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coronavirus (lung disease): more than 41 dead

Posted by truschel at 2020-02-16

The number of infections with the Coronavirus continues to increase. The Chinese capital Beijing wants to stop all traffic.

+++ New News Ticker to the Coronavirus from 25. January 2020: EU with gloomy forecast +++

Update, 25. January, 16.39: The outbreak of the Coronavirus is causing tension in China. The head of state party Xi Jinping also sees a serious challenge in lung disease. "Life is of the utmost importance," the dpa Xi quotes on the official news agency Hinhua. The head of state said these words during a Chinese leadership crisis meeting on Saturday in Beijing. There was talk here of an epidemic. Now we have a responsibility to contain and control them.

All levels of party and government should give the fight against the Coronavirus the highest priority. The party has set up a leading working group at the highest party level to steer the process. Teams would be sent to the severely affected province of Hubei in the heart of China to control the work on the ground.

The participants of the meeting would have asked local officials to "take even more vigorous measures" to prevent further spread of the virus and to place the patients in "centralised quarantine" for treatment.

Meanwhile, the Coronoavirus has reached Germany. That's what drives the Munich people. A certain product is to be sold out throughout the city, as tz.de* reports.

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What? In the social media app Jodel, a user shared a supposed article of the South German newspaper. All fake, as I came out. Because of the large number of unknowns, a number of

conspiracy theories about the Coronavirus. An overview can be found here.

Coronavirus: death by lung disease increases -China cuts connections

Update, 25. January, 11.04.Clock:In the fight against lung disease, the heavily affected central Chinese metropolis Wuhan now also wants to stop car traffic to a large extent. As state television reported on Saturday, referring to the crisis headquarters in Wuhan, the larger districts of the Eleven Million City will be closed to vehicles from Sunday onwards. There are exceptions only for cars with special permits, for government vehicles and supply transport.

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Fearing the introduction of the new virus, the Chinese capital Beijing stops its bus service with the provinces. On Saturday, the Communist party body "Volkszeitung" reported that the interruption of bus connections to the provinces or nearby cities is valid from Sunday to curb the spread of lung disease.

In the fight against the dangerous Coronavirus, health experts in the UK want to track down about 2000-year-old Chinese passengers. We are looking for travellers from the Central China Million City of Wuhan who have flown to the United Kingdom in the last two weeks. The British Ministry of Health wants to find "as many passengers as possible".

Doctors consider it likely that infected people are already in Britain. Professor Chris Whitty, who advises the government on health issues, spoke of a "real risk". 14 Suspicions had not been confirmed recently.

Update, 25. January, 8.59.Clock: In the fight against the spread of lung disease in China, the Beijing government has ordered national controls and hygiene measures in the transport sector. The state council announced on Saturday that fever gauges will be installed at airports, railway stations, bus stations and passenger airports. Emergency plans should be in place for the treatment of patients. Provision should also be made to isolate those infected with the new virus or to observe suspicious cases.

Virus alert: lung disease detected three times in Europe

Update, 25. January, 612:In France a third infection with the new corona virus originating from China has been confirmed. This was a close relative of one of the two people who had previously been diagnosed with the new lung disease, the Ministry of Health announced late Friday evening. All three patients had previously been in China and had been isolated in hospitals. We're currently looking into who else they might have been in contact with. These are the first confirmed cases in Europe. A few days later, there are also reports of a first suspect in Berlin.

According to new media reports, the Coronavirus from China has already cost at least 41 people their lives in the People's Republic. At the same time, the South China Morning Post reported that the number of infected cases in 29 provinces had increased to 1112 confirmed nationwide. The newspaper referred to data published by local authorities. Only 572 cases of the new lung disease were recorded in the millions metropolis of Wuhan, where the new type of virus had first appeared at the beginning of the year.

Update, 24. January, 20.42: The Coronavirus has reached Europe. As the French Ministry of Health, Agnes Buzyn, reported on Friday, there are two confirmed cases of lung disease in France. The two patients concerned are currently being treated in hospitals in Bordeaux and Paris.

The virus that affects the airways had first broken out in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan. In the meantime, however, there have also been confirmed cases in Vietnam, the USA and now also in Europe. 26 People have died of the infection so far.

Update, 24. January, 13.05:In China, further steps are being taken to prevent the spread of the virus. All travel agencies have now been banned from selling package travel within the country and abroad. This Regulation shall apply from Friday onwards. For the tourism industry, this radical regulation is a serious blow.

The cases confirmed by the GOC on a map.

Virus Alarm: Experts now also warn Germany- Situation in China sharpens dramatically

Update 24. January, 10.53.Clock:The situation in Chinabis serious. A hospital is to be built in the central Chinese city of Wuhan(11,8 million inhabitants) within only six days. In the millionth metropolis, there are most infections. As the state media report, the planned building is to be made of prefabricated components and provide space for 1000-beds. On Friday, video footage from the construction site showed vehicles preparing the site. The construction work for the hospital should be up to 2. be completed in February.

Virus alert: In China, more than 43 million people have now been expelled from the outside world

Update, 24. January, 10.15:The situation in China is getting worse. More than 43 million people are now largely cut off from the outside world and severely restricted in their freedom of movement. Also in the cities of Yichang (four million inhabitants) and Tianmen (1,7 million) public transport, long-distance buses, ferries and trains were stopped on Friday. First of all, bus and train traffic and flights and trains had been stopped in the provincial capital of Wuhan. In the meantime, almost 900-year-old infections have been confirmed in China. 26 People have so far died from the Coronavirus. The drastic measures are intended to prevent further spread of the virus.

Virus Alarm: Experts now also warn Germany- outbreak in another country

Update, 24. January, 06.55:Hundreds of cases of disease are already known in China; now the Coronavirus appears to have broken out in Vietnam as well. Two Chinese in Ho Chi Minh City tested positive for the virus.

The sick are a 66-year-old man who had returned from a trip from the Chinese city of Wuhan and his 28-year-old son. According to doctors, the virus could have been spread since they both traveled. There is also another case of suspicion in Vietnam. In Hanoi there is a student under quarantine who had left Wuhan

Virus Alarm - Coronavirus not only makes a difference in China

Update 22.08 clock: The new-style Coronavirus is no longer only making a scene in China. Other parts of the world are also concerned about the disease. She was particularly mysterious until now, as no one could say where she came from. This is a secret that Chinese researchers now want solved. It was known that many of the infected on the Wuhan market may have come into contact with animals.

Therefore, the researchers examined the genome structure of the virus and now published their results in the journal Journal of Medical Virology. It was found that the pathogen is a new combination of the Fledermaus Coronavirus and a previously unknown Coronavirus. The viruses may have mixed and reassembled when different animals came together in a very narrow space. This would have been possible on the market in Wuhan, where various animals are sold.

In addition, the results would suggest that snakes most likely acted as carriers of the virus. Most likely, the pathogen was transmitted to humans by the Chinese Cobra and the multi-banded Krait.

In contrast to ntv, German virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit doubts the results of the researchers. The study therefore does not provide any evidence that snakes transmitted the virus. However, Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit explains that experts rather suspect a mammal to be a carrier. "Completely absurd", says the virologist, arguing that snakes had transmitted the disease.

Virus Alarm -Experts now also warn Germany:Entry is considered likely

Update 19.52 Clock: Despite the rapid spread of a new lung disease in China, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has not yet declared a "health emergency of international importance". A Council of Experts, which advises the WHO, saw no reason for this on Thursday.

Update 18.39.Clock:Inclusive isolated cases of the new lung disease are "likely" according to German infection specialists. However, there is no cause for concern, the German Society for Infectiology announced on Thursday. Clinics are currently preparing to respond quickly to these cases.

The Robert Koch Institut e (RKI) also states on the Internet that "an import of individual cases into Germany" is to be expected. The risk to the population of this country is "currently assessed as low" (stand 23. January).

China reports first death of Coronavirus outside Hubei province

Update 18.39:For the first time in China, a person outside the province of Hubei died of the new Coronavirus. The health authority of the northern province of Hebei, which borders the capital of Beijing, reported on Thursday the death of an 80-year-old man infected with the pathogen. He died on Wednesday. The number of deaths thus increased to 18.

Update, 16.35 clock: In the fight against lung disease in China, the Chinese authorities have sealed off a fifth city in the severely affected Central Chinese province of Hubei. According to the cities of Wuhan, Huanggang, Ezhou and Chibi, public transport by bus, ferry and train to other locations was also suspended in Xiantao, state media reported on Thursday. Playgrounds had been closed, as well as markets with live birds and entertainment centres. The city has more than one million inhabitants and is located 100 kilometers southwest of Wuhan.

Virus alarm in Asia: Tourist attractions closed

Update 15.38: Fearing the spread of lung disease in China, the Imperial Palace in Beijing will be closed to visitors from Saturday. The decision was made to prevent further transmission of the virus in the event of large numbers of people, the administration of the Forbidden City announced on Thursday. Last year, 19 million people visited the World Heritage Site. Due to the strong pressure, the maximum number of visitors per day is limited to 80 000. Wielange the imperial palace is to remain closed, has not been notified.

Virus alarm in Asia: First case registered in Singapore

Update, 15.29: Singapore has at least one case of new lung disease. The Ministry of Health of the Southeast Asian City State confirmed on Thursday that a 66-year-old man from the Chinese Wuhan has been found to be infected with the new Coronavirus. The man arrived in Singapore on Monday with his family and is currently in an isolation room of a local hospital. His condition was stable, the Ministry continued.

In addition, the health authorities were informed of a suspected case. A 53-year-old woman, also from Wuhan, was initially tested positive for the pathogen. Her condition was also stable. A final confirmation as to whether the virus is actually the Coronavirus is still pending.

Virus alert in Asia: number of infected dramatically increased

Update, 15.14. The French airline Air France has cancelled all direct flights to and from Wuhan to China for the time being, out of concern about the further spread of the new Coronavirus. As a result, the airline complies with measures recommended by authorities such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), Air France announced on Thursday. The airline closely monitors the situation for the protection of passengers and employees.

A last direct flight from Wuhan was due to arrive at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport on Thursday. It was not known at first whether special medical examinations were planned for passengers. France's Minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn, announced a press conference for Thursday afternoon.

Virus alert: Three cities isolated from the public- number of infected dramatically increased

Update, 14.45 clock: Due to the novel lung disease in the Chinese million metropolis of Wuhan, Duisburg schools are postponing their planned partnership visits. "There were plans for visits from Wuhan in Duisburg. This has now been postponed until it is clear how it will develop,"said city spokeswoman Susanne Stolting on Thursday. This involved two school partnerships of primary schools with schools in Wuhan.

The situation is also closely monitored at Duisburg Max Planck High School. In fact, a trip with about twenty students to Wuhan was planned for the end of October, said school head Gabriele Ruken. The city of Duisburg has been in partnership with Wuhan since 1982's.

Coronavirus in Asia: Movies canceled

Update, 14.37 o'clock:

Fearing the spread of lung disease in China, seven new Chinese films for the Chinese New Year's Eve cancelled the planned movie launch. The official news agency Xinhua reported on Thursday that it is concerned that the novel virus could be transmitted between visitors in the most narrow areas of the light theatre.

The films, including the new series "Vanguard" with Jackie Chan, should start for the holiday of the New Year's Festival starting this Saturday. It's an important time for movies. Last year, Chinese cinemas recorded about five billion Yuan over the New Year's Eve, converted into 650 million euros.

Update, 13.20 clock: In the fight against lung disease, the authorities want to seal off a fourth city in the severely affected province of Hubei. After the cities of Wuhan, Huanggang and Ezhou, public transport and connections to other places were also suspended in the city of Chibi, the city government reported on Thursday. The restrictions apply from midnight onwards. The city of Chibi has about half a million inhabitants and is located about 120 kilometers south of Wuhan.

Coronavirus in Asia: Beijing has drastic consequences

Update, 13.03 clock: After the surge in the number of infected now Beijing is also drawing consequences. Due to a proliferation risk, all major events of the Chinese New Year's Eve are cancelled at the weekend. As the Beijing administration explains, some tourist attractions are also closed.

Update, 12.19 clock: The number of confirmed cases of lung disease in China has increased from 571 to at least 620. Chinese state television reported this on Thursday. The number of deaths was therefore unchanged for the time being at 17. According to this information, experts also warn that the novel virus has the potential to change. Details were not mentioned.

Coronavirus (lung disease):Number of cases of lung disease in China increases

Update, 11.53 clock:In the fight against lung disease, the Chinese authorities have imposed strict restrictions on two more million cities. According to the City Government of Thursday, public transport in the 75-kilometre eastern city of Huanggang is to be stopped from midnight. Around seven million people live in Huangang.

There will be no more buses, trains or long-distance buses. Nor should the inhabitants leave the city, it was said in a communication. Similar restrictions apply to the neighbouring city of Ezhou with one million inhabitants. Together with the residents of the already closed-off Wuhan metropolis, the restrictions apply to nearly twenty million people.

Update from 23rd. January, 11.52 o'clock:

At Rome Airport more than 200 passengers have been investigated from a direct flight from the Chinese city of Wuhan to the new Coronavirus. The 202 travellers had been checked in the early morning after arrival in an extra-furnished area away from the normal terminals, said a spokesperson at Fiumicino Airport on Thursday. No symptoms of the virus were detected in anyone.

The Ministry of Health had announced controls with a fever scanner in a "health channel". In addition, the route of passengers should be closely monitored. There are usually three direct flights a week from Wuhan to the Italian capital, which is very popular with Chinese tourists.

Update from 23rd. January, 11.49: According to current calculations, the number of people infected with the new Coronavirus is significantly higher than the number of cases detected. Experts at Imperial College London assume that up to 18th. In January, some 4000-people in the Chinese town of Wuhan developed symptoms. This is the result of a report by the Centre for the Analysis of Global Infectious Diseases published on Wednesday. By Thursday, the virus was detected in 571 people, as reported by the Chinese health authority.

The British experts'estimate is based on a calculation model linking the infections found abroad to the number of air travellers, the population and the estimated incubation period. It is likely that the number of infected actually is significantly higher than the number of cases detected. With the expansion of the tests and the observation of the event, it is to be hoped that the differences between the estimated and the proven case numbers will decrease.

Update from 23rd. January, 7.04.Clock:The development of a vaccine against the new lung disease (Coronavirus) that has broken out in China will take at least one year after the global vaccination of Gavi is estimated. The dangers of the Coronavirus are still difficult to assess, said Gavi's Managing Director and Epidemiologist Seth Berkley of the German Press Agency in Berlin. "The good news is that researchers have already sequenced and published the genome of the virus. This has made it possible for several organisations around the world to start working on a vaccine,"he said.

Vaccines that protect against coronavirus are much easier to develop than vaccines against diseases such as malaria or HIV. "Nevertheless, it will take months and at least a year before a vaccine is available for use until the first clinical trials," Berkley said.

Coronavirus: 544 people infected, 17 dead in China

As more and more people with flu symptoms are being tested for the new virus in China, the number of confirmed cases is constantly increasing. By Wednesday evening, the virus was detected in 544 people, as the Chinese issue of the Global Times in the Weibo News Service reported.

According to the government of Hubei Province in the heavily affected city of Wuhan, the number of deaths increased to 17. Other infections have also been reported outside China. The disease has been spreading since December.

Virus alert: China seizes drastically through millions of metropolis

Update 20.58 clock: The Chinese authorities have apparently decided to shoot down the eleven million city of Wuhan. The new Coronavirus is supposed to be isolated from a fish market in the province of Hubei in Wuhan.

More than a dozen people have died of this new type of lung disease within a very short time. More than 500's already infected with the virus. Now public transport in and out of the metropolis has apparently stopped. The New York Times reports it.

This drastic measure is due to the rapid increase in disease cases. Within one day, around 200-more cases of corona virus infections in China became known. Nevertheless, at a crisis meeting on Wednesday, the World Health Organisation (WHO) decided not to call for an'international health emergency'. But the relevant WHO expert council wanted to meet again on Thursday and further evaluate the situation, it was said.

The EU Prevention Authority (ECDC) increased the risk of the corona virus from "low" to "moderately" early Wednesday evening. This was communicated by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control on Wednesday in the Swedish Solna. Increased travel to the Chinese New Year at the end of the month increases the likelihood of cases occurring in the EU.

Virus alert: China seizes drastically through millions of metropolises

Update from 22nd. January 2020, 20.44 clock: The number of infected has increased to more than 500. The Chinese government is now taking drastic action: Fughafen and train stations in Wuhan have been closed. The government calls on the population not to leave the city. No one else is allowed to enter.

Horrible Coronavirus spreads rapidly: Dramatic warnings

Update from 22nd. January, 18.25 o'clock: The World Health Organisation (WHO) is debating on Wednesday evening whether the Coronavirus from China should cause a global health emergency. The countries of the European Union (EU) have also already exchanged views. At expert level, a meeting of the EWRS Committee on Health and the Early Warning and Response System was held. This is about passing on information to the relevant health services and possible controls, for example at airports or guidelines for laboratory tests. Munich Airport is also preparing.


Mick Tsikas

Terrible Coronavirus spreads rapidly: Dramatic warnings -Number of deaths doubles

Update from 22nd. January, 15.53.Clock:The number of deaths due to the new lung disease Coronavirus in China has risen to 17. This was reported by the government of the province of Hubei in the heavily affected city of Wuhan on Wednesday. Until now, only nine people have been known to die from the new virus.

Update from 22nd. January, 14.31:The spread of the new lung disease from China, according to the Federal Government, means for the time being only a "very low" health risk for the people of Germany. There is no reason to be alarmed now, said a spokesman for Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU), who also informed the Cabinet on Wednesday about the situation. The new Coronavirus was far less dangerous than the Sars virus a few years ago. However, the situation is being closely monitored. There was also an international vote on the Robert Koch Institute.

According to the Foreign Office, no Germans are affected by the Coronavirus* for the time being. The Ministry's Crisis Response Centre discussed this with the Robert Koch Institute and its own experts in Asia on Wednesday. Be prepared to update travel instructions as well. At the moment, however, there is no need for a travel warning, a speaker said early Wednesday afternoon.

Hundreds of infections with the novel virus have been detected in China. In addition, there have been some deaths, mostly involving elderly people with severe pre-existing diseases. New infections have also been reported outside China. For the first time, evidence was reported in the USA.

Coronavirus in China: it is spreading rapidly.

Emily Wang

Coronavirus in Asia: Russia wants to prevent spread

Update from 22nd. January, 13.51: Russia wants to strengthen controls at all border posts due to the further spread of a new lung disease in neighbouring China. "This is how we want to prevent the Coronavirus from being smuggled into our country," said Jelena Jeschlova from the Russian consumer protection agency Tass on Wednesday. Particularly at the 4200-kilometre-long border with China, visitors with temperature measurements are to be checked and additionally questioned. So far, it has been said that no cases of disease have become known in Russia.

The consumer protection authority therefore advised Russians particularly against travelling to the affected province. "This is the easiest way not to be infected," said Jeschlowa. In addition, visitors to China should avoid crowds and markets.

Russia said it was ready to work on a vaccine against lung disease. However, it would first like to examine the situation and to rely on the recommendations of the World Health Organisation.

Coronavirus in Asia: number of infected people continues to increase

Update from 22nd. January, 13.27: After the outbreak of lung disease in China, the number of infections continued to rise. As China's state television reported, cases were confirmed until Wednesday evening (local time) 473. The new virus has thus far been detected in 23 provinces. The first diseases have also been confirmed in the Chinese Special Administrative Regions of Macau and Hong Kong. So far, nine people have been proven to have fallen victim to the virus in China.

With the current wave of travel to the Chinese New Year's Eve next Saturday, the risk of transmission of the virus is growing. At the largest annual wave of travel, several hundred million Chinese are on the move.

Update from 22nd. January, 12.42 o'clock: Will the health nation now be called? That is what many experts now suspect. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has already announced a crisis session for Wednesday evening.

Coronavirus in Asia: the number of deaths is still increasing

Update from 22nd. January, 11.28: The exact extent of the new lung disease from China is still unclear. Two other cases have also been identified in Thailand. The Ministry of Health confirmed that. It is said to be a Thai woman who returned from a trip from the Chinese city of Wuhan. The other patient is therefore a Chinese who entered Thailand on Sunday.

Although no case has yet been registered in Europe*, the Bavarian authorities are preparing for lung disease. Be careful "all Bavarian health authorities are informed of the current situation and asked to inform the medical community in the districts, towns and municipalities as well," a Bavarian Ministry of Health spokesman said on request on Wednesday.

In addition, a diagnostic procedure will soon be established which can quickly detect coronary viruses in the case of coronary arteries. "The Bavarian health authorities are monitoring developments very closely," said the speaker.

The Bavarian Ministry of Health spokesman stressed that there are no direct flights between Wuhan and Bavaria. "Nevertheless, the Bavarian health authorities and airports are well prepared for the unlikely occurrence of such a disease in air travel." There were proven emergency plans and a 24-hour Task Force Infectiology Airport was available.

Mysterious Coronavirus: the number of deaths increases -First case in the USA- drastic warnings

Update from 22nd. January, 7.25 o'clock: Coronavirus vortex: Three more people have fallen victim to the new lung disease in China. Overall, therefore, nine deaths have now been identified, as reported by Chinese state television on Wednesday. The number of known infections increased by over 100 to 440 cases compared to the previous day.

With the current wave of travel to the Chinese New Year's Eve next Saturday, the risk of transmission of the virus is growing. With the largest annual migration of people, several hundred million Chinese are on the move.

Health experts warned of particularly infectious patients who could spread the virus more quickly. Cases of the so-called "super-spreaders" had also occurred in China during the Sars pandemic, which killed 2002/2003 around 800 people in China.

Lung disease from China: First case in the USA confirmed -Expert warns Germany strongly

Update 20.13 clock: The Wuhan Coronavirus originating in China has reached the USA. The authorities have now confirmed that a Chinese traveller is infected with the novel lung disease. The New York Times reports it. The man was admitted to a hospital in Washington State last week with pneumonia. The symptoms are said to have occurred shortly after a trip to the Wuhan region in China.

The infected man was on the 15th. Returning to the West Coast metropolis of Seattle in January, the US Health Authority notified the CDC on Tuesday. The man had not yet noticed any symptoms on his return journey, it was said. He was in good condition at the hospital. There was only a very small risk that he could infect more people.

Lung disease is spreading rapidly: Expert warns Germany "Must expect that..."

Update 16.11 clock:Worrying about the further spread of the Coronavirus has burdened airlines worldwide on Tuesday. Lung disease is classified by market observers as a risk to the aviation and tourism industry. The outbreak of the virus could significantly reduce demand for services and, in particular, for travel offers, analyst Stephen Innes of the Axicorp department store wrote.

The Coronavirus from China was also detected in South Korea, Japan and Thailand.

Dake Kang

In the widely scattered European stock index EuroStoxx 600, among others Lufthansa with less than 2,7 per cent, Air France-KLM with less than 2,4 per cent and IAG with a discount of 3,6 per cent were among the losers. Airlines were also under pressure in the USA. United Airlines lost two,7 percent and American Airlines lost two,2 percent.

Update 15.04 clock: The cause of the new lung disease comes from the family of Coronaviridrae, which is why it is also called Coronavirus. This virus family is characterized by a high variability, so it can adapt to its host. In Wuhan, the virus was also transmitted from animals to humans.

Also read: These symptoms speak for an infection with coronavirus so protect yourself.

Coronavirus: Dissemination, causes and dangers for Germany- so they protect themselves from

Update 14.28 clock: The Coronavirus also causes problems in the economy. During Tuesday, the Dax is a bit further away from its record height of about two years at 13 596 points. And by 0.46 percent, the MDax also lost 0.61 percent.

The Eurozone guiding index EuroStoxx 50 was 0,84 per cent in the minus. As a burden factor for the markets, traders pointed to the increased nervousness in view of the spread of new viral lung disease in China.

Update 13.02 Clock: For all information about the Coronavirus, its spread, origin, threats to Europe and Germany, as well as protective measures, see this article.

Update 12.47 clock: In addition to the now total six confirmed deaths due to the new Coronavirus 77 further infections have been reported, as reported by the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV. Thus, there have now been confirmed cases in China 291 since the beginning of the outbreak in December. On Tuesday, Taiwan also reported the disease of a 50-year-old Taiwanese woman.

Coronavirus: pulmonary disease spreads rapidly -number of deaths increases further

Update 11.24 clock: The new lung disease in China has cost two more patients their lives. This was reported by the health authority of the central Chinese metropolis of Wuhan on Tuesday. This confirms six deaths since the outbreak of the disease in December. As the state broadcaster CCTV reported, the number of confirmed infections by 77 patients increased to 291. The extent of the mysterious lung disease is far greater than expected. Read how to protect yourself*.

Update 10.44 clock: Is the mysterious lung disease coming to Germany too? "We must expect to get cases to Germany," said virus researcher Christian Drosten on Tuesday morning in "German radio". "German clinics should already be prepared to treat such patients."

Checks at airports could not necessarily inhibit the further spread of the virus, the expert continued. Travelers carry the virus in them, but it usually only breaks out when they arrive at the destination."German citizens should not worry from his point of view. We have a very good pandemic action plan that works in such cases."

Coronavirus: pulmonary disease spreads rapidly -already four dead

Update 10.32.Clock:The World Health Organisation (WHO) has convened its emergency committee because of the newtype of lung disease in China. The experts are to discuss on Wednesday whether a health emergency should be declared, as reported by the WHO on Monday. These independent experts also recommend measures that could be taken.

If the WHO calls for an international health emergency, it recommends stronger measures to combat the disease. These may include border controls, the establishment of specialised treatment centres or possible vaccinations by medical professionals.

Update 10.01 clock:For the first time infections with the Coronavirus have been detected in several other places in both North and South China. There is also evidence of people in Thailand, Japan and South Korea who were previously in Wuhan. No cases brought by travellers have been known to date in Europe.

The Corona virus from China was also detected in South Korea.

Eugene Hoshiko

The Federal Government sees no acute danger for Germany. The outbreak of the Coronavirus was "the reason for special observations and analyses", it was said from the Federal Ministry of Health. The risk is currently assessed by the Robert Koch Institute as "very low".

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly: authorities are warning drastically- More and more deaths

Update from 21st. January 2020,9.21.Clock:After a third death victim was confirmed on Monday, the number of deaths is increased by the mysterious lung disease Coronavirus to four. As the health authority of the Central Chinese metropolis of Wuhan reported, a 89-year-old man infected with the Coronavirus died in the hospital on Sunday.

The number of infected continues to rise. The virus was detected by 15 hospital workers in Wuhan.

According to analysts of the inheritance, the Berlin virus researcher Christian Drosten concluded that the organism was a Sars variant. A Sars virus from China, starting 2002/2003, resulted in a worldwide pandemic with 8000 infected people, about 800 people dying.

With the current wave of travel to the Chinese New Year's Eve next Saturday, the risk of transmission of the virus is growing. With the largest annual migration of people, several hundred million Chinese are on the move. Asian neighbours and several airports in other countries around the world have meanwhile introduced fever controls on entry from Wuhan due to the new lung disease.

Update from 20th. January 2020, at 8.43:Health authorities in South Korea have for the first time reported a disease with the new Coronavirus from China. A 35-year-old Chinese woman was affected, the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Monday. The woman arrived in South Korea on Sunday from the central Chinese city of Wuhan, where the majority of infections occurred.

She suffered from fever, respiratory problems and other symptoms of the disease. After all, she had been diagnosed with the Coronavirus. Experts now estimate the number of patients in China to around 1.700.

Coronavirus in China: authorities warn against human transmission

First appearance on 20th. January 2020:Beijing- After the outbreak of mysterious lung disease in China, the number of confirmed cases has risen to around 200. Another patient died. Thus, there are now three deaths, as reported by the health authority of the Central Chinese city of Wuhan on Monday. For the first time, infections with the novel corona virus were also detected elsewhere in China.

In Daxing district in Beijing, two patients tested positive for the new Coronavirus, one in Shenzhen in South China. All three had been to Wuhan before. Most of the infections continued to focus on the 11-million metropolis with 198 cases. Of the patients there were generally severe 35, nine were in critical condition, as reported by the health authority.

Coronavirus in China: 60 cases were confirmed until Sunday

By Sunday, only around 60 cases had been officially confirmed. But researchers at the British Center for the Analysis of Global Infectious Diseases at Imperial College London assume that the spread of the disease could be much greater than previously known. According to their probability calculations, the experts estimate the number of patients at more than 1700.

Experts also warn against a possible transmission of the virus from person to person. China's Health Commission urged caution in Beijing because the origin of the new type of Coronavirus has not yet been found. Also, do not be sure how people infected themselves: "The transmission is not yet fully understood." Nevertheless, experts considered the outbreak "controllable".

Lung disease (Coronavirus) in China: The virus is probably from the animal world

It is believed that the new virus comes from the animal world. The initial infections were linked to a closed fish market in Wuhan, where wild animals were also sold. Coronaviruses often cause harmless diseases such as colds, but they also include agents of dangerous respiratory diseases such as sars and Mers.

But it's not just the mysterious lung disease in China that makes doctors worry, the cramps are back. And another novel disease, researchers say, is a great threat.


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