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news: the us admits it can't stop igor

Posted by chiappelli at 2020-02-27

Last year, before launching the campaign against "Islamic States," Washington, D.C., acknowledged that it was a serious enemy and said it would win in three years. At that time, many people thought that the US authorities were reinsurance. A year passed. Attitude has changed. The question now is not the date of the destruction of the Islamic khalifat, but whether it will be destroyed.

First of all, WP. John McLaughlin believes that air strikes alone cannot defeat jihadists. Of course, it has caused damage, but it has had little impact on the hostilities in Syria and Iraq. Just remember the latest achievements of the jihadists. Rocket and bomb attacks failed to stop the civil defense forces from attacking Ramadi. They cannot stop the development of forces in the Black Sea and neighbouring Syria, where Islamic groups not only surround government forces, but also their opponents' allies as a camp of moderates. This is a radical organization.

The Pentagon says it destroyed the shrine in nine months of war in Iraq and Syria 10000 Militia. Given that volunteers from all over the world are fighting under the black flag of Jihad, this loss is certainly huge, but it is not hard to make up. According to the United Nations, there are currently at least 25000 Muslims fighting. Foreigners from more than 100 countries.

To make matters worse, coalition aircraft destroyed jihadist equipment and weapons. Militias have taken weapons and equipment from Iraqi forces, which often flee, in sufficient numbers to arm several forces such as the u.g. These weapons are American weapons and equipment, and Washington provides and continues to provide weapons to Iraqi forces.

Generally speaking, no ground action is inevitable, but here, the enemy "Islamic state" has great difficulties. So far, despite all the threat calls made by the team, the region has not yet gained sufficient strength. Americans don't want war on earth anymore. After losing elections in Iraq and Afghanistan, Barack Obama will never be allowed to send $10000 to $20000. American soldiers are on another bloody adventure. There is no doubt that it will be bloody and the loss will be huge.

The Pentagon is not going to give up training Iraqi soldiers and Syrian rebels, but it is clear that training for victory alone is not enough. Motivation and a high level of fighting spirit are necessary. So far, all of these are only Ig.

Secondly, Baghdad must be defended anyway. Many people mistakenly believe that Sunni Islamists cannot occupy the Iraqi capital, which is mainly inhabited by Shiites. However, in order to create panic and prove to the world what Islamic Jihad can do and how weak the Iraqi authorities are, Islamic Jihad does not need to occupy the cities of millions of people. Just prove that Baghdad's defenses are easy enough. In order to create total chaos, it is enough for small militia groups to infiltrate the city.

Thirdly, the actual division of Iraq must be stopped. Day by day, the main enemies of Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds are increasingly alienated from each other. Iraq's Sunni minority still does not trust the government of Haider Abadi. The desire to establish a state prevents Kurds from actively participating in the fight against jihadists.

Fourthly, Iran must be prevented from participating more actively in developments in Iraq. Now, Shiite militias armed and trained by Iranians are fighting Islamists in Iraq. However, without significant progress, Tehran may have to send regular troops to assist its neighbours. This could lead to a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, which does not want to see Iranian soldiers in Iraq.

In addition to these four priorities, there are two. It is necessary to destroy or at least significantly reduce a large area of land equivalent to the Islamic Caliph in Italy. Even if we want to defeat Iraq, we must put an end to the differences between Sunnis and Shiites in Syria and Iraq.

Many Americans disagree with John McLaughlin, who thinks it is still possible to defeat them. According to the survey, the vast majority of Americans believe that "Islamic state" won the war, while 55% believe that "Islamic state" won the war compared with 33%. Barack Obama does not control the situation in Iraq and Syria.

There are also senior officials among the skeptics. For example, John Brennan, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, told CBS television show "faces of the nation" that he could not win on the battlefield.

"I firmly believe that we cannot solve this problem on the battlefield." They must continue to be pressured, but at the same time a political process is needed. We need a combination of political and military pressure.