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like an eight year captain and leaving the middle of the season through the back door. the history of the conflict between roy kin and sir alex ferguson

Posted by agaran at 2020-02-19

Dmitry matorkin reviews the history of the complex relationship between Sir Alex and Roy king.

During the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea, Roy King clashed with Mick McCarthy, Ireland's national team coach. The captain was unhappy that the goalkeeper did not take part in the 5-5 training match.

As a result, he and Bonner (the team leader at that time) and McCarthy (that's why he was expelled from mondia) almost fought. Another reason is that Kim often complains about working conditions in Japan.

Sir Alex contacted Roy urgently and convinced togo to resolve the differences between tet-a-t and Mick, but the latter had held a press conference. It's late.

Ferguson has always publicly supported his players. To a great extent, King expressed his dissatisfaction correctly for one reason or another, but he always went too far.

"Roy should not make the situation extreme. But at this point, the whole Roy King - he knows nothing, "a key feature of Sir Alex, his captain.

Ferguson's relationship with the Irishman was broken for the first time in the summer of 2005, when King filed a series of claims against Sir Alex in Portugal. It turned out that Roy didn't like small houses: he thought they were too low and refused to live there. An Irishman also passes karrushkairush)(

After the training camp, Sir Alex called his captain and asked for an apology, but he refused.

"You've changed," Keane said.

Do you think I have changed? I hope it's true, or I'm a bad coach! "This is Scottish."

A contest against Meader J Blo was held on October 29, 2005. Miu Bang lost 1:4 on the riverside, and the devil's only goal was in 90 minutes, Kristian Ronald.

The team determined who would be given priority for the club channel interview. Gary Neville was supposed to talk to reporters that day, but Roy king had to do it instead. Ferguson did well, but he didn't care.

At this point, there has been a legendary game of Captain feathers and dust for players who took part in the bolo game. But most importantly, Rio's lawyer Ferdinand.

"If you make 120000 a week and spend 20 minutes against Tottenham, that doesn't mean you're a superstar.

When Sir Alex didn't believe his eyes, he saw the bad record. In the morning, he was invited to Gary Neville's field. The players told Koch that they were not satisfied with Carlos kerush's training process.

Fugue was angry; he knew "where the legs come from."

Roy kin and Carlos keiros

Scots and Roy. In response to Mr. King's criticism in the interview, a fearless Irishman asked for a vote on the issue. Show the recorded command, let everyone say. Van der Sar, Ruud van nytelroy and kerush didn't keep quiet - all of them, they came from the captain. On Ferguson's side, he has wings:

Sir Alex told me that he needed to leave.

"Players have to feel like you're a man.

When Roy entered selective, he even apologized to the Scots for his actions.

He needs results here and now, forever. At the same time, fans are crazy about the Irishman, and have sung for a while that the young player "m" was criticized by Kim in the interview. Yes, although the export of materials is prohibited, information has been leaked to the media.

In a conversation with reporters, former captain mankunyan always stressed that he had erased the "Federation" from his life. All the hints, the club forgot his 12-year team. Ferguson doesn't like it.

In the 2011 / 12 season, the two Britons combined again - Roy criticized the youth for "uniting" because they left the Champions League. In response, Sir Alex called him a TV critic and pointed out that king didn't know how to wait and tolerate, so he failed. As a coach of "Sunderland" and "Ipswich", he always needed money. New players.

Neville said: 'when I was at the club, there was no more powerful player than Roy king, but when scholl and Giggs had a long farewell match, Keane left the club in the middle of the season and went through the back door.

Despite clashes with one of the most important coaches of all time, Roy will always be the darling of the audience and a real hero in the eyes of the "Red Devils" fans.

They think of an Irishman more and more often. In recent years, this is very important. Kena lacks "m" and leadership, but such players are born for 30, 40 or even 100 years.

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