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ministry of industry and information technology approved the establishment of jinan internet data special channel

Posted by patinella at 2020-02-27

18:58 times on January 24, 2018 source: Comments on website of Ministry of industry and information technology

Recently, according to the application of Shandong Provincial Communication Administration and Jinan Municipal People's government, the Ministry of industry and information technology approved the establishment of Jinan Internet data special channel to build a direct data link from the relevant industrial park of Jinan City to China's beishangguang Internet international gateway Bureau.

Jinan Internet data special channel will cover Qilu Software Park, Jinan high tech entrepreneurship service center, Jinan comprehensive free trade zone, Hanyu Jingu and innovation Valley five industrial parks, with a total capacity of 80g initially opened. Three basic telecommunication enterprises are responsible for the construction and operation. It is expected to be completed and opened by December 2018. Local governments will provide subsidies for the construction and use of the channel Hold.

After the completion of Jinan Internet data dedicated channel, it is expected to provide more than 300 enterprises with high-quality international communication services, promote the agglomeration of Jinan software and service outsourcing, international financial services, international logistics, pharmaceutical research and development, international headquarters office and other industries, further promote the development of Jinan's export-oriented and digital economy, and accelerate the transformation of new and old driving forces in Shandong Province Industrial transformation and upgrading.