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2015 sharp tool selection

Posted by chiappelli at 2020-02-27

In the past six months, there are 62 creators of sharp tools. They come from different fields: development, design, entrepreneurship and writing. Among them are engineers from apple, Google, Microsoft, chief designer of Monument Valley, novelist who won the Hugo prize More people don't get a great reputation, but they are creating things they love. Some of them have changed from the Internet industry to manual leather bags, some have made an independent game with friends, some have participated in the animation special effects production of Pacific Rim. Everything they create is wonderful.

In 2015, the project also received 30 contributions. Compared with the guests, the proportion of programmers in the community has greatly increased.

Yes, there are friends Tucao, we are an apple station. Let's make complaints about how Apple users behave.

What impresses us is the style of the guests' answers. Liu Cixin used 71 words to answer the questions. In contrast to this, coco Suma wrote an in-depth evaluation of 8000 + words for his living environment.

We made a table:

In so many sharp tool sharing, what are the good products worth reviewing again? At the end of the year, let's tidy up again.

Cool tools for developers

A kind of

First of all, there should be a keyboard

▍ Name: hhkb ▍ recommended by: Jiang Hong, co-founder of leancloud, Liu Chengyin, author of whatfont, etc

Eight guests mentioned the keyboard. Besides programmers, writers like it. Models include hhkb Pro 2, hhkb Lite 2, hhkb type-s. The simple appearance is very pleasing to the eye, and the sound is clear and pleasant.

It was shortlisted for the developer of the year with its super high exposure rate.

A kind of

An easy-to-use editor

▍ Name: atom ▍ platform: OS X / Windows / Linux ▍ recommended by: Tang Shenggang, IOS developer, and the anchor of bitvoice

What do you use to write a program? Depending on the environment, you will use Xcode, VIM, Emacs, Textmate, sublime text 2 Maybe you can try atom? Easy said:

Atom is mainly used because of its rich components. Want markdown preview? Install a component; Browse binaries? Install a component; VIM mode? Install an assembly. But when atom opens more than 30000 lines of long code, it often gets stuck. To be fluent? Install a sublime.

A kind of

What to do when encountering a bug

▍ Name: go mascot gopher ▍ recommended by: Google software engineer pudding

When you say the problem, you may find something wrong. It's good for any stupid guy.

I have gopher, the mascot of go. It's my little yellow duck debugging partner. When I encounter a strange bug (whether it's go or not), I'll grab it and hold it to breathe. I'll explain the code to it line by line until I find the problem myself.

A kind of

How to fish more geek

▍ Name: xkcd.com ▍ recommended by: Wu Tao, anchor of kernel panic

It's not just a caricature. Topics include cellular automata, regular expressions, correlation and causation, Ingres, etc. It's so easy to see that you can't stop.

If you're stuck with a problem, you'll search. If you can't find it, you'll discuss it with your colleagues. If you can't discuss it, you'll see xkcd, or you'll read feed.

Cool tools for designers

A kind of

What do designers use besides Adobe family

▍ Name: Sketch ▍ platform: OS X ▍ recommended by: user experience designer Liu Mengxi, eico designer sun Qi, etc

Simple and handy vector graph editing tool. In an interview with sharp tools, the host of bear has said:

From this year on, I got into touch with sketch and was quickly attracted by it. At present, most of our app design and podcast cover production are from sketch.

A kind of

Design, of course, involves pen and paper

▍ Name: fiftythree pencil ▍ platform: iPhone / iPad / iPad Pro ▍ recommended by: user experience designer lain, UI Designer of tuniu

Pencil is a stylus. The wood color is similar to the wood pencil, and the black one is similar to the carbon lead strip for drawing. The end of the pen is rubber. Very simulacrum. User experience designer lain said:

Pencil produced by 53: it can be used with paper produced by the same company to draw small pictures or turn design inspiration into sketches.

A kind of

It's true this time. Pencil

▍ Name: Rotring rapid Pro 0.5 ▍ recommended by: shine, watercolor illustrator

Drawing a sketch is still inseparable from a pencil. Most of the red ring pencils are made of "all metal construction, the general feel of loading bullets". It also has a lot of weight on the hand.

The brush is sketched with the R otring rapid Pro 0.5 and Muji 2mm pencil, and the core is Staedtler's.

A kind of

Design inspiration

▍ Name: Google art project ▍ recommended by: multimedia creator odd

You can go to art galleries all over the world at home. The Google art project contains super high-definition large pictures of the interior scenes and exhibits of various museums. Observation of past works of art is also a way to get inspiration.

Cool tools for team collaboration

A kind of

Not just a collaborative communication tool

Name: Slack: Platform: OS X / iOS / Android / Windows / Web Web recommendation: GitCafe founder Yao Xinyu, rare earth founder Yin Ming, etc.

Slack is a team communication platform where your fragmented communication and collaboration can be gathered. It can also access many third-party services and realize the automation of workflow. For example, W, the author of bay area daily, is a heavy user of slack.

Slack: the operating system of the new era can be used as a communication tool: its basic function is to chat; it can make small notes (talking with Slackbot, which is both a note making function and its own search function); it can be used as a free space for storing files: talking with Slackbot, passing files to it - integrating many third party services. For example, if I integrate launchkit, slack will notify me of a new review of the bay area daily app in the first time. – you can write some small robots to stay in it and help you out. It's a bit like a programmer's command line interface, customizing some commands and automating some processes. – with push and reminder service.

(it's still a little slow to visit slack in China. You have three options: find a scientific internet tool with smooth speed, use slack tools like bearychat in China, and use QQ group)

A kind of

It's not just Google Docs that can co edit documents

▍ Name: quip ▍ platform: IOS / Android / Web ▍ recommended by: apple4us initiator Zhang Liang

Quip is a document collaboration software. Compared with Google Docs, its client has more offline editing functions, which can be used as a document editor when it is not connected to the Internet. Comments and modification traces are also simple and intuitive. Zhang Liang shared how he integrated notes:

Day one is used for daily combing ideas, but most of them will be moved to the quip for discussion after writing; I will use day one to write all kinds of notes, and I will sort them into longer files and save them in Evernote in stages, but recently I use the quip to feel more convenient.

A kind of

What do I use for email

▍ Name: mailbox ▍ platform: IOS / Android / MAC ▍ recommended by: Tang Shenggang, IOS developer, Jiang Hong, founder of leancloud, etc

Mailbox can make sending email a pleasure. Beautiful interface, full gesture operation, to-do list and email combination It has brought a lot of innovation, but it will eventually be shut down in February next year. Tang Shenggang said:

The new app is installed and unloaded on the mobile phone. Only mailbox, telegram, podcasts, notes and music are used every day.

A kind of

Organize ideas and coordinate progress

▍ Name: a white board ▍ recommended by: Wang Meng, founder of fir.im, Lu Yi, founder of zine, etc

There should be a whiteboard at home and in the company. When a person's thoughts are confused, he stops his work at hand, goes to the whiteboard and writes down all the elements in his mind, arranges and combines them, adds and deletes them, cuts off the connections Team work, inspiration, you can push the computer to pick up the pen, a few people in the whiteboard to draw. Here is the whiteboard usage of easy:

Whiteboard. Almost used all kinds of collaborative software, and finally found that whiteboard is the best. You can draw what you want in your brain in the form of a graph, and the mind map in your computer can also be printed and pasted. When planning a large-scale project, it is easy to take a panoramic view of the whole situation, and the effect is particularly good; you can also bring a cup of coffee to watch and play when you are resting, and often get unexpected inspiration. (PS: when the whiteboard is not big enough, you can use the wall directly and stick the layer paper at the bottom.)

A kind of

Get Things Done!

▍ Name: OmniFocus ▍ platform: iPhone / iPad / Apple watch / MAC ▍ recommender: the host of bear has words, Liu Yi, a remote worker, etc

This app is not cheap. Add up the Mac, iPhone and iPad versions, and it's nearly 1000 yuan. Why buy it? Because it does increase productivity. OmniFocus was also selected as the app store of the year. Liu Yi said:

The first thing I do every day is to plan what I want to do today on OmniFocus. I will try my best to record what I want to do in it, so that my brain doesn't need to worry about forgetting the important things. It makes me feel comfortable in various projects and eliminates the anxiety I often feel before.

Cool tools for Writers

A kind of

Best coder

▍ Name: Ulysses ▍ platform: MAC / iPad ▍ recommended by: Cui Qiwen, reporter of curiosity daily, matrix67, blogger of mathematics, etc

Ulysses is a markdown writing software. Unlike mark down editors such as Mou, which can preview in real time, it pays more attention to the experience of writing itself. Hao Hailong, the translator of animal farm and the anchor of bit new sound, also recommended this writing software:

This writing software has a good balance of weight. The words you see now are the first ones written in Ulysses.

A kind of

Late night writing partner

▍ Name: f.lux ▍ platform: OS X / Windows / IOS ▍ recommended by: Mathematics blogger matrix67, FAO staff Liu Bin, etc

Writing in the dark is cool, but the brightness of the screen can hurt your eyesight. f. Lux will automatically reduce the proportion of blue light at night, making the screen less dazzling, and is said to improve sleep quality.

A kind of

Ideal writing environment

▍ Name: morning by the sea ▍ recommended by: Master brush of Zhiri

It's good to code on the small table in the bed late at night, but also pay attention to nature, which will bring you a lot.

It's a habit left by fishing business all the year round. I get up early every day because I live in a sea view room. I feel boiling when I watch different sunrise on the sea. At this time, I think of many details in my life. There are stories, philosophies and predictions. Early morning is the only way for me to get inspiration for my work. There is no second way.

A kind of

How to find inspiration

▍ Name: connected reading method ▍ recommended by: Chen Shao, translator of Mars rescue

What are the three most common ways to get inspiration for writing? Bathing, running and reading. Chen Shao has put forward a reading method. Maybe you can also try it:

I highly recommend the connected reading method, at least in part, that is, intensive reading of a good book, paying attention to the books mentioned in the book, and then reading. Or find some books that can be summarized, such as the biography of the writer, which can help you quickly put this person's life and work background into a net. For the writer who pays special attention to himself, we can look for all the books related to his era background, which can help us to have a multi angle understanding of him. For example, in order to study Philip K. Dick, I also read a lot of Vonnegut's books. In addition, I became interested in LSD culture in the 1960s and 1970s, and even found a friendship between the author of the rat family and him. I think on the one hand, I accumulate these related points consciously in normal times, on the other hand, I don't limit myself to spread out. In many cases, inspiration comes from connecting two or more unrelated points together.

Cool tools for life hackers

A kind of

We don't want instant coffee

▍ Name: AeroPress ▍ recommended by: Jiang Jiang, apple engineer, Li Ting, editor in chief of offline

A coffee machine that does not occupy land and is easy to clean. There is also one off-line office. Li Ting introduced it as follows:

A good friend of home office: AeroPress coffee maker, suitable for junior coffee lovers with limited time and budget. You only need coffee powder, filter paper, milk / sugar (optional) and three minutes. Of course, you still need to spend time to find the right coffee beans for you. I often drink Antigua, Guatemala. It should be noted that the taste of coffee is very different when the water temperature is different. It's hard to say whether it's a surprise or a joy.

A kind of

It's a very abnormal behavior to hang clothes

▍ Name: Panasonic nh45-19t 4.5 kg dryer ▍ recommended by: bitvoice's talented anchor

Distressed in the overcast day clothes always can't work? You need a scientific dryer. You can wear clean, warm and fluffy clothes immediately. Why wait for a day.

Panasonic nh45-19t 4.5kg dryer, of course, has better and more expensive options, but this one is really good. A few years ago, I began to think that it's a very abnormal behavior to dry clothes. You don't know what life is without a dryer in your life Of course, there are dishwashers, and All in all, how to be lazy!

A kind of

Expand lunch foraging

▍ Name: inokem quick 2 ▍ recommended by: chenqin, Zhihu data

How many shops can I eat at the door for lunch? You can also step on your little skateboard and explore the delicious food within 5km.

Inokem scooter, 18a brush less toothed version, with a top speed of 28km / h, can run 50km on a charge. It's safer than thinking car and electric long board, more labor-saving than bicycle, cooler and more convenient than battery car. Pushing the classroom in class can pull the distance from students closer. The most important thing is to increase my lunch foraging radius from 1km to 5km, 25 times more choices.

A kind of

Otaku is going out to meet people

▍ Name: black long sleeve shirt ▍ recommended by: mica group concept designer, sea cat complex

The sea cat's weapon hasn't been published yet. But! The sharp tools of life are amazing. It's early here.

It could be a long sleeved black shirt. Roll up the sleeve to the elbow joint smoothly. Almost all buttons are buttoned up. Add a dark red tie if possible. For me, a lazy person who doesn't care much about appearance but has to take care of going out to meet important partners, it's not a bad move. I bought five at a time.

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In addition to the above, what other sharp tools impressed you this year? Welcome to comment. Still extract three entity cards XD for inspiration generator

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