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seo and uzalit website audit: cheques

Posted by herskovits at 2020-02-17

Do you have a website or online store and decide to start optimizing its further promotion? First of all, you only need to do a comprehensive SEO Audit website. I think you have at least one of the following problems:

For these and other questions, you will receive an answer to read our article "SEO and uzalit website audit: Checklist 50 + error examples KidsI. Com. UA"

What is SEO Audit website and how does its result affect the progress of website?

Those who take their Internet business seriously are fully familiar with the concept of SEO Audit. This is a way to analyze the internal and external errors of the website and whether it meets the requirements of the search system.

Why, why should SEO Audit be carried out before website promotion?

It is used for marketing purposes in order to get as accurate a picture as possible of the operation of the site, the pages and the total traffic. It is through it that you can improve the performance and rating of search engines.

No matter what your website is, you must conduct regular SEO Audit to make it as effective as possible. In doing so, it must be carried out correctly, or the process will be a waste of time. As a result, you should get:

When to conduct SEO Audit: before or during the website launch?

We suggest SEO Audit of the website before promotion and every six months. To do so, it is necessary to avoid missing anything and to identify new problems that could hinder the development of the website. Auditing is always a good way to evaluate the performance of websites.

What kind of project or wrong SEO site progress in SEO Audit?

SEO auditing can improve many different things because you get a complete picture of your competitors, analyze all the keywords and phrases, All about technology, not just. In this case, you have to understand how to rank the strategies correctly, which will help improve the rating.

Through the quality of SEO Audit, you will find where you have the most powerful advantages, what is good, what is right, what is right, what is right, even right. For this purpose, the auditor must:

What tools are used for SEO Audit websites?

Here are some tools for SEO Audit website and analysis of its promotion effect:

As you realize, it is through SEO Audit that you can find out what is wrong, where your website needs to be adjusted or corrected. This means that it will make your site better and clearer to Google, thereby increasing traffic and conversion.

Kidsi.com.ua website audit

-SEO error detection - no problem

Audit content:

Website technology SEO Audit

1. Check that robots.txt is present and configured correctly

The robots.txt file is used to disable the indexing of part or the entire site of a specific search function.

Found robots.txt file

The file robots.txt is not configured correctly

There is no robot instruction found on the website of robots.txt file, such as forbidding to index some technical pages and unnecessary pages for users, Input page, filter page, etc.

You can also add a link to a better index robot.txt site map. However, this is not a mandatory directive.

The robots.txt file should be fixed, otherwise the search will scan all the technical pages that do not need users, and these pages will appear in the search. There are several such pages that are already being extradited.

In this case, the robots.txt file must close the index for the following pages:

These pages can be closed from the index in two ways:

Cheque page

2. Availability and correctness check of sitemap.xml

Site map not found

To verify sitemap.xml more accurately, Google search console conducted a search. However, the site map of Google search console has not been added.

The lack of website map directly affects the quality and speed of indexing. Considering that the site has more than 40000 pages, the map of the site should be made following the example below.

Example of website map:

Remember that the site map should only have existing pages if a 404 page response code is not found. At the same time, after each page is updated, the date 2020-08-12 shall be automatically changed.

Cheque page

3. Check the setting of primary mirror and single URL format

The main mirror of the website must be determined on the website) [with or without www prefix], 301 modifications should be made, from not the main mirror site of the website to the main mirror site.

The page of the website can be found on your website. This is a skateboard, which closes the last) site.com/stranica/ "," or does not have it.)) site.com/stranica

discover problems

It is necessary to correct the setting of radish so as to avoid the defects in the middle.

Cheque page

Cheque page

5. Page setup checked

The copy of text and metadata labels on a website should not be the vagina of a web page. In addition, the search system should be specially optimized. For more information on this, see Google.

The problem has been found

This problem needs to be solved in the following ways:

On each page, you must add a meta name = "robots" content = "Noindex, follow" reference to the home page.

Cheque page

6. Check for defects on the website

"It will be difficult for users to communicate with the website. If there are many pages of resources that refer to the old URL address, it means re creation. It allows people to download extra data and increases the waiting time for downloads, no one likes it.

Radish problem has been found

4250 radishes were found on the website. This is a file that lists all pages with an error code of 3xx.

Some problems were found in the analysis of ingredients:

Therefore, when you click this filter, it automatically forwards to a normal web page, with a response from the 302 server.

There are many such turnips on the website.

Consider that all pages have 4212 pages, including page numbers. Such pages should be closed from the index.

There are also quite a number of element classified prices.

In order to determine whether to turn off the classification filter index, it is necessary to determine whether there is demand for these filters and whether there is flow.

Cheque page

7. Check for bit references

An empty URL is a hyperlink that does not exist for a web page, a file, a file or an image.

This problem has been found

There are 10 reference code 404 found. The list of these links is here.

Cheque page

8. Check the last modification and if modified since header settings

The title data provides an opportunity for you to understand whether the search work has been updated on the web page last visited by the robot. This will allow work to understand and scan the site quickly.

The realization of no title on the website

Cheque page

9. Available emergencies)

People - understandable web address)( How does a long URL look like encryption, site. COM /? PAG = 124%, user denied. Plus more "friendly" URL structure is profitable in the URL of the website website website link.

Emergency detected

Cheque page

10. Check the existence of server error (there is a link to response code 5xx)

If you have a large number of links to response code 5xx on a website, it is necessary to check the htaccess file or server configuration.

There are two response codes linked to 5xx.

Cheque page

11. Website typography error check

35 comments and 101 errors were found in the website code.

All comments and errors, you can see this link.

The biggest mistake is in the SSS style, using tags directly instead of in a single file.

As we can see, the website is built on a continuous table. This is the mark of the old typesetting.

Here is another example of using a text table block.

Cheque page

12. Check the availability and correctness of semantic micro tags of websites

The main purpose of micro mark or semantic mark is to make the Internet easier to understand, structure more reasonable, search system and special search program. And process information to make it easier to provide information in search results.

This tag is directly in the HTML page code, through a special attribute, there is no need to create a separate export file.

There are many different types of micromarkers. Different types of site resources can use different tags.

Such problems were found. There are no trace marks of any kind

The micro marking of the cargo card was also checked.

A micro tag was created for the product, but there were errors. Each product has two micro markers. It's worth repairing.

Also, we should adjust the micro tag fields.

Cheque page

13. Check for presence and correct setting of microimage tags for the site

This problem has been found

There are no photos of merchandise in your mobile card.

We recommend that you connect to a short script site, which will search for products on the mobile that will appear in your photos. Here's an example:

This will help increase the visibility of your product and increase your transfer to the site and improve% CTR. Examples of the implementation of such micro tags in the famous Internet stores in Ukraine:

On the screen you can see an example of a micro tag, where data is structured clearly according to the type. This kind of micro tag can index the website better and faster, and add more product photo information to the search engine.

Cheque page

14. Check if open grap for social network exists and is set up correctly

The social network's scheringer display title, description, photos, and all of these and other options are correct and you have to perform such tagging.

The problem has been found. There are no trace marks of any kind

There are no micro tags for categories on the site.

No trace marks were found on the product page.

This is an example of social network micro tagging:

This is your link in the social network, when you set the open graph micro logo:

Cheque page

15. Page download speed check

Research shows that about 75% of users refuse to download web pages for more than four seconds. In this case, more than 50% of users expect the download time of the web page to be less than 2 seconds. The search engine also considers the download speed of the website page, so it is the most important.

Problems in downloading category page length

In order to improve the download speed of category page, the number of requests on the page must be reduced. As you can see, most of the requirements are pictures. The product and product category on this page must be reduced.

Google homepage comments:

We see that the result is very good. Few people can do that.

Categories to evaluate Google pages:

By further examining the category pages, your site has a high score on Google pages.

Cheque page

16. Mobile device adaptive website

In 2020, the adaptability of mobile device websites is simply mustfile.

discover problems

The site's first on-screen mobile version has access to information and a variety of filters.

The mobile version of the site should be updated immediately, reducing the size of the buttons and reducing the number of products per page:

For more information on the website, see below.

Cheque page

17. Site location check

On Web pages with different language versions, it is best to list the addresses of all language versions, including rel = "alternate" hreflang = "X".

No such problem was found

Know that there is only one default language for the site - Russian. However, we recommend that you translate the site and optimize it in Ukraine. It's like you work in Ukraine.

This is an example of the Ukrainian language of "children's car" category for several word search frequencies and key requirements.

Cheque page

18. Check the original link of the site

Quoting third-party resources from websites, especially from online stores, is only worthwhile if there is a good reason to do so) (quoting) your own group in social networks, They're in other fields of Langdon, etc. Otherwise, it may not only have a negative impact on the reputation of search engine resources, but also cause potential users to leave the site.

This problem has been found

At the same time, we found exceptions - hidden links.

A link to another site was found in the code on this page. This link doesn't see users, but search engines are a problem.

This link should be removed immediately.

Unique 46 "outbox" links have been found on the site, which are sometimes repeated on different pages. These links can be found here.

Cheque page

19. Check website technical page close

In addition to using the commands in rootots.txt, which are technical pages) administrators, spam pages, order design, and so on, you don't need indexes, It is recommended to add search functions by adding corresponding meta tags to the web page. And mark the links to these pages as rel = "nofollow" to avoid them trying to skip the links to the indexed content.

This problem has been found

All technical pages can be indexed.

I want to write on these pages:

Cheque page

Internal SEO website audit

20. Check whether there is and optimizes ttle meta tags

Label "title"

The label "title" is used to represent the page title. The site will provide users and search engines with the name of the page. The title label is placed on the HTML document label of the header. We must try to make the titles of all pages unique.

An optimized Title problem was found

Cheque page

21. Check for existence and optimized metadata label description

Meta label "" description "

Meta tag "" meta name = "" description. "..." the search engine gets a short description of the content. In the "title" tab, you can use only one sentence, while in the description, you can write multiple sentences, or even a small paragraph. Like the "title" tag, the description should be in the "header" tag in HTML code.

An optimization problem was found

It's worth creating templates (using conversion words) for Taipei and descriptive text, cheap, Kiev, Kharkov, Ukraine, shopping malls. Tuttle is up to 90 characters long and is described as 200 characters.

Cheque page

22. Check heading h1-h6 for proper optimization

The text placed in the title bar usually increases compared to other text on the page, which indicates its importance and may help to understand the following content types. Title Different title level sizes will create a hierarchy of content that makes it easier for users to navigate on a web page.

What is not worth:

The title of each page should be H1. In this case, it is important that it be found only once on a web page.

Find the optimization problem of heading h1-h6

Not all titles have keywords, which is very important for website promotion.

Cheque page

23. "Crumb check."

There are breadcrumbs on the site and their structure is correct.

Cheque page

24. Correct image optimization check

Just looking at the image seems like a simple element, but it also needs to be optimized for better results. They all have a filename and properties Both of these factors are useful. Property "ALT" allows you to enter text if the image cannot be displayed for some reason.

In addition, ALT text is also used for graphical links. It is then processed by search engines, such as link anchor text. However, it is not recommended to use a large number of graphical links to navigate the site, as text links can handle this role. Another important aspect - the ALT tag image, along with the file's information name, helps the system search for images, for example, Google Image Search) index images from websites.

The title label of an image is the text that appears when the mouse pointer hovers over the image. It is not as important as the alt attribute, but it also needs to be filled in.

This problem has been found

636 images have no alt attribute "

You need to create a template for the a1-01 of the image(

Cheque page

25. Check the correctness of website structure optimization

Problems found in optimizing website structure

The site has a fairly complex structure, categories and URLs.

Some categories of websites contain two or three categories. Therefore, one page cannot be optimized under different categories.

We suggest classifying websites, because the promotion quality and efficiency of websites depend on the structure of websites.

Cheque page

26. Check if there are categories to optimize the online store

Problems found in optimizing site categories

Considering that your category page contains multiple categories of products, the title and description are not focused on the main products. There is also no best text for key requirements in this category.

Cheque page

27. Check page for unique content

Found a problem with non original content on the site

This type of goods has been included in the checklist. And found that only 16% of the unique texts were posted on the website.

Similar problems have been found in other goods. The most unique description must be written for each product or service. Of course, the features are the same, but the detailed description can never be copied from other websites.

Cheque page

28. Check the availability and correct optimization of commodity cards

Problems found in optimizing the product card

Not all products have the right optimization and detailed characteristics.

Error optimizing product card:

As Schlumberger can see, 170 times of product descriptions have been repeated on the website. Similar to other websites. Text is not the only website either.

When checking the website, it was found that there was no comment on the goods. Some products are still valuable, but not reactive. Given that the site has many different products, it is necessary to encourage users to retain feedback, or at least questions about products. As a result, it is easier for customers to decide to buy goods. In addition, if there is feedback, the product page will be better optimized so that it can grow in the project.

Cheque page

29. Test page 404 for processing errors, which is correct

The server returned a 404 error if there was no requested URL page. 404 pages must be designed correctly to ensure that users do not stop using the site when they enter the page.

Page 404 error exists

Cheque page

30. Check for duplicate items on the site

Copies of resources on any website are not welcome. This problem often appears in the vagina, filters, product profiles and other web pages.

This problem has been found

Found 26268 yuan label

27115 yuan label description found

Find the double of Title H1 of 33049

An internal copy was also found on the page. This means that a description of the goods repeats other similar goods. This is a serious mistake.

The inspection is accompanied by a description of the goods.

Cheque page

31. Check product page reference order

Because the search engine takes precedence over the first page reference in the code, others ignore it and it's important to anchor them correctly.

No such problem was found. There is only one link on the product page

Cheque page

32. Check whether a filter is created

discover problems

The filter's page does not have a clear rating.

In view of the ongoing indexing, further analysis of these pages is still necessary to determine whether they should be closed.

Therefore, after analysis, it will determine which pages should be closed from the index and which pages should optimize and improve their location.

Cheque page

33. Check the purity of semantic core of website

It's better not to use the "basket" button, the "desire list" and other words to repeat the new line, so as to maintain the semantic integrity of the web page.

discover problems

At the same time, there is no demand for action on the goods to buy. ". This is worth correcting.

Cheque page

External SEO website audit

34. Quality inspection of external links

Link quality issues found

In the coming months, links to better quality donor sites will need to be procured.

Cheque page

35. Check external references and purchase frequency

discover problems

The site has 170 domain names and 1340 links. This is a pretty bad indicator because there are an average of eight links from a website. If a website loses an already bad indicator, the website may appear in the location.

By analyzing the growth graph of reference materials, we can see the uneven growth. This is unacceptable because it has a negative impact on the confidence of search engines in the website.

Cheque page

36. Check for spam site links

Problems found.

We have to remove these links.

Cheque page

Validate data with Google Analytics and Google search console

37. Check if there is a Google Analytics connection to the site

Google Analytics Online

Cheque page

38. Check if there is a Google search console connection to the site

Google search console Download

Cheque page

39. Check the landing page for key requirements

Key requirements for entry page matching

This means that by entering a key query into the search strip, such as "buy a walker," the user will go to a web page listing different walkers.

Currently, the site is not fully optimized, so its visibility or brand key needs( Display frequency shall not exceed 15 times per month.

So far, no problems have been found, but if the problems found in the audit are not corrected, problems will appear.

Therefore, when further efforts are made to add new keywords and expand the semantic core of the website, it is recommended to track key login page queries.

Cheque page

40. The correctness test of e-commerce mapping

The "e-commerce" report group in Google Analytics aims to analyze buyer behavior in websites or attachments. By tracking e-commerce, we can better evaluate the efficiency of Internet commerce. These reports can segment and analyze data and identify links between marketing campaigns, user engagement, and transaction processes.

No e-commerce tracking

Cheque page

41. Google Analytics connection validation

discover problems

This problem was found when checking Google Analytics configuration:

Older versions of Google analytics code connect to the site

Google analytics code should look like this:

Cheque page

42. Google Analytics configuration validation

discover problems

So far, the configuration of Google Analytics is an old version. Worth repairing

When analyzing the settings of Google Analytics, we found that the owner tried to track the search through the website.

That would be great. However, this option is not possible. Be aware that OAI does not change when you enter any queries in the search field.

Therefore, the report, through analyst configuration, will have the following views:

It will be empty.

There is another way to track query sites. You must configure the events to check for and log this request.

Cheque page

43. Test common indicators of website development

discover problems

Compared with the previous year, the website lost the traffic of search engine, not just the traffic of search engine.

A decline compared to the previous year may mean a deterioration in the site's optimization or health.

A 6-page drop in high traffic was found compared to the previous year.

In this case, a page analysis must be performed to check the cause of the drop in traffic.

If you look at a website's total traffic from last month's organic traffic, then:

Cheque page

44. Check the access of different devices to the website

In order to learn about the users of the website, you must check the website browser selected by the users.

In general, the traffic volume of the website last month was mainly mobile phones. This means that it is worth noting that the comfort level of the website is exactly on the mobile version of the website.

Access rates for different devices were reviewed compared to the previous year.

We have seen that, in general, the traffic volume of all kinds of equipment has decreased.

When analyzing the flow of different traffic channels and equipment, we can see that:

Cheque page

45. Access to main web pages and inspection of their indicators

discover problems

When analyzing input pages, the maximum number of inputs is pages) Mark (

This means analysts are not sure which page the entry is on.

Cheque page

46. Access to main web pages and their indicators

discover problems

By looking at the output page, we can make some summary:

Cheque page

47. Whether the goal in Google analysis exists and is correct

discover problems

Time settings on the target tracking page that the site has been discovered.

At present, it is not clear what purpose this is set for or whether the realization of this goal will affect the overall growth of the website.

We suggest that analysts configure objectives, such as: fill in the form, click the purchase button, etc. The realization and increase of these goals will ensure that the development direction of the website is correct.

Cheque page

Kidsi.com.ua website audit

1. You must change the look of the hat on the website. The user can select the required product category from any page.

Here is a good example of a convenient and understandable website menu and hat. This is the first main page screen that looks like

What is this menu like when hovering over any category

So the menu looks like a potential customer looking at the product:

So the menu should look like when the customer decides to modify another category:

2. When you move to any product, users cannot choose another category. To do this, he had to go back to the front page through crumbs or return and start looking again.

3. On the mobile version of the website, you must add menu hamburger, because users need to search and turn pages for a long time to find the products or categories they need. You know, the whole first screen is filtered.

4. Product groups must be reduced in size so that users do not have to be on the market for a long time.

We have to do this:

5. On the order processing page, you must add an opportunity to continue selecting items.

6. If the goods have been added to the trash, they must be enclosed at the top of the page. Otherwise, it will infuriate users and block the audience of other products.

Check how the block works on the site and you must use the pledy card. Check to see if there is a nickname and if it makes the user angry.

7. The basket page shall also include delivery and payment information. Because if the user doesn't see it before, it will leave the junk page and go to the payment page.

If you take a look, what we see is a page moving from the trash can.

8. There are contacts in the site's hat - they are not active. You must set the click to redial automatically to your mobile phone on the mobile version of the website.

9. You must delete the mobile version of this site and change the ITC logo to vodafon.

10. Add button "buy"

11. You must create and add to the blog menu. Because there are four articles on the home page.

12. You need to align the photos of a group of articles and add the priority of the articles.

13. The discount page is very long. This page should be divided into categories or goods.

14. Give delivery and payment components and feedback at the beginning of the page. More detailed descriptions and performance can be retained in the picture.

15. There are no additional information or links on the website's pages. This should be corrected.

Examples of successful future on the website

16. You should pick up a page to start, just leave it at the bottom.

As the user enters this page, he does not modify the product, nor is he ready to go to another page. More proof please click on the card.

17. You need to make a product selection filter on the web page) [raw materials, age, size, etc.] [right answer], [right answer], [right answer], [right answer], [right answer], [right answer], [right answer], [right answer], [right answer]

18. When choosing the children's car category, the first thing that appears is not the car. It also exists in the ranking of brands and prices.

19. You must add forward and backward buttons next to the vagina.

21. The registration form of the website is very long. We only need the name, phone number and email of 3 fields. All other domains must be added to the user's administrator, but not at the beginning of registration.

22. In the mobile version of the website, when choosing a brand, the brand logo needs 2 screens. You have to zoom out or move the bottom of the page.

23. After entering the product category, users should immediately see the product, not the description or filter.

24. We need to optimize the crumbs. You should make a line and provide a scrolling if there is a lot of text.

25. Commodity page. Photos must be shown on slides.

26. When the commodity twinkles with stars

27. When you click the image button, the following is a list of photos of the item. However, if you press the image button again, the picture will not disappear. All other similar buttons are the same.

28. In the mobile version of the website, there are no pre viewed or provided products when browsing the products.

29. We suggest doing some extra search work, This will attract people's attention and thus improve behavior: search itself will enter pre prepared products in the search bar to attract customers' attention.

30. If the goods are consumer goods, it is recommended to disclose them after the completion of each stock. This is a psychological factor that will encourage the user to buy if he hesitates for a moment and informs him of the completion of the stock.

31. The site is worth adding wishlist user preferences because not everyone wants to buy the product. After the next docking, users do not need a long time to find this product.

32. It is recommended to describe, guarantee and feedback through labels.

33. Suggestions - Ideas: consolidate price and discount information on the next page, such as Google storage

34. It is not possible to return to the basket on the goods list when handling the goods formalities on this page.

2. conclusion

Through this example, you can see how to perform quality SEO Audit website, which can greatly change the development of your network business. You can use our checklist as a basis and check your own resources for any errors. Sometimes such mistakes are easy to correct. The most important thing is to find them in time.