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wen watched president ren's film 1987... the police officer who killed park zhongzhe, a subordinate group of the police

Posted by agaran at 2020-02-23

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After liberation, the pro Japanese police repeated the history of Underworld

Wen watched the film of torture and murder in 1987 when President Park Zhongzhe (21 years old at the time of his death), which made Park Zhongzhe torture the dead police. After he was released from prison, he also paid close attention to the history of the work of the police affiliated groups.

On June 9, 1998, according to East Asia daily, Zhao Hanjing's former security guard and Li Zhenghao's former police chief, Jiang zhenkui's former classic police metric association and the general gun powder Safety Technology Association were detained after the death of Park Zhongzhe's consultant.

Nine months after his parole in April 1994, Zhao Qian was in the third level of the police metric society day in January 1995. After the release of former police chief Li in May 1990 and the release of former Jiang Qian in January 1995, within one month, the police metric association and the general gunpowder Safety Technology Association held class 4 positions.

When they are appointed, their appointment also violates the personnel management regulations of their group: "if they accept the punishment of imprisonment or above, and they do not accept the execution or punishment, those who do not go through for two years will be restricted in appointment.". At that time, the police department reported the fact and dismissed these people.

Therefore, in their special debts, there may be support or shelter from senior police positions or upper levels of power.

In 1990, the former president was Lu Taiyu. In 1995, the president was Gao Jinyong's former president. In 1998, the president was Gao Zhongzhong's former president. After the liberation, the black history of the pro Japanese police in the US military administration and Li CHENGWAN as the president's shelter was repeated in the democratic government of Jin Yongsan and Jin Dazhong.

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