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h civil engineering jin's vice heart release background: general society: society: society: news

Posted by verstraete at 2020-02-14

After Zheng yunzai (41 years old) was detained by the procuratorial organ, the background of his release through detention anxiety also aroused suspicion.

Jin was detained in the local prosecutor's office of Busan on the suspicion of forging the contract documents of the commune to borrow a huge loan (fraud, etc.).

At that time, another enterprise J construction owned by Jin and Jin seemed to have forged a large-scale project. After obtaining the guarantee of technical credit guarantee fund, the suspect of illegally lending 6 billion won from financial institutions was applied.

The procuratorial organ also conducted Busan calculation on the development of dongzai in jinmou, and collected 22.5 billion won from investors. In the process of apartment construction, it used fake land reception contracts, which were applicable to the suspicion of embezzlement of 15.7 billion won in public funds.

However, on January 27, more than 10 days after his detention, Kim paid a deposit of 30 million won through detention.

"Most of the losses have been removed, and Kim's continued work may reduce the losses, but there is no additional suspicion in the investigation," said Busan district judge who was the Deputy Judge at the time

However, in the legal field, when Jin's fraud is large in scale, bad fraud techniques and other criminal contents, gem permission is abnormal.

In the legal field, Mr. Jin, a minister judge in the local law of Busan, a lawyer with a sense of weight who retired at the beginning of this year, also put forward the so-called "courteous treatment of former officials".