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dospk latest version 1.0;

Posted by herskovits at 2020-02-23

● there are many applications that collect information through channels and only RSS, but football intelligence is not only newspaper, magazine news, twitter blogs, youtube, NicoNico fairy tales, where there is no RSS website. I want to confirm all the information. The day after say Gen won, I want to confirm all the information and cunning. I want to share my mood with fans. It's simple, but it's simple, Search web and other troubles, in the web do not want to save the J League news everyone's voice. I hope that the voice of fans will be open... The private information conveyed on each website channel can confirm the decision of the sangnews iPad and rater app that has not been available so far in real time at any time!

● other groups of information also confirm the application of video, twitter and related website information in the incoming news. It's very rich! Group specific software, confusing the information of 1124051, but I would like to know the information of other teams. I also want to know the information of football industry. In order to meet such requirements, I can easily access the special application of each team. Not only the trend of say Geon and fans, but also the information of the competition group will enter the ground, in addition to the J League information application!

● when displaying the top page of excellent writing, the text data will be thrown away and the page will be turned over very crisply. The page moves the label, and the S-Fe gesture can correspond to anything. It realizes comfortable operation. In order to keep you busy, you can rewrite the report into "curious" and then fix (paper clip) function, because you can rest assured when there is no time. Don't miss information!

● extract popular news! ·Apps that get private information from multiple websites or channels... Huge information is getting started, but there are also claims that you don't need everything. Of course, we won't miss it. Users of the app have said that they are "curious" and only excerpted Mark's reports, and read-only popular articles are also very interesting!

Android OS 4.1 and above - this app doesn't guarantee action on all smartphones and tags.