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Posted by graebner at 2020-02-18

2019 / 08 / 22 2019

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The use of big data is essential in the business of the era of the genwa era. Big data practical is a "Data Analyst". The needs for data analysts are increasing year by year, and the number of active individuals in data analysts is increasing. However, data analyst "Are you qualified?" Is there many people who doubt? So, in this article

The data analyst's basic information is explained in detail.

Data Analyst

Data analysts are profession specializing in "data analysis" literally. There are a lot of data to say, but the data analyst mainly deals with "big data".

Big data is intended for a wide variety of data such as weather data and SNS write data, except for the conventional data such as sales data and customer data.

The biggest feature of big data is huge amount of data! Terabytes are natural and sometimes reach the amount of data per petabyite.

1 Data Analyst

The data content of the data analyst can be classified into "consulting type" and "engineer type".

The task of consulting data analysts is to propose concrete solutions based on data analysis. Therefore, consultant data analysts mainly belong to marketing companies and management consultants.

On the other hand, the work of an engineer type data analyst is to analyze the behavior pattern of the customer using the machine learning and data mining technique, and to provide the data which can be utilized for the development and improvement of goods and services.

2 years of Data Analyst

Data analyst's annual income is 507 million yen. However, because it is the average amount, it goes up and down by the company and the office that belongs.

3 Data Analyst jobs

In addition to a consulting company specializing in big data analysis, there are various companies (major telecommunications companies, major auditing corporations, major financial institutions, major food manufacturers, etc.), and a large number of research institutions (universities, private and Public Research Institute), and so on Want to be among the first to wish you every happiness.

The demand for data analysts is expected to increase more and more, so the changes in job positions will become more and more diverse.

Knowledge and skills needed for data analysts

Data Analyst jobs to arrange huge data. Therefore, the ability to eliminate useless data by quickly identifying the importance of the target data, and the power of the cinematic thinking which can classify data based on the correct causal relationship or logic are required.

What is required for data analyst practice is the basic knowledge and skills about it, database, and statistics.

However, in the consultant type and the engineer type, the tendency of the knowledge and skill necessary according to the characteristic of each business is different.

In the case of a consultant type, it is essential not only to analyze data, but also to provide concrete solutions to the problem.

On the other hand, in the case of an engineer type, it is necessary to have knowledge about statistical analysis, time series analysis, machine learning, data mining, a tool necessary for the distributed processing of big data (Hadoop, mahout, etc.) to carry out advanced analysis work.

Difference between data analysts and data scientists

Data analysts mainly work on data processing and analysis. It is characteristic of the fact that the width of the business is slightly changed by the consulting type and the engineer type, and the base is the processing and analysis of the data.

On the other hand, the data scientist makes a strategic plan to solve the business management problem based on the analyzed data, customer behavior and Marquette's prediction model construction.

However, as compared with the data type data analyst and data scientist, there are many overlapping parts of the business and cannot be strictly distinguished.

Database and statistics are recommended!

If you have the knowledge and skills described in the "knowledge and skills required for data analysts", and you have a certain experience, you will be able to work as a data analyst. Therefore, it is not necessary to qualify for the data analyst.

However, as explained above, the "big data processing and analysis" is the minimum work as a data analyst. Therefore, if you have the "qualifications for the database" and "qualifications for statistics", you can lead to improving your skills and improving your career.

The qualification of the database is the qualification of the vendor qualification (Oracle Master) and the open source database (qualification of oss-db technician), and the qualification for the statistics.

Bing Web: Oracle master

Oracle master is a qualification to prove the technical power of operating Oracle database.

Japan Oracle Co., Ltd. is a so-called vendor qualification (private qualification system by which manufacturers certify the operation technology of their own development products).

1. Getting Oracle master Merritt

Oracle products account for a large share in the domestic database management software market. In recent years, open source database management software is available for free, but Oracle is still one of the leading runners in the industry.

If you get Oracle master, you will be able to see a lot of activity as a data analyst.

What knowledge does Oracle master test ask?

The current Oracle masters are classified into four grades: bronzes, silvers (silver), gold (gold), platinum (Platinum). Each test must be cleared in turn.

The questions asked by each examination are:

Qualification of oss-db technician

Oss-db engineer qualification is a qualification to prove the operating technology of an open source database.

In recent years, in the field of database management, the number of companies that use the open source database that can be introduced and operated without the principle of the paid database management software such as Oracle is increasing. Therefore, in the enterprise which handles the database, the needs to the specialist of the open source database became strong.

Qualification for oss-db engineer qualification is established to respond to this.

Oss-db engineer qualification Merritt

As for the future forecast of the Ministry of economy, trade and industry, it is very short in Japan. In 2022, the big data market in Japan is expected to reach 11917 billion yen, and the average average growth rate is 12.0 percent (according to IDC Japan).

While there is a strong need for a data analyst to deal with big data, the business content is too advanced and professional, so it's a reality that companies are trying to get data analysts.

In such an unprecedented seller market, if you get an oss-db technician qualification, you will certainly have one or two steps in the job line.

What knowledge should be asked in the oss-db engineer qualification test

The certification of the current oss-db technician is classified into two grades of silver and gold.

The questions asked by each examination are:

Statistical test

A statistical test is a qualification to evaluate knowledge and practical use of statistics. The statistical problem of the statistical test is made based on the statistics which the Japan Statistical Society does internationally. Therefore, if it passes, it is recognized that there is universal statistical ability.

1. Merritt to obtain statistical tests

By obtaining a statistical test, it is proven that "the problem solving ability utilizing statistics and statistics of Statistics" is proven. In data analyst's business, the knowledge of statistics is necessary in the analysis process of data, so that the qualification of the statistical examination is advantageous in employment and the change of job.

What knowledge is asked in the examination of statistical tests?

The statistical test is composed of "statistical test (grade 1 to 4)", "statistical investigator", "expert statistic investigator" and "statistical data Science Foundation (CBT)".

The questions asked by each examination are:

(Japan Foundation for statistical safety promotion)

Aim for career analyst with career analyst!

In the big data era, the technical capability of database management with data analysts is valuable. If you get the qualifications you would like to introduce this time and work as a data analyst, you might also have the chance to be head hunting.

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