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the famous moon in the test-bed

Posted by chiappelli at 2020-02-17

Unlike e-learning and distance learning institutions, they are free and open to all. Only the final certification can be paid. In France, most platforms are still looking for their own economic model, except for the open platform, which adopts "freemium" (unit link viewing is free, charging download).

Stars on screen Registration does not need to prove the baggage is academic. Name and email address are enough. Every virtual class has thousands of netizens. In addition, these online courses enable us to learn the teaching of some stars, such as Esther Duflo (economist and consultant, Barack Obama, Luc de brabandere, philosopher) or Bertrand badie (PO professor of Science). It would be a pity if we didn't go.

"In management and economic training, we have the majority of graduates, professionals and professionals." Cecile dejoux explained, "CNAM's lecturer is the 'leader manager', which is the most popular MOOC in France, with 35000 moocers ('trainees', which can read moukeur's papers.". However, in some cutting-edge areas, the education level of students is quite high. As a result, most of the professionals in the financial evaluation course of the higher business school are BAC + 5. So consider choosing a course that suits your luggage.

In general, these programmes last from four to six weeks. On the menu of each meeting, there are a series of five to ten minute videos. A teacher can freely show his video, face camera. After each chapter, it is recommended to use a two to three minute interval cubicle cubicle cubicle cubicle cubicle cubicle cubicle cubicle cubicle cubicle cubicle cubicle cubicle cubicle cubicle cubicle cubicle cubicle cubicle cubicle cubicle cubicle So the form seems simple, but note that following Jupiter requires serious investment. In addition to extracurricular work, two to four hours of personal work are arranged each week, as each unit is equipped with internships, reference books and tests.

Verified by certificate. At the end of the exam, the final exam result is a certificate of moocer's success. This diploma is invalid. The human resources department of the enterprise also does not recognize it as a vocational training certificate. So don't expect to get paid Could your resume be used as a bubble?

As for businesses, they also succumb to Jupiter's fashion. Organizing their own courses is an opportunity to improve their image by developing the expertise of their top managers. Orange and BNP Paribas have crossed that, and BCG is preparing to do so. We're talking about the company's online open race or cook.

Bruno Askenazi

(1) Moon management

The most popular Hosted by the digital university platform in France, the platform has attracted 35000 participants, the highest in France. In 30 videos of the show, Cecile dejoux, a CNAM lecturer, became a star of the station. Your tone is vivid and direct There's no big deal here Based on stories, teachers use specific examples to explain ideas or explain how to make the right decisions, motivate colleagues, develop their talents, etc. The purpose is to provide practical answers and simple tools for current managers or employees who are going to work. future This is one of the few disposable Internet modules. In theory, we can track the whole trip in one weekend. In this case, however, dialogue with other participants on forums and social networks becomes impossible. It will be a pity, because these exchanges are very rich.

++The online access of the whole course enables us to keep up with the pace of teaching. These 30 videos, 5-10 minutes each, could have been shortened.

Free Admission Next session: September or October 2014: www.france-university-numeraique.fr / / / mooc-du-manager-au-leader.html

2-MOOC Finance-Entrepreneuriative:“……Financing his company”

Most accessible Thanks to MOOC, fundraising and shareholder agreements are no longer a secret to you. Standing in front of the camera, Jean Francois gallowan, a professor at the Central School of Paris, also led the incubator laboratory in the Paris area. He succeeded in making figures and paintings clear and active! In the video of 16 specific cases, he reveals the financing mechanism in a relaxed way. The three week course is a bit basic and should be understood as a starting point: about one and a half hours of work per week. In fact, this forum adopts the philosophy of open source, its host platform: open to the public.

MOOC's videos and e-books can only be downloaded by subscription (€ 9.99 per month).

Free roaming Indefinite registration

Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship 101: who are your customers? Page: 1

Most exciting On the EDX platform, this MOOC teaches you how to find the best product or service for you. Under the command of bill o'lay ("Professor of MIT Sloan School of management"), drumming, a very charming program. Cartoon, cartoon, is to attract the attention of netizens. The spread of images and videos is sometimes even offensive. At the bottom, this MOOC wants to be surreal Bill O'rei tells many case studies in the way of Steve jobs. Due to the testimony of famous MIT entrepreneurs, the content is very eye-catching. Good command of English.

+Teachers are stars of entrepreneurship. - sometimes the anarchic side of curriculum can cause instability.

Certification: $50. Next session: unspecified: www.edx.org / / / course list / / / mitx / / / business management / / allcourses

4-mooc Finance: "corporate financial assessment"

Most pointed A famous school, an outstanding professor, a tested platform All the ingredients come together to make this Jupiter smoke However, in order to keep up with this trend, it is necessary to master the main principles of accounting and finance. This is the ideal training for managers who want to update their knowledge or improve their financial evaluation ability. Topic dialogue: Weekly live broadcast, hosted by university professor Pascal quiry. Within an hour, he answered students' questions about the forum. And then one of the VIPs mentioned a fashion theme Nicholas selier, a partner at Alvin capital, for example, talks about a financial assessment of the start-up.

It's a very high level course for insiders in the financial world.

Certification: $50. Next session: end of 2014

5-mooc entrepreneuriative:“……Effectuation,L'entrepreneure pour l'entrepreneure et l'entrepreneur pour les publique”

Most cooperative You don't need to be organized or have a good idea to build your own company. First of all, contracting is an issue of improvisation and temptation, that is, influence. Philippe silberza, a professor at Lyon business school, developed a concept in France. On the menu, a five week course and a host of examples include two start-up case studies, skinny fairy and tilky. The forum and its twitter, LinkedIn and facebook accounts are very active. The ultimate proof of the spirit of cooperation: we can show our business plans in a dedicated space (Laboratory) to solicit opinions and find partners.

+Use a lot of social networks. - labs, there are still very few participants.

Certification: 50 euro Next session: October 2014

"Thought design"

A little-known way of thinking has been found in France. educational background

Free Admission Next session October 2014

July month Management: "Project Management Overview".

The most exciting This is the first certified Jupiter in France. It focuses on the basic principles and tools of project management. Objective: to be able to design and guide a simple project at the end of the course, such as recruiting and recruiting interns or new staff to join their team. The third issue, published this spring, has more than 10000 registrations. At the last session, half of the students passed the exam. The rate is significantly higher than the average (10%). Because: five minutes of video, followed by a system of knowledge validation QCM, is a strict model. Of course, Remi Bachelet, a professor and researcher at the Central Institute of technology in Lille, is sometimes minimal. There are no color animations, no characters selected from comics, but basic graphics and graphics. There are many students in this forum to discuss this issue. In short, an interactive tool.

+Weekly Q & A with the moors, live on YouTube.

Certification: 100 euros. Next session: 22 September 2014.

"I tested project management at Lille Central Institute of technology"

finally We are March 10, Lille Central Institute of technology project management profile online. A few days ago, I registered in three minutes: my Internet address, an identifier, a password, and ha! It's a game. At lunchtime, with a bottle of soda in my hand, I was watching a demonstration video. Remi Bachelet, a teacher at the school of engineers, explained the operation of the course and summarized it. I'll be right away The first chapter discusses the basic concepts: what is a project? What are the different types of projects in an enterprise? Wait

In order to make my heart full of vitality, I will visit a discussion forum. Raoulsidney ("another apprentice's pseudonym") is with Google drive. Cynthia helps him send the link to the website Back to the classroom They're waiting for me Judgment: nine tenths of the third chapter, one of the fourth chapter without fault. Simple! 9 p.m. March 12 From my couch, I took part in a weekly live conference on YouTube. Copy this website code to your website to set up a ballot box on your website. My concentration is getting lower and lower. I promise, next Monday, I will start a new chapter. Five more weeks, I'll have proof. I insist.

Moon platform

Moon platform