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skype: new tv products

Posted by agaran at 2020-02-22

TV for Skype anywhere novice releases on July 14. You can watch TV from anywhere with Skype.


Nobuck announces "TV for Skype" (photo) anywhere on July 7 to allow you to watch TV broadcasts using a free Internet phone "Skype". It is released on July 14 at a mass dealer. By using the Skype 2.5 or the 2.0 / 2.0 and later video calls, you can watch TV via Skype anywhere you can connect to the Internet.

The main body of TV for Skype is an external USB TV tuner connected to a personal computer. The main body has an antenna terminal (coaxial cable). Corresponding OS is Windows XP SP2 or Media Center Edition 2005. The procedure of watching television is as follows. (1) connect the antenna line to the USB terminal of a personal computer such as home where Skype is installed. (2) leave the PC, and (3) send Skype to Skype's account from home Skype. (4) Skype of home personal computer responds to television.

Skype's account is required for each PC with TV for Skype anywhere. In addition, the channel of the television can be switched by inputting numbers in the chat window of Skype like "12 yen".

The resolution is equivalent to the function of Skype. Skype video is 320 x 240 dots (QVGA) standard. "Tuner for Skype anywhere" corresponds to NTSC and pal. If you have a CATV contract, you can watch CATV. Price is 9800 yen. In the future, the company also plans to respond to video input.