market research company released top 500 Cyberspace Security Enterprises

Monday, March 2, 2015

The top 500 Cyberspace Security companies list released by cybersecurity ventures in early last month shows that the US security companies whose main business is advanced threat protection rank first.

The top 10 companies on the list are all American companies, most of which are emerging network security companies, including the newly founded moka5 (No. 2) and Norse (No. 4).

Top 100:

Czech AVG ranked 12th;

In Canada, nudata, winmagic and afore ranked 14, 66 and 100 respectively;

Italy's dflabs column 17;

Finland's codenomicon and F-Secure are 24 and 81 respectively;

Russia's Kaspersky 32;

Sweden's behaviosec ranks 37;

Romania's BitDefender ranked 48;

NTT communication column of Japan is 62 bits;

Germany's brainloop ranks 63;

Israel's checkmarx and covertix ranked 68 and 77 respectively;

Singapore's i-sprint ranked 76;

There are 95 laboratories in China.

In addition, the old security enterprise trend technology ranked 13th, IBM group ranked 18th, RSA ranked 22nd, mobile ranked 23rd, blue coat ranked 31st, Intel security ranked 35th, check point ranked 39th, Cisco ranked 47th, at & T security ranked 70th, arbor network ranked 94th.

The list is based on the following evaluation criteria:

Network security industry (market category)

Problems solved

Customer base

Feedback from CIOs and decision makers

It security assessment and feedback from recommender

Enterprise risk assessment, feedback from legal personnel and consultants

Venture capital fund

Enterprise growth

Public product reviews

Presentations and reports at meetings

Enterprise market and brand

media coverage

Application of products or services

Steve Morgan, founder and CEO of cybersecurity ventures, said that the top 500 Cyberspace Security list collected feedback from information security officers and security practitioners and studied hundreds of cybersecurity incidents and news resources. The list is not based on revenue, number of employees or annual growth rate, because "for the audience of cyberspace and decision makers, evaluators and recommenders of IT security, they already know the strength of each manufacturer."

According to the latest cyberspace security market report, the cyberspace security market will rapidly expand from $71 billion in 2014 to $155 billion in 2019. In such a fast-growing market, there must be a large number of new entrants, as well as M & A, investment and IPO activities that constantly affect and change the market environment.

"We are trying to build more awareness and recognition of the most innovative Cyberspace Security companies, including the most powerful and recognized brands, as well as venture backed start-ups and new faces just joining the market." Steve Morgan

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