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new work: 5 suggestions for integrating and verifying the probation period

Posted by graebner at 2020-02-16

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You just got a new job, and the excitement of the good news was quickly replaced by the belly of a ball and thousands of problems. How to adapt to the corporate culture? How to absorb all the new tools? How can I join the new team? ... don't worry, you're not the only one to worry about and ask yourself these questions, which are the common destiny of all who start a new job. In the face of the new stress-free life stage, successful integration into society, especially the validation trial period, the following are some suggestions.

Deep breathing

This is a long-awaited great day! Between impatience and anxiety, the spirit of not going to your new office is very relaxed. It's true that the first half year is disturbing and a little tense: we don't know anyone, the working space is not familiar, and the work task has not been controlled... In order to prevent the pressure from attacking you and prevent you from insuring for the first day, please relax! There is nothing more important than breathing exercises to relieve stress

There are several effective ways, but first inhale with your nose, then breathe slowly with your mouth, as long as you think it is necessary.

Good belly breathing will be your best ally

are you all right? Are you ready to face this new environment actively and constructively? It's time to cross the company's door

Look, look, ask

integrate into

Of course, it's important that you do your work correctly, but your business integration is also critical to your trial period. Getting along with the team will have a positive impact on your productivity (...) (... You will become less nervous and more comfortable in the enterprise.) In the first few weeks, try to get to know your colleagues, be polite and smile. Don't schedule a personal lunch or coffee break. By connecting, you will learn a lot about the company. Similarly, don't neglect the later evening party and other year-end party, relaxing and convenient activities, which really let people understand his colleagues, play with them, and integrate into the society. Also consider volunteering for multiple projects There is nothing better than joining a team to understand the way and habits of the people you work with.

If you're not a communications professional, or if some people are confusing you, look at the ramidodd mbtiode, which defines 16 people and explains how to interact with them.


Even if you're not feeling well in the last few weeks, and it's perfectly normal to show your desire to learn, your interest in work, your enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and your brief motivation. No one expects you to reach the top as soon as you arrive, but how pleasant it is for your manager and colleagues to work with enthusiastic people. You will release positive energy for yourself and those around you! Also, do more than that, try to make suggestions and don't back down. If necessary, please work overtime for a few hours at the beginning to finish a project in time and ensure a well-organized work. Wait


It will also be a good time to talk about issues that are not fully clear and ask for clarification if necessary. All of these will let you correct your mistakes, so correct your mistakes, which will prove to your company that you take this work seriously, and you stay here!

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