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linear function: the result of putin's complaints on the straight line is: politics

Posted by graebner at 2020-02-17

Politics, 27 June 2017, 17:24

Mayor Yevgeny Zhirkov resigned after balashihi residents complained to the president about the city's landfill. The day before yesterday, women residents of Tomsk were fined for recording videos of corruption complaints against Putin. For officials and ordinary citizens, the way to turn to the president in the investigation of Russian commercial banks is over.

Yevgeny Zhirkov, patriarch of balahishi

On June 15, 2017, residents of balahishi, a suburb of Moscow, told the president on a "straight line with Vladimir Putin" that their home was too close to the dump site, causing damage to the local ecology. The health of urban residents. Putin called the situation in the landfill "unacceptable" and promised to solve the problem as soon as possible. It was soon decided to close the plant within a month. Moscow State Commission of inquiry began to investigate the illegal construction of houses near the shooting range. Balahishi's head, Eugene Zhirkov, wrote his resignation.

Yuri hiliyev, chief physician, appatitz Kirov Central Hospital

On the 2017 straight line, darigova, who suffered from cancer, complained that the stateless Kirov central hospital had not correctly diagnosed her. A few days after the president spoke to the people, Yuri hiliyayev, the president of the hospital, wrote a resignation. His deputy and some doctors volunteered to write a statement with him.

Dmitry dudekin, staff member of "ural auto Trailer" enterprise

In 2016, during a "straight line with Vladimir Putin," Dmitry dudekin of Chelyabinsk complained about wage delays. Later, he said, he was brought to the Commission of inquiry and taken away by "guards". Soon, a 40 year old welder left voluntarily.

Residents of kenhi Ramazan jalaldinov village, Chechnya

In April 2016, a video was broadcast on the draft channel published by Dagestan, which was produced by residents mainly living in kenhi Ramazan jalaldinova of Dagestan, Chechnya. In his letter, he drew Putin's attention to wage arrears and the dismal situation in post-war villages. As a result, President Ramzan Kadyrov of the Republic visited the village and jalalidinov apologized to him for making a mistake.

In May 2016, unidentified people burned jalaldinov's house, and kadirov said the man was imitating arson. In August 2016, the Chechen world court found jalaldinov guilty of defamation and sentenced him to labor reform. In December, a press conference attended by jalaldinov was held in Moscow, He reiterated the charges against the Chechen authorities.

Victor grenev, former president of Pacific Bridge

In April 2015, Anton turisev, who participated in the construction of "Pacific Bridge Company" of Oriental Space Center, said on the president's special line, This means that the whole collective does not pay wages systematically. Shortly afterwards, Igor Nesterenko, the director general of the LTTE, was arrested, and the LTTE leader interpreted the salary arrears as "non related expenses" for his former leader, Victor grenev. These include the purchase of an expensive yacht, the construction of a rest base on Hanka Island, the donation of apartments and the construction of their own three-story buildings.

Nesterenko was sentenced to three years and a third of a month in April last year, while gornev's criminal case was brought to court in October last year.

Worker TMC Anton turichev

TMC workers' appeal to Putin not only turned into a criminal case for company leaders, but also arrested a worker. At the end of December 2015, workers once again appealed to Putin, saying that the wage issue remained unresolved. In April 2016, on the eve of the connection with the president, worker Anton turisev was arrested for five days. In May 2016, the arrest of tulishev was declared illegal.

By Alexey gavriko, Philippe alexenko, Julia savronova