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there's no iron! is it possible to substitute an item at that time? dime @ dime

Posted by truschel at 2020-02-27

The iron that extends the wrinkles of the clothes is certainly convenient, but it is not likely to have it, and it is likely that it often disposes it when it is moved, etc. This article introduces the goods which can be substituted in the case that "irons are not necessary but urgent".

However, the introduction of this time is only for emergency use, and it is best to use iron in the original. Don't forget that there is a risk to fail in the substitute. In addition, there are many cheap models that can be purchased in several thousand yen, so let's buy as much as possible.

Explanation by type of clothes! How to hang an iron in a busy morning

Dry iron and steam iron can be replaced by familiar ones!

Iron can be classified into two categories. One is a dry iron, which is the so-called ordinary iron that stretches the wrinkles with heat and weight. The other is steam iron, and it is made to spread the wrinkle with the steam to the material which can not directly apply iron such as wool sweater.

This time, I introduce the goods which become the substitute of the iron of the dry / steam.

It is hot and heavy

When you want to fold the cloth by sewing, you can use iron, but if there is no iron, it is replaced with "heat and weight". For example, a pot containing hot water and a frying pan. Wipe it so that it does not stain dirt, and gently slip on the cloth.

This is also useful when you want to stretch shirts.

Iron replacement goods when you want to fold with a hem?

When the top of the trousers is to be folded at the top of the hem, it is possible to use a pot or a frying pan with hot water. However, if you want to hew up with a hem tape, it often tends to fail in hot pot or frying pan. In this case, it might be good to use the hair iron introduced later.

I want to iron wool suits! How do you replace the cloth?

It is not the substitute of iron, but it might be often lost by what to use for the cloth. If the iron is directly attached to the material which is weak to heat, the surface may become tetracaca. If not, use "cotton handkerchief". It is recommended that the fabric is light and light color. It is safe even with a towel.

Can I substitute steam irons in the fog?

If there is no steam iron, you might be able to substitute water with mist. Many people think that. However, it is a water drop that blows in the mist and is different from steam (steam). It is not recommended that steam mist be replaced instead of steam.

However, it may be possible to respond even if it dries lightly. Dry with the drier after wiping the place where the wrinkle is wet.

The finish is completely different! How to properly use iron and steam

What is the substitute for the steam iron used for knitting?

It is said that steam irons can be used to finish knitting, and it is possible to arrange the knitting and finish it. If there is no steam ironing, it can be substituted by mist. Spray all the knitted fabric firmly, and wash the water firmly with the towel. It is OK if the shape is settled and dried.

Is hair iron substituted for iron?

Hair irons seem to replace irons at first glance, but can they really substitute?

I use straight hair iron for replacement of iron

Hair iron is "straight iron" for straight hair and curl iron for curl called Kote. Since the straight iron has flat surface, it is easy to replace iron. It can be said as a substitute because there are some hair irons that are higher than 200 degrees.

However, the hair iron is not so heavy as iron. It is necessary to take sufficient time to use it as an alternative to iron.

Can I use Kote as an alternative to iron?

Hair iron for curl... The term "Kote" is often not flat, such as straight iron, unless it is a 2WAY type. Therefore, it is difficult to use as an substitute for iron.

Conversely, what is the substitute for hair iron?

As an excellent knowledge, I will introduce the hair irons. First, a "dryer" can be used as a substitute for straight iron. If you wet your hair firmly from the root to the hair flow, you will become a natural straight hair.

Further, curler iron is substituted for "curler". There is also a method called "sock curl" that wraps socks when there is no curler, so please try it when you are in trouble.

I want to apply wappen and iron print! Is there any substitute for an iron?

The use of iron not only extends wrinkles. Iron is active even when a wappen or iron print is applied. Is there any substitute for the iron?

Hair iron with wappen or ironing

In conclusion, it would be better to substitute hair irons. As in the case of the hem tape, the heat of the pot or the frying pan may not be enough. If it is a hair iron, the heat is enough.

What is the substitute for the finish sheet of iron print?

This is also an excellent knowledge, but the iron sheet usually has a finishing sheet. If this sheet has been lost, it is possible to substitute a sheet of paper such as an oven paper.

The above items have been introduced that can be substituted when there is no iron. People who don't have an iron, a broken person, and a person who is suddenly needed in a travel destination will remember that there is a countermeasure like this introduced. However, since the substitute has the risk of failure, let's use the usual iron as much as possible.

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