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one test tower for the new purepower ® pw1100g engine

Posted by graebner at 2020-02-23

Today, L-3 MAS announced the delivery of the fourth purepower & pw1100g-jm test tower to Pratt and Whitney, Canada. This unique tower is designed and manufactured at the Mirabel facility and will provide equipment for Pratt and Whitney's Boeing 747SP for flight testing of the Airbus a320neo's new purepower > pw1100g-jm engine.

"This is another important milestone and a unique opportunity to work closely with Pratt & Whitney Canada to support the design of new engines," said Jacques komotis, vice president and general manager of L-3 MAS. "L-3 MAS and Pratt & Whitney Canada have successfully worked together on many development projects, and we look forward to continuing this relationship in the future. Page: 1

"We chose L-3 MAS because of his experience in developing test towers, and this delivery confirms our choice of this option," said Marc kirner, director of aviation operations at Pratt & Whitney Canada.

The most recent Pratt & Whitney project's L-3 MAS mission is to design and manufacture the engine tower and some key assembly tools, ground service equipment and systems to incorporate the tower into the Boeing 747SP flight test bed.