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to youth - zuo an reading

Posted by harmelink at 2020-02-27

Wen / Zhou xiaopang

Forget the specific day has been looking forward to the release of "to youth", my heart is also constantly thinking about the scenes to go with someone. The sky is better than the human's, standing alone on a bicycle, against the faint, yellow light from the street lamp, the thin cold shadow cast from the middle of the branches, and the fragrance of locust flowers fluttering out of the walls of Shanghai University, walking alone slowly. At this time, the street is like a calm river, winding in the dense shadow of trees. Only the leaves rustling due to the wind and rain seem to recall the bustle and busyness of the day. Most of the pedestrians go out without the cars in the past. Just now, people are like a fallen leaf, moving slowly with the stream. Youth is also a person walking, just along the time this river, also twists and turns, also winding, inadvertently to the end.

About youth

What is youth? I kept asking myself when the movie ended.

In his poem, Xi Murong said: youth is a hurried book, all the endings have been written, all the tears have started, but suddenly he forgot what kind of a start it was, in any case, to pursue, just like the clouds passing by.

Some people praise youth and say: youth is the sun in the morning. She is radiant and bright. All gloom and gloom are expelled by her. Youth is full of vitality, hope, courage and the most brilliant color in life.

Youth can not stay, white hair born naturally. Youth is a wisp of wind, let the ear linger on the birds, let the nose aftertaste the fragrance of flowers, hurried past, no trace. Youth is a day when one and a group of people walk through the campus side by side. Youth is a thing that you can never forget when you are young. Youth is hidden in the corner of memory that makes people giggle, regret, sigh of people and things, can be touched. Youth is the emotion that makes people angry, cry, laugh and sigh.

About movie scenes

Zhao Wei's understanding of the elements of youth into the film lens, the lack of love.

Youth is full of fantasy. At the beginning, it's the fantasy that Zheng Wei's ugly girl becomes a princess. In her dream, she built 20 beds of velvet quilt. When Chen Xiaozheng made Zheng Wei his girlfriend, the heroine dreamed of putting on the crystal shoes, jumping and jumping, full of joy.

I especially like the scene at the beginning. The heroine finally receives the university admission notice. It's the city next door where the heroine is. Because she is too happy, she doesn't hold it tightly. The gust of wind blows, and the admission notice flies away with the wind. No matter how hard they try to catch up with each other, it will disappear in the sky. Is it the director's suggestion that youth flies when young people are immersed in the happy moment?

Youth is a long journey, can not go back.

From the bottom of her heart, Zheng Wei likes the role of Zheng Wei. She has the cheek to sing the red sun in front of all the people, and wins the man's smile. In the school garden, she is childish and simply carrying the little cake and other men, even if it's full of mosquito bites. In the self-study room, she eats Zero food one by one, just like a mouse. If scenes emerge, it can't help but arouse people's memories Show youth beautiful, no utilitarian love, even if we quarrel, move hand, also can not resist the hormone movement.

When the man wants to go to the United States for the future, and all the previous lies can no longer be covered, how can Zheng Wei be frightened and disbelieving. The two confessed and both wept.

Youth is a pain, too late. Youth is a good thing, before the pain.

When he was young, he liked to be clean and hated smoking. Even when he sat down in the small garden, he had to pad a book under his buttocks. Later, he learned to smoke, but he and Zheng Wei sat on the dirty steps in white pants without hesitation.

Yes, Zheng Wei is right. "We all want to be the kind of people we used to hate."

About Ruan Guan

From abortion with others to abortion by oneself, Ruan Guan's youth is just like a joke. Finally, Zheng Wei said, "only Ruan Guan's youth is immortal." this sentence is the best praise for Ruan Guan. Think about it carefully. Almost all the characters in the movie have experienced changes of heart, twists and turns, wandering in love. Only Ruan Guan loves Zhao Shiyong from the beginning to the end, and finally dies because of Zhao Shiyong. This is the greatest place of Ruan Guan. Ruan Guan's death is also very meaningful, running to see the love of youth, turning back when meeting the red light, life suddenly stopped. Death in the eternal youth, but also in the pursuit of love on the road, death in the red light turned to run when. This is the most heroic youth, you and I have been infected more or less.

About Lao Zhang

Lao Zhang is the favorite character in this movie. The righteous spirit of ruffians, the free and easy spirit of poets, and the heartache of migrant workers. She likes to play a joke on the heroine. She has always been a woman. She has a good relationship with many girls. On the surface, she is careless. She likes No. 2 secretly. She sends flowers silently. She never reveals it openly and hides in the corner. When students get together, they buy A-goods for their appearance. The surface scenery is infinite. Who knows the loneliness after the party.

Who is always surrounded by people like Lao Zhang, and I happen to meet more, Lao Wang, Lao Meng, Lao Qin.

There are all kinds of lovely, hilarious and sentimental scenes in the movie. Everyone has their own stories. This is the youth Zhao Wei interprets to us. Some people praise, some people belittle, and look at their own pictures poked inside. Look at "to youth". Don't look for your smile and cry. Look for your youth and your love. Then they will come.

Youth is immortality, falling into the earth is safety.

Zuo'an: some people say that when they watch "to our youth that will die", they are sad to see the words, each sentence is worried, and each sentence directly refers to the youth that we once had and have lost. The first time I saw it, it was farewell, reunion, abandonment, or the pity of one centimeter in those three years and three years, but it was not the return of "original" but "full of vitality" -- every time I couldn't bear to close it forcibly and let my thoughts whirl around, but I opened the book after recalling it and continued reading Heartache, can't read again, but don't give up, read it out; the end is like this, I don't know if it's a "happy ordinary", I'm afraid it is. When I have to read it for the second time, there is always a kind of fatalistic wish between the lines. Every word and every sentence confirms the tiny present and future, and everyone's present and future Many years later, do we still have such a memory of youth, or regret Everyone in youth has a sieve, some things are passing, some things are still