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[nagho column] police department must set up "anti spy 3.0"

Posted by truschel at 2020-02-17

Install the executable file, confirm the malignant code installation confirmation through the official office / police department "anti agent 3.0" often checks / the URL, domain name, IP address told by people who don't know connect the malignant code infection

[news J] stole articles or advertising articles without knowing the source, installed "spy" secretly, and owned the smartphone account and all the thieves in the smartphone. We must set up a police department "agent anti" to prevent illegal hackers to conduct real-time surveillance and search.

The "anti spy app 3.0" released by the police department is a function of the installation of running files, official offices, malicious codes of notices, etc. which has recently appeared in audio and other victims.

The more advanced IT technology is, the more it thieves will be. Through spies sneaking into smart phones, including audio channels, network accounts even steal eavesdropping and secretly shooting, and install remote control. It must be defended. One of the defense strategies is to check it regularly through anti spy 3.0 of the police department. Trouble will do. It is the fact that I have been stolen

It thieves do the following

[app installation guidance] in order to pretend to be a financial institution, search authority, etc., and to carry out loan and investigation procedures, fraudsters should install relevant "APPP", tell us the URL, domain name, IP address, etc., download relevant applications, or set up remote control applications, and then the fraudsters should install the victim's direct victims themselves. When malign code is installed on the mobile phone

[induction confirmation phone] if the victim is unwilling to believe, the swindler will induce the police, the financial supervision institute, the bank, etc. to make a confirmation phone call. If the victim tries to confirm the police, the financial supervision institute, the bank, etc., the swindler will directly receive the sending phone with a vicious code.

[Second posing as] the fraudster uses the means of reassurance of the victim, such as the police, the financial supervision institution, the bank, etc. who tries to confirm the phone call

If the police, procuratorate, financial supervision institution and financial institution install the application program with unknown origin or induce the confirmation of telephone, the possibility of telephone financial fraud is very high. The unknown execution file (. APK) cannot be installed. The unknown URL, domain name and IP address told by the other party can infect the malicious code.

Usually in the "environment setting" of smart phones, we should often use "unknown application", and often use the police department's "Paul an spy software 3.0" or the latest vaccine program for inspection.

If the police department believes that the mobile phone is infected by malignant code, initialize or use vaccine to delete the malignant code, If you accept the malicious code installation guidance information, you need to "protect the country" through the network connection, through the "shuttle accident" menu alarm.

Professor Luo Guanhao (representative and publisher of news J / Director of Krystal Community Research Institute / Policy Advisory Committee of future pastoral forum / ki Yunshi selected 200 lecturers in South Korea / lecturer of popular culture / tutor of dementia family / member of new NLP Association of America / literary critic / psychotherapy consultant)

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