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introduction to android sandbox open source tools

Posted by chiappelli at 2020-02-26

android sandbox 通过利用开源工具动态分析、静态分析android的相关应用,发现应用的具体行为,从而进行判断android应用的危险程度,本文重点介绍几款常用工具。 1、droidbox是基于TaintDroid系统构建的Sandbox,通过hook系统api对apk程序进行监控,随着android SDK的不断更新,其也要随之适配。 droidbox:http://code.google.com/p/droidbox/ taintbox:http://appanalysis.org/ DroidBox is developed to offer dynamic analysis of Androidapplications. The following information is shown in the results,generated when analysis is ended: Hashes for the analyzed package Incoming/outgoing network data File read and write operations Started services and loaded classes through DexClassLoader Information leaks via the network, file and SMS Circumvented permissions Cryptography operations performed using Android API Listing broadcast receivers Sent SMS and phone calls 2、Apimonitor Apimonitor:http://code.google.com/p/droidbox/wiki/APIMonitor  Android is upgrading in a fast speed. To avoid endless porting ofDroidBox, we changed the way to do dynamic analysis. Instead of hooking systems, we interpose APIs in APK files and insert monitoring code. Byrunning the repackaged APK, we can get API call logs and understand APK's behavior. 3、AndroGuard 通过分析主要应用于android应用的静态分析 AndroGuard:http://code.google.com/p/androguard/ Description Androguard is mainly a tool written in python to play with :     * Dex (Dalvik virtual machine) (.dex), and ODex (disassemble, decompilation),    * APK (Android application) (.apk),    * Android's binary xml (.xml). Androguard is available for Linux/OSX/Windows (python powered). If you have decided to make a donation for the Androguard project in order to help the developers, click the donate button below for Paypal: Features Androguard has the following features :     * Map and manipulate DEX/ODEX/APK format into full Python objects,    * Diassemble/Decompilation/Modification of DEX/ODEX/APK format,    * Access to the static analysis of the code (basic blocks, instructions, permissions (with database from http://www.android-permissions.org/) ...) and create your own static analysis tool,    * Analysis a bunch of android apps,    * Diffing of android applications,    * Measure the efficiency of obfuscators (proguard, ...),    * Determine if your application has been pirated (plagiarism/similarities/rip-off indicator),    * Check if an android application is present in a database (malwares, goodwares ?),    * Open source database of android malware (this opensource database is done on my free time, of course my free time is limited, so if you want to help, you are welcome !),    * Detection of ad/open source librairies (WIP),    * Risk indicator of malicious application,    * Reverse engineering of applications (goodwares, malwares),    * Transform Android's binary xml (like AndroidManifest.xml) into classic xml,    * Visualize your application with gephi (gexf format), or with cytoscape (xgmml format), or PNG/DOT output,    * Integration with external decompilers (JAD+dex2jar/DED/...) 4、其它 http://source.android.com/tech/index.html The Dalvik Virtual Machine is the heart of Android. It's a fast, just-in-timecompiled, optimized bytecode virtual machine. Android applications arecompiled to Dalvik bytecode and run on the Dalvik VM. This section includesdetailed information such as the Dalvik bytecode format specification,design information on the VM itself, and so on.