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paas internet of things platform summary (part i)

Posted by harmelink at 2020-02-27

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There is no doubt that the in-depth transformation of the Internet of things to the industry in 2018 has just begun.

The quality and quantity of Internet of things industrial chain enterprises will enter a full outbreak period. As a full cycle observer and information service focusser in the industry, IOT think tank is driven by the industry and will feed back on the industrial upgrading. Since 2016, the Internet of things think tank has launched the panoramic map of the national Internet of things industry once a year, which provides practitioners with a full perspective tracking and analysis of the Internet of things, and practically practices the information symmetry of the Internet of things industry.

However, with the rapid upgrading of the Internet of things industry, the annual Panoramic Map has been released, which is far from meeting the rapid development speed and enterprise demands. Based on the above facts, the national Panoramic Map of the Internet of things industry has decided to carry out major revision and upgrading:

(1) The annual static state will be condensed into a "dynamic update" with a shorter cycle;

(2) The large and comprehensive enterprise collection method will be embedded in the screening standard that conforms to the industrial fact standard, with three thousand weak waters, only the best ones;

(3) The basic information collection of Internet of things enterprises will be upgraded to richer and deeper information integration and processing;

(4) The focus on the whole section of the Internet of things industry will be upgraded to focus on the weight distribution of key areas and potential track.

For the first time, the key areas to be overturned include: Internet of things chip design, cellular Internet of things, Internet of things PAAS cloud platform, utilities, intelligent security camera, home service robot / intelligent speaker, asset management and tracking, and intelligent door lock.

In the three months since today, we will continue to "flip" and release a summary of enterprise information in eight areas. If we miss out on the best enterprises in the Internet of things industry due to our negligence, please contact us for advice.

In the background of digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing, IOT website is in the wind of the times. The whole industrial chain of chip, sensor, module, network, platform, terminal equipment, system integration, application service, etc. has been expanding. And the Internet of things platform, known as the "strategic fortress" of the Internet of things, is becoming the place that all participants must contend for.

Traditional IT companies, communication operators, communication equipment companies, Internet companies, industrial solution providers, new start-ups and other forces have sprung up in succession. After the boom of the blowout period, the platform precipitated into the second half of consolidation. The Internet of things platform is based on three types of cloud computing: IAAs (Infrastructure as service), PAAS (platform as service), SaaS (software as service) The computing service model has gradually improved its functional system, namely ICP (infrastructure cloud service platform), CMP (connection management), DMP (equipment management platform), AEP (application enabling platform), BAP (business analysis platform), etc.

This series of articles will introduce the PAAS Internet of things platform one by one according to the classification method of players in four fields, including communication field, internet field, software / system service field and vertical field. Among them, the general field includes telecom operators and telecom equipment providers represented by mobile, Unicom, telecom, Huawei and Xinhua; the Internet field includes Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Xiaomi, etc.; the software / system service field includes IBM, Microsoft, PTC, etc.; the vertical field is mainly divided into two parts, including industrial enterprises represented by Sany Heavy Industry, Ge, Siemens, etc, Entrepreneurial enterprises represented by basic Lizi, puoyun, smart cloud, doodle intelligence, etc.

The summary of this article will cover two major fields of communication and Internet, and the following articles will continue to push the second half of the content.

Communication field

Onenet and CCMP of China Mobile

Company: China Mobile

Name: onenet

Website: open.iot.10086.cn

Onenet is a cloud platform independently developed by China Mobile Internet of things Co., Ltd. for public services based on the concept of openness and win-win. It provides simple cloud access, mass storage, computing and big data visualization services for various cross platform Internet of things applications and industry solutions, so as to reduce the R & D, operation and operation and maintenance costs of Internet of things enterprises and individuals (makers), and make IOT Network enterprises and individuals (makers) are more focused on application and build an IOT ecological environment centered on onenet device cloud.

Onenet platform provides tools related to equipment life cycle management to help individuals and enterprises quickly realize cloud management of large-scale equipment; it also opens third-party interfaces and accelerates the construction of personalized application systems; at the same time, customized "harmony" app provides you with cloud, management and end-to-end overall solutions.

Company: China Mobile

Name: CCMP 3.0

Website: no

On November 25, 2017, China Mobile released version 3.0 of CCMP, the world's largest Internet of things connection management platform independently developed. This platform is a new generation of Internet of things connection management platform, which has been independently developed and evolved by China Mobile for 5 years.

The new ccmp3.0 mainly provides five capabilities, including business operation capability, application integration capability, international business development capability, nb-iot capability and security protection capability. Among them, the three capabilities of business operation, application integration and security protection have been completely updated into new business capabilities on the basis of version 2.0; international business and Nb IOT are the two new online capabilities, which provide new possibilities for enterprise customers to expand transnational business and richer business scenarios of the Internet of things.

China Unicom's Internet of things platform 2.0

Company: Unicom

Name: Unicom Internet of things platform 2.0

Website: www.m2m10010.com

China Unicom Internet of things platform 2.0 is the first upgrade of Internet of things connection management platform released by China Unicom in 2015. It is an advanced platform based on cloud. It provides a new generation of connection management function to support the start-up, management and rapid expansion of networking equipment business or enterprise deployment. Mainly based on control center 7.0, a new Internet of things platform, it provides customers with six capabilities: (1) SIM card posture service; (2) automatic rule setting; (3) API integration; (4) equipment implementation diagnosis; (5) Bill and report query; (6) enterprise account management. On the basis of the original platform, seven functions are added, including all-round security protection, business insight, collaborative application integration, low-power wide area network support and value-added business operation, to support diversified business models of enterprise users and meet their various operational needs.

China Telecom's Internet of things open platform

Company: China Telecom

Name: China Telecom Internet of things open platform

Website: open.189.cn

The open platform of the Internet of things consists of three parts: connection management, application enabling and vertical service. The global, secure and reliable end-to-end service runs through the whole process. The platform will have three advantages: first, global connectivity, a little service, second, open innovation, security and credibility, third, data perception and intelligent decision-making. China Telecom will rely on the Internet of things open platform, learn from industry experience, integrate internal resources, and cooperate with global partners to build core competitiveness and create business value together.

China Telecom's Internet of things open platform is supported by Ericsson's device connection platform, which was launched in 2012, now supports more than 25 operators and more than 2000 enterprise customers, and becomes part of the Ericsson Internet of things (IOT) accelerator platform.

Vodafone's GDSP

Company: Vodafone

Name: global data service platform, GDSP

Website: m2m.vodafone.com

Vodafone's global data services platform (GDSP) is designed to provide secure self-service platform management for connected M2M deployments. Help enterprises manage their IOT devices simply and effectively anywhere in the world. The platform provides complete authentication and access control mechanism, and authorized users can access key information through an easy-to-use self-service portal.

The platform gives customers the ability of asset visualization, and customers can control all their Internet of things devices on Vodafone's global network. It can track the location of the assets with Vodafone's global SIM card installed, alert when the equipment status is abnormal, and provide reports on performance and data use.

Huawei's oceanconnect

Company: Huawei

Name: Huawei oceanconnect Internet of things platform

Website: developer.huawei.com/ict/cn/site-oceanconnect

Huawei oceanconnect Internet of things platform is a unified open cloud platform for operators and enterprises / industries. It provides an open three-tier architecture, an open connection management platform, an ICT integrated device management platform and a flexible application enabling platform. Through open APIs and unique agents, we can integrate various industry applications upward, and access various sensors, terminals and gateways downward, so as to help operators and enterprise / industry customers achieve rapid access to various industry terminals and rapid integration of various industry applications. Huawei's oceanconnect Internet of things platform provides safe and controllable full connection management, enabling industry innovation and building an IOT ecosystem.

Oceanconnect provides many industry ecological APIs for developers to use flexibly, including data model, device management, user management, rule processing, etc., covering a variety of industry ecology. For example, smart home, vehicle network, oil and gas energy ecology, smart city ecology, etc. Agent based on OSGi framework supports edge computing function, home gateway, industrial gateway and device platform under gateway. In addition, a series of agent Lite, agent IPC and agent tiny (which can be deployed on Lite OS) are introduced to expand the possibility of device connection of more protocols, such as the onvif camera, MODBUS device and opc-ua device.

Xinhuasan's Oasis Internet of things platform

Company: Xinhua No.3 group

Name: Oasis Internet of things platform

Website: www.h3c.com

Xinhua three oases Internet of things platform is a special PAAS platform for Internet of things solutions. In the Internet of things solutions, it is responsible for supporting applications on the top, adapting terminals on the bottom, and realizing horizontal capability integration. In order to achieve the above objectives, the oasis Internet of things platform provides data processing capacity, application support capacity, ecological opening capacity, architecture adaptability (large concurrency, high reliability, self recovery, scalability), security support capacity, equipment management capacity, etc.

The oasis Internet of things platform inherits the three oases platform architecture of Xinhua, and adopts a fully distributed, elastic and scalable micro service architecture based on docker technology. Oasis Internet of things platform provides some general PAAS functions, including architecture management subsystem, online development subsystem, security management subsystem and authentication management subsystem. At the same time, on this basis, a series of Internet of things basic services are provided, including connection management subsystem, equipment management subsystem, data processing subsystem, application support subsystem and embedded Internet of things basic applications.

ZTE's thingxcloud Xingyun

Company: ZTE

Name: thingxcloud Xingyun

Website: iot.zte.com.cn

On December 12, 2017, ZTE held the 2017 Internet of things industry summit in Shanghai and released the new generation of Internet of things platform thingxcloud Xingyun. Thingxcloud Xingyun, as an IOT PAAS platform specially created for enabling, is a new mode of Internet of things co construction, sharing and win-win, which is based on the upper application, lower equipment, endogenous data, enabling the Internet of things and helping the ecosystem. Based on the basic capabilities of big data, AI and security, it realizes the equipment management, connection management and application enabling management of the Internet of things, adapts to various communication protocols, shields the technical differences of the network, makes the underlying network transparent to the upper application, and provides the Internet of things industry with the capabilities of terminal connection, application innovation, data sharing, operation support, integrated services, etc.

ZTE supports all partners in the global IOT alliance through thingxcloud's ecological operation portal, simple, friendly and easy-to-use Internet of things development tools, rich technical materials, etc., contributes its own strength, completes co construction, sharing, win-win, and creates a new era of Internet of things.

Cisco Jasper's control center

Company: Cisco

Name: Control Center

Website: www.jasper.com

In 2016, Cisco acquired the entire equity of Jasper for us $1.4 billion, thus Jasper became Cisco Jasper, while control Center is also moving from the telecom industry to the Internet of things. First of all, there are many access modes for telecom operators, such as lte-m and nb-iot. Second, it is flexible to expand the service of a region to multiple regions or the world by using Jasper's global telecom operator resources. Finally, it is easy to improve online monitoring and management of equipment Management, maintenance, automatic optimization and other service functions.

Jasper, as a global leader in CMP industry, manages Internet of things devices on more than 550 operators' networks around the world. More than 15000 enterprises are using the platform and continue to expand at the rate of 1.5 million devices per month. At present, the number of equipment connections has exceeded 62 million.

Ericsson's DCP

Company: Ericsson

Name: Ericsson device connection platform, DCP

Website: www.ericsson.com/ourportfolio/products/device-connection-platform

Ericsson's equipment connection platform was acquired from Telenor connexion in 2011. It supports operators to establish M2M business from three perspectives of equipment life cycle management connection, sales preparation and business expansion. The platform can handle connection management, business contract management and OSS / BSS, realize the automation of business process between operators and enterprises, and support enterprises to manage their own networking terminals. In addition to DCP, Ericsson has also developed the Internet of things accelerator program, which includes data management, billing, terminal management, connection service and analysis. The main purpose is to provide engine and software development kits in terms of terminal adaptation, data management, application presentation and management, greatly shorten the development and deployment time of Internet of things applications, and reduce customer investment from capex to OPEX Initial risk and cost of assets.

It is reported that DCP has provided thousands of enterprises with on-demand, self manageable and global Internet of things connection management capabilities. The innovative Internet of things acceleration engine supports the rapid development and deployment of Internet of things applications.

Nokia's impact


Name: the intelligent management platform for all connected things, impact

Website: www.nokia.com

Nokia, as an innovator and enabler of the Internet of things, started to build the Internet of things platform many years ago. After years of technology accumulation and optimization of the current network, Nokia has formed the industry-leading Internet of things management platform impact, which creates an end-to-end industrial chain through the impact platform. The solution architecture with impact Internet of things intelligent management platform as the core provides operators, enterprises and governments with an Internet of things solution platform for any terminal, any protocol and throughout any application, which can handle data collection, event processing, equipment management, data analysis, support security and diversified applications.

Nokia impact platform has been widely used in the world, with the largest market share in the field of device management. At present, there are 15000 kinds of devices connected to this platform in the world, with a total of 1.5 billion devices. As of June 2017, there are 53 application cases in the world. Customers include Vodafone, orange, Verizon, at & T, KT, Airtel and other global operators, as well as Continental, Mercedes Benz and other global major customers. And won many international awards, including 2017 best Internet of things / M2M strategic innovation award, 2017 GLOMO best mobile network IOT Innovation Award, 2016 broadband best IOT Innovation Award, 2016 Etech industrial Internet of things Innovation Award.

Internet field

Alibaba's Link Internet of things platform

Company: Alibaba

Name: Link Internet of things platform

Website: iot.aliyun.com

On October 12, 2017, Alibaba cloud announced the official release of the link Internet of things platform at the 2017 Hangzhou cloud habitat conference. The platform is strategically invested in three infrastructures, including the Internet of things cloud integration enabling platform, Internet of things market and ICA global standards alliance, to promote the intelligent network in the three fields of life, industry and city. In the next five years, we will continue to invest in achieving the goal of "serving 1 million developers, settling 10 IOT application solutions, linking 10 billion IOT devices, and leveraging the global IOT industry to achieve a trillion market scale".

The platform provides a variety of product services such as the Internet of things platform for life, the Internet of things platform for cities, Alios things, voice services for the Internet of things, the Internet of things suite, ID ² device identity authentication platform, tee security suite, embedded system security suite, etc.

Tencent's QQ IOT

Company: Tencent

Name: QQ IOT

Website: iot.open.qq.com

In October 2014, the "QQ IOT intelligent hardware open platform" was released to provide core capabilities such as QQ account system and relationship chain, QQ message channel capability, etc. to partners in wearable devices, smart home, smart car, traditional hardware and other fields, to realize interconnection and interaction between users and devices, and to make full use of and give play to hundreds of millions of mobile phone clients of Tencent QQ And the advantages of cloud services, to help traditional industries achieve Internet in a wider range. The main advantages are innovation of product capability, reduction of R & D cost and expansion of social impact.

Baidu Tiangong of Baidu

Company: Baidu

Name: Baidu Tiangong intelligent Internet of things platform

Website: cloud.baidu.com/solution/iot/index.html

Baidu Tiangong is a "one-stop, fully hosted" intelligent Internet of things platform integrating Baidu ABC (AI, big data, cloud). From the end to the cloud, from data collection, transmission, computing, storage, presentation to analysis, Tiangong provides comprehensive basic products and services. Based on the key capabilities from "connection", "understanding" to "awakening", we can easily build all kinds of intelligent Internet of things applications and promote the industry reform.

With Baidu's advantages in artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, mobile services, security and other fields, baidu Tiangong Internet of things cloud platform has established four advantages: first, based on Baidu cloud, it provides a full stack of services from network to middleware, from computing to storage, from big data to artificial intelligence; second, it has self-developed data centers all over the country, rich resources (node / IDC), t The third is to support the analysis and conversion of various protocols such as MODBUS and BACnet. The fourth is to provide the most advantageous big data analysis capability based on the largest server cluster in China, and quickly discover the value of data.

Android things from Google

Company: Google

Name: Android things

Website: developer.android.com/things/index.html

In December 2016, Google released the developer preview version of the Internet of things operating system Android things for the first time. The new operating system will be able to support a series of computing platforms for IOT devices. Its predecessor was on May 29, 2015, at the Google I / O developer conference, Google announced the launch of a new Brillo operating system. Android things not only inherits the functions of Brillo, but also adds tools and services familiar to Android developers such as Android studio, Android SDK, Google play service and Google cloud platform. Any Android Developer can now easily build intelligent networking devices using Android APIs and Google services.

Android things naturally supports the Internet of things communication protocol weave, which enables all types of devices to connect to the cloud and interact with other services such as Google assistant. Now, some IOT devices such as nest, hue, smartthings, wemo, lifx, etc. have come to support weave.

AWS IOT of Amazon

Company: Amazon


Website: www.amazon aws.cn/en/inbounddg-events/iot

AWS IOT solution is a fully hosted cloud platform, which enables interconnected devices to interact with cloud applications and other devices easily and safely. AWS IOT can support billions of devices and trillions of messages, and can process these messages and route them safely and reliably to AWS terminal nodes and other devices. The AWS IOT platform enables you to connect devices to AWS services and other devices, ensure the security of data and interaction, process and operate device data, and support applications to interact with devices even when they are offline.

Xiaomi's IOT Developer Platform

Company: Xiaomi

Name: Xiaomi IOT Developer Platform

Website: iot.mi.com/index.html

Xiaomi IoT developer platform is an open platform for Xiaomi in the field of IoT (Internet of Things), which mainly serves smart home devices, smart home appliances, smart wearable devices, smart travel devices and other consumer intelligent hardware (home use) and its developers. Xiaomi IOT development platform not only provides networking module, cloud platform, APP remote control, data cloud storage, Ota, user account and other software and hardware services, but also has Xiaomi characteristic resources, such as open device interconnection, Xiaomi user group, Xiaomi AI control, Xiaomi crowdfunding / shopping mall, to help developers create true intelligent, interoperable, wide audience, active and high intelligent products. (Note: at present, Xiaomi IOT development platform is only open to intelligent hardware enterprises with independent brands in mainland China, while relevant developer groups such as intelligent hardware integrators, solution providers, ODM / OEM enterprises and module providers are not open yet. At the same time, it is not open to application developers and individual developers.)

Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, once said: "Xiaomi IOT platform has access to more than 800 kinds of intelligent devices of 400 partners, with more than 85 million networking devices, and has become the largest intelligent hardware IOT platform in the world."

The above content is a brief introduction of PAAS IOT platform, a major player in the field of communication and Internet. The following articles will continue to introduce software / system services and platforms in the vertical field. The introduction is relatively simple, mostly through the collection of public information. If there are inaccurate descriptions and omissions, you can contact the editor and exchange with each other! The editor will be updated in subsequent articles and reports on the Internet of things industry.

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