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character press vs.xe: hackya korea

Posted by graebner at 2020-02-16


At the end of 2011, it seems to have been agreed. Three kinds of media companies (CMS) said that "the market is sweeping" and "crazy sense of existence" and other hand and foot used the meat and hemp modifier. Xe (goozerboard) evaluated the CMS supermarket in South Korea, intensified the increase of occupancy and other reports.

In fact, no matter what CMS is, the use of CMS is necessary. The White House, Seoul, Samsung, CNN, Barclays, MSNBC, Ford,... Numerous enterprises use CMS.

CMS is now the core foundation of building all websites, and it is also the network development based on CMS in Korean market.

So is Xe to evaluate the domestic CMS market?

In 2013, what is it like now.

In 2011, the domestic share of Xe exceeded 60%.

What's the change in 2013 after two years?

More than 60%.

When the market share of Xe was reduced by 15%, the share of ward press increased by 10% over the same period.

At present, the growth of Huade press is approaching rapidly. Only a year ago, in 2012, 54.3% of the ward press market share was 1 year later, increasing to 58%.

At the time when the market share of the second Delilah was only 10.4%, ward lilies became a unique presence in the CMS market.

CMS market sweeping is not Xe, but Huade press.


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