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"hate bad comments" network real name system can not catch

Posted by patinella at 2020-02-17


[PD daily = Zena reporter] after the death of Shirley (formerly known as Cui Zhenli), who acted as a singer and actor, in order to prevent the system of "evil comments" that followed him in life, it is full of power. However, it was pointed out that the first thing to be recalled was the reporting behavior of speech and the performance of disgust.

One corner to prevent malicious messages, for the resurrection of the network real name system. According to a survey of 502 adults over the age of 19 in the country conducted by the public opinion survey authority on May 16, the results showed that 69.5% of the people approved the real name system on the Internet (95% of the above-mentioned standard deviation of the trust degree is ± 4.4%).

Politics should be both in and out. At the same time, Democratic Party members advocated the introduction of the real name system on the Internet in the State Administration Supervision on January 21. On the same day, members of the liberal Korean Party of Park loan also issued the so-called "quasi real name system" bill, which publicizes the message window ID and IP address of the Internet portal.

But for the effectiveness of real name system or quasi real name system, the question mark will run. In the case of domestic portal websites, only through mobile phone authentication and other confirmation procedures can I join in, and if there is a requirement of the investigation agency, the identity of users can be confirmed. In fact, the system based on the real name of the network is also being implemented now. In criminal law, it can also be punished as defamation or insult.

At the same time, there are concerns about constitutional guarantees of freedom of expression. In 2012, all the judges of the constitution unanimously agreed on the basis of the unconstitutional judgment of the real name system of the network, "the real name system of the network violates the fundamental rights such as freedom of expression, the right of independent decision of personal information, freedom of speech, etc. After the implementation of the Internet real name system, there is no evidence that illegal posts have been significantly reduced.

"Because there are strong public regulations, there is no regulation or existence, so there will be malicious messages," said Sun Zhiyuan's four lawyers. If a similar bill is proposed, it may also be judged unconstitutional due to the judgment of the constitutional court, "especially (real name system on the Internet, etc.) internal prosecution of state power or huge capital power, etc. There are also side effects that have a serious negative impact on areas such as "freedom of expression" for doctors of sexual minorities. "

It has been pointed out that we should pay more attention to the problem of the base than to eradicate the malicious message scheme. The leading problem is blind reporting of speech. Celebrity SNS is easy to report. In particular, like the dead, people trying to get rid of the framework of social norms, like labels, are followed by "controversy".

Yin Ruzhen, director of the human rights speech center, said: "although everyone has different ways of expression, ideas and values, the media does not recognize them, and they are also selected as" different "views. Although similar problems are repeated, Rather than trying to solve this problem, he also pointed out that only the introduction of the real name sanctions system and other US supplementary documents will be reintroduced. "

The media broadcast controversy, which is not in the regulations of Yanyi and sports media. "It's not only the performing arts and sports media, but also the Japanese journal, the economic magazine and the radio company that pay attention to Sherry's new products or disputes," said a joint Korean media activist who reviewed Dr. Sherry's report.

After the drunken live broadcast dispute occurred in the online edition of Seoul newspaper on April 17th, Shirley's recent situation "decent Nobra" was reported on September 29th, such as Shirley, this live broadcast program without controversy, etc., and the online edition of world daily was also on May 22nd, wearing Shirley, lingerie beauty, and walking on the street in a decent manner. On September 29, Xueli, a net friend of "personal freedom", uploaded the report of "no bra → chest bare" in SNS.

In addition, on May 23, MBC also pointed out that "when considering the experience of 26 years old among netizens, it is not suitable for the title of" C ".

North Korean activists also have many examples that "the responsibility of sexual reward in such reports lies in the views of the victims.". In particular, only the malicious message (media) is selected to introduce the meaning of the report that the speech (the behavior of Shirley) has value. This is the time when a person's life style is used for business. We need to consider the "human rights" aspect.

To promote media vendors, we should not neglect the responsibility of malicious message "version" portal.

Park's futuristic party legislator recently issued an amendment to the law on information and communication networks, which was led by malicious messages and showed disgust to the creators. As a legal concept, "illegal information" adds hate performance, which is a purpose of preventing network circulation.

"Portal websites, community operating companies, online media, etc. have gained the most unreasonable benefits through malicious messages, but no one will be held responsible for their improper interests," Mr. Park said in a State Administration inspection Tuesday.

"In this period of time, portals and other websites have made great efforts, but in the post prescription, there are real difficult facts," said researcher researcher and researcher of human society reconstruction of Soong Qingxi University, Various schemes such as activation of comment declaration function must be considered.

It was pointed out that in the long run, self-discipline restrictions should be induced through the agreement bodies with wide participation of related organs and groups, including portal merchants.

Professor Song jingzai said that "what's more terrible is" the monitoring of the society "," the long-term need to make white papers, arouse the social atmosphere, etc., and cultivate the field of self-regulation ". "It is hoped that this bill will present a discussion on social standards for hate performance in the future, as well as media and portal restriction programs," said park

Experts say the incident is a matter of women's disgust in our society. This means that in malicious messages or media sensationalism, performance industry and other aspects, women are disgusted by the female consumers.

IZ, a special mass culture media, said in a book published in 2016 that "Shirley is now a litmus like existence. Shirley's behavior and reaction to him are a bit naked, pointing out how South Korea's perception of women is now perceived.

It's hard to come up with sharp countermeasures if the awareness of this problem is not consistent. Huang Zhenmei, a popular culture critic, said of Shirley's malicious comments and yellow reports: "young women are generally exposed to the suspicion and language violence of bullied women.". The society points out that this is a shameless thing, and let the environment itself be the problem.

Then Huang said, "now, someone can give anyone the power to exercise on the whole offline, When looking at whether there can be a different "reverse relationship of power", he stressed: "without considering where the Mafia of power prefers, it's a problem to only accuse malicious messages or sensational reports, which is a solution that can't be solved at all.".

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