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qingbei local police department, using the vicious code of the audio school

Posted by harmelink at 2020-02-14

Qingbei local police department installed malicious code on smart phones to induce frequent victims of sound and send out alarms.

According to the local police department of Qingbei on July 7, the number of lost audio messages received from January to October this year totaled 1731, with a total loss of 24.6 billion won.

In 2016, the loss of 1085 items exceeded 2000, with a year-on-year incidence of 7.1%, and the amount of loss increased by 67.8%.

Recently, personal information was leaked after the victim's smartphone sent a false settlement message. Investigation authorities and financial institutions frequently cheat the victim's smartphone and vicious code.

This is to find out whether the victim's doubts about whether the message is from the settlement company, the police, the financial supervision institute, financial institutions, etc. for confirmation.

The main fraudsters should send false settlement SMS, or pretend to be financial institutions, investigation institutions, etc. to carry out relevant "application programs" for loans, investigation procedures, etc.

In addition, after downloading relevant applications or setting remote control applications with URL, domain name, IP address, etc., the fraudster installs malicious code on the victim's mobile phone.

If the victim is not willing to believe it, he will also induce the police, the financial supervision institute, the bank, etc. to make a confirmation call. At this time, the fraudster confirms the content of the victim's message in real time, and receives the phone directly with the malicious code.

Li Jiaxiu and the chief of investigation section of Beijing North local police department said: "the URL, domain name and IP address told by the other party that they don't know will be infected by malignant code, so we should pay attention to the menu of" passive accident "on the menu of" protecting the country "if" fraud suspected phone or malignant code installation information ". You want to call the police. "

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