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[cloud security & secas] mel floppy sdp

Posted by chiappelli at 2020-02-23

[solution response] user identity Center Network... All users, service security connection

[data 4] amelsoft's "Tate SDP" supports the establishment of a zero trust network environment in which all users and all services connect securely at a low cost. When the user terminal wants to connect to the service, it is allowed to connect after authenticating the user and the terminal on the network detector.

Melsoft's "Tate SDP" is an open network security solution designed as a user identity center. It combines SDP and NAC to realize a secure black index, which can protect users and applications.

Software definition boundary (SDP) solution is launched to support multi-functional secure connection. When the business is converted to clowd, the external can also be safely connected to the internal system of the company, and the server network information can be exposed to the outside. In addition, we can't adhere to the high backup and low efficiency network center security system on cloud.

SDP is a security framework developed in the cloud security alliance (CSA) network, network equipment, terminal status, ID users and diby to give access rights. The connection between the terminal and the server is separated to the data channel and the control channel. Before the user terminal is authenticated and licensed, hackers cannot easily break through the security under the black network action of dnss information or IP address.

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