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mirror: what is real

Posted by graebner at 2020-02-22

Mirror: what is real

The series about technology is inspired by the actual development, while the programmers get ideas from the writers.

The story of "black mirror" tells us what might happen to human beings in a world of Technological Development - usually bad. The story starts to come true - it's scary, it makes you think.

Please be careful: the radio may seep into the text.

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About a month ago

In the universe, people's "feats" of making money - a local virtual currency that can pay for goods, services, and skip ads that are played at home. everywhere


The writers exaggerate the motivation for free sports. Even if they do not admit it themselves, they must come to this conclusion.

We have to play "farm" or "three in a row" over and over again to make new achievements. You have to pay or watch ads. As a result, the game has become a very important part of life: people leave their smartphones crazily.

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About a month ago

A few people from the beginning of dinner. Everyone has chips except one guest. They recorded what everyone saw. Chip holders can display other people's memories, view themselves and delete them.

A guest suspected that his wife had an affair. And the chip becomes "Chekhov's gun, which will be necessary.".


That's not all. In one scene, when the heroes look at memories, their eyes are hidden in the white lens screen.

The first prototype of such a lens was submitted in 2011. In 2016, we introduced tools for interacting with smartphones.

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About a month ago

Ash was killed in the car accident. His friend Martha is eager to try new technology. Artificial intelligence, based on social network records and other materials, mimics Arthur's identity. Martha began to believe that her boyfriend could come back.


In Korea, my work. If a person is allowed to scan himself in a 3D printer in life, digital cloning can live indefinitely. For example, an application can make selfie with the dead.

After the founder of the social platform for the stage novel mazurenko died, Messenger Luka created a chat room in his way of communication. They collect his photos, articles, in addition to the most personal text information, and build a neural network based on this information.

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About a month ago

The animated Waldo bear is part of a local TV show. He joked sternly and asked the guests provocative questions. Bears are so popular that they are running for the presidency. It's just Jamie Salter, who is an active character and doesn't like it.


In this case, people often talk about technologies that make their digital avatars possible. But there is another aspect: people are willing to believe in virtual shapes.

A contradictory example of this is the Ministry of education. This is a character who claims to be communicating through messenger, knowing all about the interlocutor and pushing him to commit suicide. The mysterious image of Momo emphasizes that people are willing to believe in Avatar. But it's the prank behind people. The similarities are huge, but Waldo is lovely.

About a month ago

Everyone has a rating change that depends on the evaluation around them. The higher it is, the easier it is to live and enjoy welfare. Better home, better job, better life, fewer opportunities for partners.


China has established a social hierarchy. So far, it has not been affected by the good will of people around it, but by law-abiding, timely payment of public services and loans, and Internet behavior. Low levels limit access to education, social welfare and even public transport.

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About a month ago

The unidentified blackmailed the protagonist and threatened to publish compromise materials. In this case, he is not the only puppet master. Victims are willing to do anything to hide information, known as blackmailers.


It's not uncommon to see a story of a cloud vault being broken into. Pictures of naked stars became tabloids, and ordinary citizens could be victims of blackmail.

There is also a problem with the security camera. If Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is sealed, no one else should be left behind.

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About a month ago

The soldiers brutally eliminated "cockroaches", and these mutants only indirectly reminded people. This makes it easier for them to technologically perfect the reality - and kill such enemies.


Dehumanization of the enemy is a necessary step in war. Here, the idea is absolute.

Like any other tool, a complementary reality can be used for both welfare and destructive purposes. Military personnel are often one of the first to acquire new technology, so they have adjusted for their needs. For example, data from military aircraft and helicopters are displayed on windscreens.

However, we have written in detail about the achievements of the perfect reality - and the current technology is happy rather than afraid.

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About a month ago

Every day mechanical bees kill one person. The victim is a person whose name most often refers to the death of hesteg to you. You can even die in embarrassing comments on social networking sites.


Cyborg is not a new phenomenon. Russia is the leader of Internet weeds, which is sad, but technology has no such direct relationship.

But mechanical bees are not for a long time. Because of the use of pesticides, the real insects are extinct. We have to look for alternatives to ensure our crops. The patent has been registered, and the bee robot will be located through cameras and special sensors.

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About a month ago

The little girl ran out of the playground and lost her way. Her mother decided to let her child live on an experimental chip that could track her daughter. And visual filters will protect girls from unpleasant things.


Children's transcripts have been discussed for a long time, and this series of events can be easily seen from the beginning. The problem is the grey area of ethics. On the other hand, some parents are unable to fully track their children. On the other hand, it constitutes a violation of human rights.

But there are some devices, some of which overlap the function of the chip. These are mobile phones and smart clocks that track the location of children. The latter often has callback function. Parents can connect to the device at any time and eavesdrop on what happened. It is also considered an invasion of personal space, which may have an adverse impact on children's mental health. This is also shown in the arkendre series.

By the way, in Russia, a smart clock and a reverberation can be used for investigation.

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About a month ago

The insurance agent is investigating the crash of an driverless pizza car. To do this, it uses devices that extract information from memory. Unexpected facts were found in the process.


Two accidents involving drones occurred in early 2018. Uber's car hit a woman who crossed the road. A week later, a Tesla SUV entered the concrete fence, caught fire and the driver died. At the same time, experts believe that traffic accidents involving drones do not prove that they are more dangerous than ordinary vehicles.

With regard to pizza delivery, Pizza Hut plans to launch its driverless car in 2020.

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About a month ago

The mini contacts help you find the right partners: assess your relationship information, track your reactions, and say how many loved ones are worth together, We are continuing our experiments with others.


The series inspired programmer Julian Alexander to create a similar feature. She suggests that the interlocutors in the chat room then analyze the dialogue to ensure that the next choice is successful.

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About a month ago

In this black and white scene, the heroine tries to live in a world of robot dogs.


The author's inspiration comes from Boston power robot. The four legged spot Mini uses a robot instead of a head to do simple housework, open the door and walk the stairs.

Black mirror: Brandish Meg

This is an interactive movie, released in 2018. The main character is programmer: he is creating video games based on fantasy novels. Audiences can watch movies or influence events. The decision at the key point of the plot is in 10 seconds.

What kind of technology do you remember? What is the reality you want to see and what is not allowed?

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